The Bruce Lee Controversy: Lilith VS Jupiter.

Quinten Tarantino’s latest movie “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” created a serious controversy about Tarantino’s portrayal of Bruce Lee as an arrogant, blowhard buffoon in the film.

Bruce Lee’s daughter: Shannon Lee and millions of fans are deeply disappointed and angry about the way Lee was degraded in the movie and by Tarantino’s response  “Bruce Lee was kind of an arrogant guy” as an explanation for it.

“Bruce Lee’s Daughter Says Quentin Tarantino ‘Could Shut Up’ About Her Fathers Portrayal (Exclusive) “

Bruce, who was a Sagittarius Sun and a Sagittarius Rising, was beside his martial arts widespread known for his teachings and philosophy.

I knew there was a serious quarrel coming when I saw Lilith in Pisces (movies) moving into her square with Jupiter (philosopher, teacher), I just didn’t see this one coming.

The backslash, however, is huge for Tarantino who has the Pluto/Saturn conjunction on top of his South Node in straight opposition to Bruce’s Vertex into the 8th house.

Bruce’s 8th house Pluto doesn’t make it any easier on Tarantino either, hitting Tarantino’s Mars in conjunction from the grave, so to speak. That’s a kick-ass position to have in synastry and not a joke.

Something tells me this isn’t over yet: the comments underneath the above article alone, are a clear sign the collective (the sign of Pisces, the 12th house & Neptune), is not going to put up with this by Tarantino. Meanwhile: Lilith is moving ‘nice and easy’ forward to her fusion with Neptune in Pisces.

Will be continued….

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