Autumn Equinox 2019

Autumn Sunrise at Jenne Farm, Vermont. Photo by Robert Anderson

The Autumn Equinox this year arrives on  September 23 at 3:51a EDT, 12:51a PDT and on 07:51 UTC

It is Spring Equinox for those in the Southern Hemisphere which is on September 23 at 5:51p. AET

EarthSky has All you need to know about the Equinox and The Farmer’s almanac tells us about how 5 Ancient Sites Aligned with the Equinox  Here is a site with Fun Facts About  Autumnlike, Autumn has been called the “hectic beauty of death.” whoa!  All seasons have their beauty but Autumn’s beauty is outrageous! Here in the US we know about New England’s riotous colors (like the photo above) and the stunning golden aspens in the West. Here are some beautiful images of Autumn glory around the world 10 best places outside the U.S. for fall color.

The September Equinox marks the beginning of this new season and the chart for the Equinox indicates astrological trends for the season. Here is the Equinox chart cast for Washington, DC.

This equinox marks the moment the Sun enters Libra each year and this year Venus and Mercury join the Sun in Lovely Libra. Venus in particular is very happy to be in her own sweet sign and mental Mercury has excellent communications skills in airy, fair minded Libra. Mars uses his smart mental muscles in practical Virgo, Saturn and Pluto help him out with their Capricorn management strength. Neptune still floats along in watery Pisces and the Cancer Moon shines light on the waters to help his journey. Chiron is in fire brand Aries, while change agent Uranus continues his earthy sojourn in Taurus.

The Equinox chart is very dynamic with several important aspect patterns. There is a major cardinal T square creating challenges between Venus and Mercury in Libra to Saturn and the karmic South Node in Capricorn and also to the Moon and North Node in Cancer. Cardinal squares create a challenge difficult to resolve until action is taken. Along with this square, the peaceful Libra Sun forms an opposition to Chiron in war hungry Aries.

Also featured is the ongoing square of confusion between Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces with Mars in Virgo joining in, extending the square into a T. This is a mutable square which requires integration and agility to resolve.

Mars also plays a role in a trine, reaching a hand to transformer Pluto. This favorable aspect uses Mars/Virgo’s logical persuasion to help convince those in authority who are resistant to change.

For the weeks leading up to the Equinox the quickly moving planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars) were all in pragmatic Virgo helping (pushing!) everyone to get busy doing whatever they needed to do. Venus and Mercury entered Libra on 9/14 where they still are at the Equinox and since the Sun enters Libra on the Equinox it means more energy is available to relax a bit and find a better work/life balance. However active Mars remains in Virgo at the Equinox, so there is still emphasis on making smart choices with more ability to focus and actually manifest intentions; i.e. hard work is still necessary! And since Mars works well with Pluto, concepts brought into material form now can have viable long range potential.

The static that interferes with this comes from the mutable T square which Mars is involved in along with Jupiter and Neptune. One way to visualize this square is to imagine a Trump supporter in a red MAGA hat sitting across the table from a fervent Bernie Sanders fan. They are each convinced their opinions and ‘facts’ are the Truth and look at the other person thinking they are delusional and live in a different universe. Mars in Virgo tries to bring some logic into the conversation, but he is talking to closed ears.

The cardinal square is evident all around us too. Saturn sits next to the South Node rigidly holding onto past structures which are rapidly tumbling down, Venus and Mercury use eloquent persuasion to pull opinion to their side, while the Moon sits next to the North Node trying to lead people to a new way of being.

The Moon in Equinox chart indicates the mood of the public. Cancer is the sign of unconditional love and rules families, mothers, children and women in general. The North Node represents a new, more evolved direction and in Cancer leads us to a more loving, nurturing, compassionate way of being. In the Equinox chart the Moon sits right at the North Node shining like Glenda the Good Witch at the gates of the Emerald City encouraging us to enter and find the love.

The challenge arising from this square is easily seen. No matter what evidence or eloquent arguments are presented the strong forces of the status quo resist change and use all their might and power to prevent it. The climate change issue is a case in point. It’s not actually as if politicians and corporate interest don’t know that climate change is real (no matter what they claim), but they are beholden to the energy (gas,oil etc.) and other polluting companies with their industrial waste, including big agriculture, who want to keep on doing what they have always done, even if it has been proven to add to climate change and damaging the very Earth itself.

As I write this on 9/20 there were massive Global Climate Strikes driven by young people across the world marching to wake people up to this crisis. Here’s a site with photos so you can see for yourself  See These Inspiring Photos to Understand the Scale of the Global Climate Strikes Sixteen year old Greta Thunberg has been one of the major leaders in these marches and has spoken before the UN and other governing bodies including Congress and the British Parliament. Born on January 3, 2003 with both Sun and Moon in Capricorn her birth chart fits right into the dynamics of these current challenges.

Luckily as an offset to the square, Neptune in spiritual Pisces tunes his satellite dish to higher vibrational frequencies helping the Moon spread more compassion. In return the Moon shines light leading those ready to tap into these higher vibes so they can soar above any lower energies.

As the Sun enters Libra he begins to form an opposition to Chiron in aggressive Aries. This opposition is also very evident with the talk of war looming up because of strikes on the oil fields of Saudi Arabia which the US and the Saudis blame on Iran. The last time this loomed (in 1990-91) President G.H Bush declared war on Iraq in Desert Storm. Oppositions act like see-saws, going back and forth with differing viewpoints. The Washington Post presents a case for not going to war now Should U.S. troops put their lives on the line for Saudi Arabia?  President Trump is not a pro-war hawk, but many Republicans in Congress (and right wing media pundits) are.  Wounded healer Chiron is retrograde now, so hopefully the war drums beat less strongly and Libra peace promoters can hold war at bay.

At the personal level the Equinox energies urge you to find a good work/life balance – relax more, honor time with family, friends and your cultural enjoyment too. Libra loves to entertain and go to the theater, dance and good movies like Downton Abby, which first aired on 9/26/2010 – Libra to the core! But also remember to say grounded and keep on walking your talk so the projects you began actually get completed. Avoid getting caught up in extreme viewpoints and refrain form judging others when they do. And above all keep monitoring your vibration, aligning yourself with love and compassion for yourself and everyone else too. If you harmonize with the best of these Equinox patterns you’ll have the most beautiful season ever!

Here are some words from the poet Rumi born with Sun in Libra to guide you, Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself. ~Rumi