Astrological news this week: Watery realms under the Cancer New Moon and Neptune station


Astrological update for the week of June 27-July 4, 2022

Neptune stations retrograde.  The role of Neptune is to inspire the transcendence of ordinary life and ascension into a more illuminated experience of creative inspiration. Under its influence Spirit blossoms into the material world. Neptune is associated with experiences that bring spiritual bliss, but idealism and imagination can also bring confusion and self-deception if we’re not aware. Neptune’s role in the astrological pantheon, in my opinion, is to encourage us to seek out experiences which teach us that we are spiritual beings in a human experience.

This week Neptune turns retrograde. Like all of the outer planets, Neptune appears to travel retrograde for about half the year so this in itself is not a big story unless you yourself are under its influence right now. However, Neptune is associated with the spread of viruses and disease, and the past three Neptune stations (change of direction) have coincided with a new variant that took the Covid-19 virus in a new direction. Alpha & Beta both erupted a week after a Neptune station (SD) November 28, 2020. Delta was named one week after the Neptune station (SR) on June 25, 2021. And Omicron emerged a week before the Neptune station (SD) on December 1, 2021.

I’ve been watching the news to see if that pattern will continue, and so far it is only the Omicron variant that itself is mutating into lots of different subvariants. That could suggest that the Covid-19 virus itself is weakening, which would be very good news. Hopefully that will continue.

In any event, Neptune is a slow moving planet, and when it makes a “station” before changing direction it can remain at the same degree for a long time (Neptune has not moved more than a degree in the past three months) which makes it especially potent for anyone with planets between 20 and 29 degrees of the mutable signs (Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo, Gemini) who are being affected by a Neptune transit right now.

Cancer New Moon. The New Moon occurs on Tuesday June 28 at 10:52 pm EDT.  A New Moon in Cancer is the perfect time to delve deep into our feelings and see what they are trying to teach us – the sign Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so this is a double whammy of emotional content. Cancer is the sign of the family and nurturing those we love, but it also extends to our ancestors, our tribal affiliations, the inheritance of our clan.  Many of us have chosen our own clan and have created new family linkages, and these are extremely important to the development of humanity.  The more aware we become, and as our wisdom becomes deeper and broader, the more we need to share it with others rather than stay comfortably protected in a womb of safety.

This New Moon chart includes a strong square aspect to Jupiter in fiery Aries, heightening the impulses of need and desire which need to be balanced against the Cancerian need to fit into the tribal unit. A conjunction from the Black Moon Lilith (primal rage against oppression) to the New Moon could be interesting, especially in light of the recent Supreme Court decisions. In addition, Mars in its own sign of Aries conjoins the new planet Eris which points to a certain amount of disruption. While Venus (relating) is in an awkward aspect to the New Moon and relationships could be challenged by a lack of easy communication, a harmonious aspect from Jupiter to Venus will help to grace all of our interactions with a sense of bountiful support.

Every New Moon is the beginning of a new phase of experience and an opportunity to create new intentions. Under this Cancer New Moon the question is how to strengthen our own resolve and occupy our own space more authentically (Mars and Jupiter in Aries) while still finding the comfort of integrating into our families and communities. For many of us the very word “family” is super-charged so I prefer to think of this as the tribe. Who are my people, and how can I integrate into this tribe while retaining my own individuality – that is the question posed by this New Moon.

Mars square Pluto.  I like to think of Pluto as a higher octave planet to Mars. Mars represents our individual Will, and I think of Pluto as the Will of the Higher Self. Mars is desire, and Pluto points the way to personal evolution and ultimate empowerment. But Mars is by its nature very willful, especially when traveling through Aries which it rules. It does not easily submit to a fate which does not support our personal desires.  Challenging aspects between Mars and Pluto can result in power struggles and there is a danger of violence if those power struggles escalate.  The exact square from Mars in Aries to Pluto occurs late in the evening EDT on July 1 but will be in effect for much of the week.

