Libra Horoscope September 2019

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As September begins, all the inner planets are in earth sign Virgo, including your ruling planet, Venus. This area of the zodiac is particularly lively until mid-September, the 14th, and the day of the Full Moon.

Inner Work

Traditionally, when the Sun is in this sector of your horoscope, it’s a time for rest and retreat. Inner work is recommended and you’re going through a phase where you’re caring for yourself or other people. This year, however, it’s a busier vibe and this can mean different things, depending on your current situation.

Firstly, you might find that your inner voice is exceptionally busy and your mind is working overtime. This could be because you’re dealing with a heavy workload and you have a lot of different elements of your life that you’re trying to juggle effectively.

Or perhaps, you’re currently preparing for a new stage in life and this is causing you some worry or concern, because you’re heading into the unknown. If you find yourself becoming overly anxious, it’s wise to find a way to stop and slow down, to quieten your mind. Nature is one way of restoring calm and balance, ensuring you take regular exercise or you head for the countryside.

Some of you may be studying or be busy with research or planning. Virgo is one of the studious signs of the zodiac ruled by Mercury, the planet of the mind. You could be squirrelled away getting ready for a busy project or being out in the public eye.


There are a couple of reasons why this period doesn’t feel particularly slow or measured. Firstly, because there are so many planets vying for attention in Virgo. Secondly, because of the Jupiter-Neptune square which triggers the inner planets in Virgo.

The Jupiter-Neptune square is exact on the 21st but it’s evident from the start of September up until the Full Moon on the 14th. You may notice it in particular on the 2nd and 4th of the month, when you planet Venus interacts with these two great Gods.

Both Jupiter and Neptune are boundless planets. They take you out into the world, they expand your horizons and broaden your mind and outlook. Jupiter is in Sagittarius and your communication and study sector. Also, your neighbourhood and community. Neptune is in Pisces and your work and health sector, influencing your routine, your lifestyle and your time management.

Together, they can feel exciting and exhilarating, i.e. if you have lots of new projects on the go or you’re busy in your local community. However, they can create a feeling of overwhelm or exaggeration. This may not be a particularly settled period for you when you find it hard to remain calm or ground yourself. You have too much on your plate. Or perhaps, you’re worrying due to a lack of work or ill-health.

The peak of this planetary activity takes place on the 14th, the day of the Full Moon. Full Moons can be a time of release and letting go and this Full Moon feels that way for you. Also, on the same day, your planet, Venus, enters your star sign, Libra, along with Mercury, the planet of communication.

Restoring Balance

This is the start of a more balanced and harmonious period. Perhaps, you have more time for socialising. You’re looking after people less and enjoying yourself more. The focus turns towards your personal goals and aims, your image and profile. Venus is the planet of beauty. When she’s in your star sign, you find yourself being popular or the star of the show.

It would be an ideal time to look after your appearance, go shopping for new clothes or think about the way you come across to others. If you’re starting a new job or role in life, how do you want to look, how do you want to be seen?

In the second half of September, it’s important that you put yourself first and do more of what you love. If you’re a true Libra, sometimes you put other people’s needs before your own. One of your life lessons is learning to say No and do what you want instead.

Boosting Your Spirits

The astrology continues to boost your well-being and lift your spirits as the Sun enters your star sign, Libra, on the 23rd. The Sun represents vitality and warmth and its move through your star sign not only heralds your birthday month but adds confidence and energy to the mix.

It’s your signal to get back out into the world if you’ve been tucked away. Show off your talents and skills, let other people see what you have to offer. Be true to who you are and win over other people.

The Sun’s move into Libra is the day of the Equinox and the change of season. It’s an important event in astrology. Plus, not long after the Equinox, there’s a New Moon in Libra on the 28th, a symbol of new beginnings. This is the ideal date to set your intentions, not only for the month ahead but the year ahead as well. It’s your personal New Year.

Jupiter is active around this time and any celebrations or social get-together are likely to be great fun, especially on the 24th and 28th. With Venus in your star sign for the second half of September, love is a dominant theme. If you’re looking for love, this is the time to get out and about more than usual. If you’re in love, create time to talk and connect with your partner.

Moving On

Finally, this month there could be a definitive move at home or within your family as Saturn turns direct in Capricorn and this sector of your horoscope on the 18th. This brings about a turning point, a forward motion and a move away from your comfort zone. You may still feel fear but you’re ready to step through your fear. Don’t let the past hold you back and create strong foundations in your own life.

As Saturn picks up pace, it leaves behind the karmic South Node. These two entities have been side by side since April 30th when Saturn turned retrograde. It takes determination to move on, to put one foot in front of the other. The theme of release and letting go continues on this month’s New Moon, the 28th.

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