Things Will Start To Get Interesting……


The next ten days things should start to get interesting.   We start with Gibbous Moon with focus on friends, groups and colloboration.   How are you playing with others?  How are you reaching out to like minded?  
Some fuzzy factor comes up on the 10th and sparks will fly on the 12 with a Mars/Jupiter exchange.   Our thinking softens on the 13th just in time for a compassion sometimes crazy full moon (post will follow).   Actions start to slow down in doubt and guilt then next week Saturn turns direct (separate post) and Jupiter & Neptune have their final shoot out at the OK corral (separate post) —the floor is starting to drop on our carnival ride.   

Gibbous Moon


September 9




Focus on:  Where do your friends and groups need refining?  How are your groups taking valuable time?  Do they work for you and your schedule?  How are friends NOT in your daily life enough?   Do you know how to make time for people whom you are in sync? 


Special focus


9/10:  Sun oppose Neptune, truth is not to be believed. How are lies being showcased?  How is getting lost into too many details killing faith?  


9/12: Mars square Jupiter.  Actions seem small.  Pettiness gets in the way of big goals.  Stopping the parade to pick up a nickel does what for everyone? 


9/13: Mercury conjunct Venus.  Valuable thinking.  Kindness wins 




Full Moon Phase


September 13, 2019




21 Pisces 05 


Post To Follow 

Special focus 


9/13 Mars oppose Neptune.  Actions that are fuzzy.   Faith that feels fiery.   Illusions that get cut down.   Actions that feel at odds with faith.  


9/14: Mercury enters Libra