Under the influence of the Cancerian New Moon everyone’s emotions are heightened. Cancer is highly emotional and brings out the feelings that can sometimes be ignored, and the strong Mars influence can turn emotions into anger pretty quickly. (It’s useful to note that underneath rage we often find deep sadness.)  This would not be the best week to engage in difficult conversations that could easily trigger a firecracker of emotion with no easy remedy, although that nice aspect from Venus to Jupiter described above will help to soften most of our interactions.

I know this sounds challenging, but these powerful planetary dynamics can enrich our human experience and bring deep wisdom. The New Moon in Cancer especially can awaken a new level of emotional intelligence and begin a new cycle of emotional freedom. ❤️


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Roe Overturned

It didn’t quite make it to fifty, but for almost half a century legal abortion has been the law of the land here in the US.  No more.

On June 24, 2022, the gavel fell on Roe v Wade, the landmark 1973 decision guaranteeing reproductive rights, overturned 5-4 by the current US Supreme Court.  The test case which led to Roe’s reversal was Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which sought to prevent a Mississippi state law virtually eliminating abortion after 15 weeks from conception.  That law was upheld 6-3, but Chief Justice John Roberts joined the progressive minority on the Court when Roe itself became the target of his conservative colleagues.


A leaked draft opinion predicting this outcome caused a huge stir when it became public on May 2, but that was nothing compared to the backlash brewing now.  Roe undone doesn’t automatically outlaw abortion across the nation, but returns the question to the states.  Some 13 already have so-called “trigger laws”, statutes banning or severely restricting abortion which go into effect automatically should Roe ever fall, and more than a dozen others are poised to enact similar restrictions.  Reproductive rights in America will become a patchwork of regional legislation, subject to the whims of whichever Party controls the state, instead of a universally recognized human right.

RVW philly protest
A protest in Philadelphia takes over the streets outside City Hall; with the Sun conjunct asteroids Wade and Child, squared asteroids Roe and NOT with Jupiter, the undoing (NOT) by the SCOTUS (Jupiter) of the landmark legislation guaranteeing reproductive freedoms (Roe, Wade) was the focus of the day (Sun)

The decision also opens the door to a review of other rights based on the “right to privacy” which underpinned Roe v Wade.  Indeed, in his concurring opinion, ultraconservative Justice Clarence Thomas has already opined that the Court “should reconsider” Griswold (affirming contraception rights), Lawrence (legalizing all sex acts between consenting adults) and Obergefell (establishing same-sex marriage).

The rout was made possible by the three SCOTUS Justices appointed by Donald J. Trump, all of whom pledged in their confirmation hearings that Roe was a stare decisis precedent and the settled law of the land.  Two of those seats, now occupied by Neil Gorsuch and Amy Coney Barrett, were stolen from Democratic administrations by Mitch McConnell’s GOP-controlled Senate, making their holders thieves as well as liars.

The skies for the handing down of the decision vividly portray the earthy reality, and also reflect earlier turning points in the case, such as the oral arguments before the Supreme Court last December, and the leaked draft opinion this May.

The cosmos has been signaling trouble to come for Roe v Wade for quite some time now, with asteroids Roe and NOT (a general disqualifier and a symbol of reversal or block to progress) traveling within ten degrees of each other since September 2020, just months after Mississippi appealed the test case of Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization to the SCOTUS that June, following two lower court rulings against the state.

Several recent questionable decisions by the US Supreme Court can be chalked up to the ongoing conjunction of Neptune, ruling fuzzy logic and fanaticism, with asteroid Themis, named for the Greek goddess of justice

The pieces were moving on the celestial board, but the die wasn’t cast until asteroid Wade joined the fray, in square to Roe/NOT, actually coming to its direct station on December 1, 2021, the very day the SCOTUS heard oral arguments in the case.  Asteroids Wade and Roe were exactly squared that day, from 14 Aries to 14 Capricorn, which also featured a Sun/Mercury conjunction at 9 and 10 Sagittarius (appropriate for oral arguments); asteroid Jackson and Uranus conjunct at 10 and 11 Taurus, suggesting controversy and a volatile response; and asteroid Dobson (closest to Dobbs) conjunct Mars at 20 and 21 Scorpio, signifying conflict and a brewing fight over the issues raised by the case.

