Weekly Astrology Forecast May 17 – 23, 2021

This Week’s Major Aspects

17-May-21 Sun trine Pluto. Venus conjunct North Node
Step into your power. Women helpers. Love opens doors. Stay true to your values.

18-May-21 Venus sextile Chiron
Healing work in relationships. Building a bridge between people of different opinions. The key for peace.

19-May-21 First Quarter Moon in Leo
A desire for play vies with a desire for comfort. Sometimes it’s necessary to take a risk to create new opportunities for growth.

20-May-21 Venus trine Saturn. Sun enters Gemini
Relationships and investments mature. A responsible attitude to love. Artistic developments. Ask questions. Go on a fact-finding mission. Journal an answer the question ‘Who am I?’

21-May-21 Sun square Jupiter
Stretched out of shape. Over-confidence. Bluster. You don’t have to be all things to all people.

22-May-21 No major aspects

23-May-21 Mercury square Neptune. Saturn stations retrograde.
Muddled communications. Distracted mind. Daydreams and flights of fancy. Meditate. Pray. Time to address unfinished business.

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Eclipse Season bringing change for us all

The last week has been a busy one astrologically and this will continue for the rest of May. We began last week with a New Moon in Taurus on the 11th, inspiring us all to look to the future and how we can grow. Whatever we ‘planted’ last week, is likely to come to fruition in six months time.

Jupiter Transit through Pisces

On May 13th, Jupiter moved from Aquarius into Pisces, where it will stay until July 28th. It will then spend almost the rest of the year in Aquarius before moving back to Pisces on December 28th. Jupiter is much happier in Pisces, so we should all feel a little more positive and less weighed down for the next couple of months. There will be more luck to be had than has been the case for the last couple of years. The atmosphere will feel lighter and there will be a sense of excitement, which the majority of us have definitely been missing. There will also be more love and romance around us! This is just a taste of what is in store for us next year, when things will start to properly move forward for us, finally. Mercury and Venus, currently in Gemini add to the lightness and a feeling of being more free.

Emotional Mars

Throughout this Jupiter transit, we do have a few things to contend with, that will mute it’s energies a little. Mars is in watery Cancer until June 11th. During this time, emotions continue to be heightened and we can take things the wrong way much more easily that usual. We have a tendency to have unrealistic expectations of others during this transit. Then on May 26th we have the first eclipse of the year. This is a Full Moon in fiery Sagittarius opposite the Sun in Gemini. Eclipses always bring sudden changes, often accompanied by a shock or revelation of some kind. This eclipse is likely to bring about a sudden change in direction for most of us – look to your rising sign to see which house this occurs in for you personally. Remember that Sagittarius is optimistic and adventure loving, it would be a good idea to try to employ this mindset when dealing with the changes.

Here come the retrogrades

Lastly, May 23rd kicks off retrograde season. On this day, Saturn goes retrograde in Aquarius until October 10th. Retrogrades are a good time to revisit anything major that we have been dealing with. Now we have the opportunity to reevaluate and set new boundaries, or find new ways to deal with our responsibilities. Saturn is the taskmaster, so there may be times where we feel burdened, but by the end of this retrograde, we will find that we have grown enormously in these areas.

Mercury then goes retrograde on May 29th. We all know that communication can be a huge issue during a mercury retrograde, but this time, it falls in Gemini, which is the sign of communication. Make sure to think before you speak. Double check any words you want to say or texts/emails you send, as it will be easy to make mistakes or say something we will quickly regret. On the other hand, it is a great time to speak your truth, particularly in regards to your wants and needs. It is also a good opportunity to look at where you may have been influenced by others’ opinions and begin to form your own instead. As we know, this retrograde is also notorious for upsets with technology, so try to be as patient as you can for now.

In a nutshell, the rest of this month will bring changes at lightening speed, whether that is actual change, or else a change or mindset. June brings even more of this, as well as a Solar Eclipse in Gemini on June 10th and the third Saturn Uranus Square on June 14th. I will write more about all this at the end of May.

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Understanding the Midheaven (MC)

The MC is who we are as a member of society. If someone says: “Let me introduce you to Dr Faust, who is opening a medical practice in the borough” they are talking about the MC.
If they add “I know him personally and he is a real bastard but don’t worry, he knows his job and does it well” they are talking about the Ascendant or other personal planets in the first part of the sentence, but when saying “…he knows his job and does it well” they are back to the MC. For most people in the borough, that’s all what matters.

Now, if the guy ends up known in the whole borough as “The Bastard” then yes, it’s the MC. The MC is not necessarily about our profession.
If the Doctor keeps his bastardness private and is known essentially as “Good doctor, never makes a mistake” then the MC is only about being a good doctor. His wife may leave him anyway, if she married him for his MC she made a big mistake. Check the eighth house for the question of the money she might get after the divorce.
Let’s take an example.
. A Leo MC will mean that there is something Leo about the role the person plays in society.
Something Leo about the role does not mean everything Leo about the person. It’s just something Leo. It’s a clue, not a full picture, and it’s about the role, not about the person.
If someone is known as “the person who runs the art gallery”, then the social role is to show: people go to a gallery to admire creations, so there is something Leo.
The gallery owner may be the most self effacing of all people, they have a Leo MC and play a Leo role.
Now, don’t forget that if there are planets conjunct or making strong aspects to the MC, they will express more obviously than the sign. If you see a Mercury conjunct MC in Pisces, focus on Mercury first. There is some kind of thinking and passing information here. Maybe it’s done in a way that arouse feelings, or it’s about spiritual topics, or completely escaping reality checks… but it’s a Mercury thing first.
Enjoy life!