Venus & Mars in Virgo

Venus & Mars just entered the sign of Virgo, dancing into each other’s orb for a week or so, before Uranus nicely splits them up again.

Venus and Mars in Virgo are about working yourself through the details by practicing and repetition to become a master at your craft. Venus & Mars in Virgo are hard and prudent workers crafting their skills into a daily routine.

With Venus & Mars in Virgo, love will be in the details: they form a couple which easily rolls up their sleeves to get the job done.

Together they remind me of my grandmother and her husband who were acrobatic dancers working on stage for decades. Who you can see in the picture below.

Grams, as I like to call her, was a ballerina, an acrobat and a comedian, who worked as a Variety Artist in the entertainment business for ages. She was quite famous in her days and demanded her privacy and respect.

She also was an Astrologer and a Tarot reader in her private life, who refused to teach me the craft before I had build myself a strong personality, with a strong (enough) healthy ego (her words). But did start teaching me the day I reached my 18th birthday, while she in the meantime skillfully had planted all the seeds she thought I needed to have, without me even realizing it.

She had her Saturn on top of my 6th house Venus in Taurus, and her Pluto in a 2-degree orb on top of my 7th house Sun in Cancer, out of sign, in Gemini.

She was a 12th house Sun in Sagittarius on top of my Ascendant. With an early Scorpio Moon trining my Sun. A Sagittarius rising with Mercury and Jupiter on top of her Ascendant, in a tight sextile with Mean Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius, on top of my True Black Moon Lilith/Part of Fortune conjunction.

Even though she could be tough, I was truly fortuned growing up in the shadow of this iconic, but also modest, hard-working woman. Her spiritual legacy is huge. Much bigger then I am, or ever will be, but a true treasure I deeply appreciate: filled with wisdom.

As a dancer myself, I was happy for her leaving that wheelchair she was chained to in the last years of her life when she passed on. But went through the deepest grieving process I have ever been through after her death, myself.

She was born in 1912 and passed on during the Solar Eclipse on top of my natal Saturn at the spring equinox in 2015, at the age of 102.

She was somewhere into her forties in the picture above. A picture she hated by the way because she felt she was way to arrogant in it.

Which always puzzled me a bit coming from the same woman who always stated, and I quote:

” There is nothing wrong with having a little arrogance as long as you have worked hard for it and do know your craft well.

False arrogance, on the other hand, is the worst; what I call evil: and usually a form of theft.”  – Grams

All I am seeing in that picture, however, is that incredibly strong and dignified Lilith shining through which made her the high priestess she became.

Not needing her partner to assist her at that point because she was perfectly capable holding her balance by her self, and he knows it too, but still is at her assistance with precision, to get the job done. Which is the reason why I love this picture so much.

Both of them together as a dance couple working their craft on a daily base is what Mars and Venus in Virgo represents to me in its highest form.

RIP Grams,

you were the best teacher I’ve ever had, and my ”live on stage Black Moon Lilith – Part of Fortune conjunction in Aquarius” in the flesh.

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