When the draft opinion was leaked on May 2, a Sun/Uranus conjunction at 12 and 14 Taurus described its controversial nature and the explosion to follow.  That the controversy would be based in a judicial ruling is shown by the Sun/Uranus trine to asteroid Justitia, named for the Roman goddess of justice, at 15 Capricorn, with asteroid Themis, her Greek counterpart, conjoined combative Mars at 15 and 13 Pisces respectively, on the rough midpoint of the Sun/Uranus-Justitia trine, sextile to each (Mars also rules surgical procedures such as abortions, further refining the issue in contention).  The Moon at 7 Gemini conjoined Mercury at 2 Gemini, indicating the leaked document regarding women’s healthcare (both Moon-ruled), as well as asteroids Wade and Child at 8 and 12 Gemini, defining the ruling under review (Wade) and the core issue of childbirth (Child).  With asteroid Roe at 20 Pisces conjoined not only Mars and Themis at 13 and 15 Pisces, but also asteroid NOT, Neptune, Jupiter and Venus at 23, 24, 28 and 29 Pisces, the stage was set for a confrontation (Mars) concerning the voiding (NOT) of the landmark legislation (Roe) guaranteeing women’s (Venus) reproductive freedom, stemming from a religious (Neptune) and political (Jupiter) decision by the SCOTUS (Themis).

Wade had subsequently backed off the square to Roe for several months after oral arguments, as the Justices deliberated, but returned to square Roe/NOT in early June, linking up with the Sun, while Jupiter, representing the judiciary generally and the SCOTUS in particular, joined Roe/NOT for the release of the decision on June 24th.

RVW NYC protest
Massive protests in New York City followed the decision; a Grand Cross of Neptune conjunct Themis, opposed asteroid Asclepius and squared asteroids Jackson and Dobson, shows a fanatical (Neptune) SCOTUS (Themis) ruling concerning healthcare (Asclepius, named for the Greek god of medicine), based in the test case of Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization (Dobson, Jackson)

This pattern, with the Sun conjunct Wade at 3 and 5 Cancer, squared Jupiter/Roe/NOT at 6, 10 and 11 Aries respectively, becomes a tragic T-square when early Capricorn points are factored into the equation.  Centaur Pholus at 5 Cap and TNO Quaoar at 6 Cap reiterate the abortion theme and the likely consequences of the decision.  As I documented almost two decades ago in Maya del Mar’s Daykeeper Journal, Quaoar has a special affinity with reproductive issues, pro and con, while Pholus resonates to mass casualties from whatever cause.  Certainly the death toll will rise among American women with this decision, via both unsafe or dangerous pregnancies that are forced to go to full term, and botched back-alley or home remedy abortions by women desperate to terminate an unwanted pregnancy in a state that has outlawed this.

I was unable to obtain an exact moment for the release of the decision, but SCOTUS rulings are generally announced after 10 AM, and the earliest reporting I could find was for 10:08, so I chose 10:05 AM EDT as the closest approximation for the chart, assuming a lag time of several minutes between announcement and posting.

Set for Washington, DC, this places Saturn at 24 Aquarius, representing restrictions and limitations as well as laws and the power of the State, closely conjoined the Descendant at 25 Aquarius, fundamentally altering the relationship (Descendant) of the government (Saturn) with half the population.  The 25 Leo Rising is appropriate for the situation, with Leo ruling children and procreation.  This theme is repeated by asteroid Child, which at 4 Cancer conjoins the spotlighting Sun and asteroid Wade.

RVW SCOTUS justices
The Justices who ruled to overturn Roe v Wade; three were appointed by Donald Trump. When the ruling was announced, the Moon conjunct Uranus at the MC indicated a controversy (Uranus) over women’s healthcare (Moon), which would be the focus of all eyes (MC)

The Moon at 13 Taurus, ruling healthcare, women and pregnancy, conjoins Uranus at 19 Taurus, ruling shocks and upsets, controversy and volatility, and these cluster over the 19 Taurus Midheaven, the focus of all eyes.  Exact on the 19 Scorpio Nadir, the foundation of the situation, is asteroid Karma, suggesting ultimately being called to account for one’s actions, perhaps at the ballot box in 2022 and beyond.  Also here is asteroid Pandora at 29 Scorpio, forming a T-Square with the Horizontal Axis and Saturn, representing the unleashing of unexpected consequences.

