Weekly Astrology Forecast September 2 – 8, 2019

ALL WEEK – Triple conjunction- Sun, Mercury, Mars
Assert your ideas. Avoid using words as weapons
Unite heart and mind to bring clarity.  Walk your talk.

02-Sep-19 Sun conjunct Mars. Venus square Jupiter
Honour your inner warrior. Go for your goals.
Live your joy but beware over-indulgence.

03-Sep-19 Mercury conjunct Mars
Sharp thinking. Barbed conversation. Confident voice.

04-Sep-19 Sun conjunct Mercury. Venus opposite Neptune
Inspiration and illumination. Romance. Beware idealisation.

05-Sep-19 Mercury trine Saturn
Mental stability. Serious thinking.

06-Sep-19 Mercury square Jupiter, First Quarter
Moon in Sagittarius, Sun trine Saturn
Mental overwhelm. Over-thinking.
Complete the job then enjoy an adventure.
Take yourself seriously

07-Sep-19 Venus trine Pluto, Mercury opposite Neptune
Thinking is confused. Your heart knows the truth.

08-Sep-19 Sun square Jupiter
Guard against overcompensating. Be you!

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Painting – ‘Returning from the Work’ by Konstantin Yuon

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