A number of questionable decisions were released this last week of the current SCOTUS term, in addition to the overturning of Roe v Wade, including a mandate for states to include private religious schools in the dispersal of public education funds, and a ruling that essentially legalizes the concealed carry of firearms in public nationally.  This “fuzzy thinking” is reflected in an exact conjunction of asteroid Themis, named for the Greek goddess of justice, with Neptune, at 25 Pisces, known for clouding or obfuscating an issue, as well as having affinities with zealotry and fanaticism, especially in a religious context.  The five black-robed SCOTUS “culture warriors” seeking to advance a Christian Dominionist theocracy have begun making good on that threat.

Also here in this stunning exact triple conjunction is asteroid Nemesis, a source of ruin or undoing.  The conservative Justices are playing both parts in this Nemesis drama, dispensing what they see as divine retribution and justice while themselves becoming the target of disaffection and protest, leading potentially to their own downfall.  Just as they are acting as nemeses to America’s childbearing population, their actions may come back to bite them in the end, enacting Nemesis’ urge for payback and revenge.  Already, barely 25% of the US population sees the Court as impartial or nonpartisan, and that figure is likely to plummet in the aftermath of decisions like these, which are clearly based, not in law or precedent, but in the personal and political opinions of the Justices themselves.

RVW chicago protest
Protests also occurred in Chicago and other major cities across the nation; asteroid Karma exact on the IC for the ruling suggests that at some point, this decision will have to be accounted for, and with Saturn on the Descendant, the price could be high

The test case which opened the floodgates to Roe’s undoing, Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization, is seen in a T-Square from Themis/Neptune/Nemesis at its fulcrum to asteroids Jackson at 23 Gemini and Dobson (closest to Dobbs) at 21 Sagittarius.  A Grand Cross is formed by asteroids Eurydike and Asclepius at 16 and 26 Virgo, indicating a nostalgic desire to return to a former “pure” state which has vanished beyond recall (Eurydike) and a connection to health care and surgical procedures (Asclepius, named for the Greek god of medicine).  Also here is asteroid Thomas at 27 Virgo, for Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, whose concurring opinion opens wide the door for continued erosion of hard-won rights, especially among the LGBTQ+ community.

It’s a black day for freedoms in America, and looking like getting blacker.

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Wimbledon Tennis 2022

Wimbledon Astrology

Mercury is the important planet at Wimbledon – the planet that rules the hands & arms and a key significator in the astrology charts of tennis players. Gemini is the star sign linked to tennis. I wrote about this back in 2015. You can read the full article here: Why Geminis Make The Best Tennis Players.

Both Nadal & Djokovic are Sun Gemini – see dates below. Plus, Iga Swiatek, the winner of the women’s tournament at the French Open is also Sun Gemini, b. May 31 2001.

Mercury is Gemini’s ruling planet and is important during this Wimbledon tournament because it rules the Virgo Ascendant, a key angle in the birth chart, and the Gemini Midheaven, the success angle in the birth chart. Plus, Mercury is strong in its sign of rulership Gemini as the competition begins.

The Moon in Gemini is just separating from Mercury in the 10th house as the tournament gets underway. This is an intriguing symbol as it may suggest the Moon is running away from the favourite. Or, perhaps this is affirming the favourite? Moon, Mercury & Venus all in Gemini at the top of the chart could see the Geminis doing well. It may be as simple as that.

The Moon’s next aspect is a strong trine aspect to Saturn in Aquarius which often suggests experience or an older player. Mercury is the ruler of the tournament chart and will also make a strong trine aspect to Saturn.

Lovely Venus is in Gemini and conjunct the Midheaven – will this be a strong tournament for the women perhaps? Venus is about to make a helpful sextile aspect to lucky Jupiter, again favourable.

Jupiter is slowing down getting ready to station retrograde at the end of July and won’t move far away from 7 Aries. Jupiter turns retrograde at 8 Aries. These may be key degrees to note in players’ charts.

The Players

I’m currently on holiday in Greece and return as Wimbledon is underway. I’ll look at the astrology for the players on my return and will post the information when it’s ready. It’s always a labour of love poring over the charts but posting this before the tournament begins will give other astrologers a chance to add their comments. See you soon 🙂

Update: I’m writing from Greece. The world no. 1 Medvedev is banned from the tournament as he’s Russian – sport is becoming increasingly political. Medvedev’s date of birth is February 11 1996, no time of birth. He has the two planets that represent rules (Saturn) & control (Pluto) active in his chart. They are both retrograde, Saturn conjunct his Sun/Mars conjunction in Aquarius & Pluto conjunct his Mercury in Capricorn. You would expect one of the combinations to be linked to his career. Both planets suggest no rather than yes.

Federer is not playing, Zverev is also out which means the Big Two, Djokovic & Nadal are no 1 & no 2 seed respectively & can’t meet until the final.

Novak Djokovic b. May 22 1987, 11.25pm, Belgrade, Yugoslavia no. 1 seed – Sun Gemini

Djokovic is the reigning champion. He went out in the quarterfinals of the French Open which was obviously troubling for him. His astrology looked favourable as Jupiter is now in Aries & Djokovic has the Moon, north node & Jupiter in Aries. Jupiter in Aries is active again now & close to his north node, a destiny point in astrology. Theoretically, a good sign.

Yet, the astrology suggests there may be something going on behind the scenes that’s unsettling him & affecting his tennis. His career planet is Mars in Cancer caught up in a T-square with the Moon in Aries & Neptune in Capricorn in the hidden 12th house. The Moon rules his 7th house of partnership. The only exact aspect of Jupiter during Wimbledon is a square aspect to Neptune which doesn’t look like dreams coming true.

Add to this a testing Venus-Saturn progression & the eclipses in Taurus/Scorpio plus Uranus in Taurus triggering the foundations of his horoscope this year & it’s not a stable picture. He’s going to have to use his experience & will to win.

He does start the tournament with the Moon & Mercury on his natal Mercury in Gemini, a nice minor factor. Plus, the chart of the tournament gives a nod towards the older, experienced player doing well – Saturn – and it doesn’t show a shock but let’s see.

Rafael Nadal b. June 3 1986, 7.10pm, Manacor, Spain no. 2 seed – Sun Gemini

Nadal has had an incredible start to the year winning the Australian Open & the French Open, meaning he leads in Grand Slam wins at 22 – an incredible feat. This is Nadal’s Jupiter Return year which happens once every 12 years when you often do well. He has Jupiter in Pisces & the Return was exact on March 28.

He’s also having some powerful Pluto transits – Pluto quincunx Mercury in Gemini, his career planet, & Pluto sesquiquadrate his Sun Gemini. They are tough aspects but Pluto co-rules his Scorpio Ascendant. And, he’s winning but having injections in his foot so you have to ask at what cost – that’s not easy.

Nadal is born on a Sun/Chiron conjunction & he’s carried his ’wound’ for some years now, apparently since 2005. The Moon/Mercury in the tournament chart falls close to his natal Chiron so his ankle could be an issue. Plus, the tricky south node is exactly on his Ascendant on July 4. The Ascendant is often about the physical body.

Like Djokovic, the Taurus/Scorpio eclipses fall across an important axis of his chart but it’s the personal Ascendant/Descendant axis. This is where you would expect change in Nadal’s life and fittingly his wife is pregnant with their first child. Mars co-rules Nadal’s Ascendant & his 5th house of children.

Romantic Neptune is making a supportive sextile aspect to his Mars at the end of the year for an extended time. If all goes well, it looks like a dream come true. I do wonder if he’ll put his personal life first & retire, especially if his ankle problems don’t improve.

Rest of the players

With so few birth times available, the astrological prediction is less than satisfying. We can only comment if there is a major planetary influence and even then we don’t know if it’s about their career as you need a time of birth to reveal the houses – areas of life – of the horoscope. I’ll take a brief look if anything leaps out in a day or two.

As regular readers of the tennis/astrology predictions know, I too am contemplating retirement from this side of my astrology. It’s going to take a lot for me to continue after Wimbledon with so few birth times of new players in the public domain.

Chart for the Final

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