Capricorn August 2019

Capricorn (22 December – 20 January)

Mercury Direct

The start of August brings significant turning points. Firstly, the planet of communication, Mercury, turns direct on the 1st (July 31st in America) after three weeks retrograde, i.e. on go slow.

Sometimes, this brings new information to light. Other times, you can leap in and sort out a misunderstanding or resolve a problem or issue. Mercury turns direct in your opposite star sign, Cancer, so this is about your 1-to-1’s, both personal and professional.

If there’s someone you haven’t heard from for a while or you want to chase up a contact in your life, it’s a great time to do so. Mercury turning direct often presents a second chance to make a move which didn’t work out previously.

Also, Mercury turns direct at the same degree as the Lunar Eclipse took place on July 16th. Therefore, these two events/dates may be linked. There’s less emotion involved this time around and you can have a heart-felt conversation without it becoming overly dramatic.

If you want to talk to your other half about anything important, start the conversation rolling as soon as August gets underway.

New Moon Leo

Also, this is an important date for another reason. On the 1st (July 31st in America), there’s a New Moon, a symbol of new beginnings. This New Moon falls in Leo and the sector of your horoscope which represents joint finances and shared resources.

This is about all forms of money matters; inheritances, taxes, investments, savings & debts. It’s also about power and the ties that are created by money. You may find you’re ready to deal with a taboo issue, something that’s hidden, that you want to bring to light.

Leo is a star sign linked to courage as it rules the heart. It’s associated with the light too, thanks to its ruler, the Sun. The first two weeks of August are ideal for being bold and brave and tackling something you’ve been avoiding for the past few weeks.

Money & Karma

There’s also a sense of karma around money matters. Or, a reminder that what you give you receive in return. This is because the inner planets moving through Leo team up with big planet, Jupiter, in Sagittarius.

The key dates are the 7th, 8th and 21st. Plus, Jupiter turns direct on the 11th. Both Leo and Sagittarius are star signs linked to generosity. So, there’s a flow of money in the first fortnight, that feels abundant. You could receive a gift or bonus. Or perhaps, you’re the one reaching out to help fund-raise for a good cause or be there to help someone close.

Jupiter in Sagittarius links to your past connections, a benefactor or someone from your past who repays a favour or you repay them. Jupiter is the planet most closely linked to truth and justice. Decide how you can personally work with your astrology to ask for what’s rightfully yours or ensure justice is done.

The Full Moon on the 15th is a pivotal date as it highlights the star signs, Leo and Aquarius, the financial axis of your horoscope. Fulls Moons often coincide with achievement or culmination. They bring hidden matters to light and you can see things with clarity. It’s a strong period to trust your intuition.

The only proviso concerns the planet Uranus currently in Taurus. Uranus clashes with key planets in Leo on the 2nd and 16th and Uranus turns retrograde on the 12th. These aren’t the best times to be impulsive, especially around money. This might be linked to a child or lover, a hobby or leisure pursuit.

Also, consider how money and freedom are linked in your life. You may choose to pay someone off so you can cut ties. Or, you realise that someone close needs to be more responsible for their own affairs, without you cutting in. Money and emotions are closely linked for the first half of the coming month. Be aware of this and notice when guilt or other deep emotions kick in.

Bigger Picture

There’s a shift in planetary energy after the 18th. This is the date when action planet, Mars, enters earth sign Virgo. Mars is swiftly joined by Venus on the 21st, the Sun on the 23rd and Mercury on the 29th. Plus, there’s a New Moon in Virgo on the 30th. After a potentially emotional or dramatic first fortnight, you might be more than ready for more stability or a steadier pace of life.

Virgo expands your horizons, as it’s linked to travel and study, the bigger picture. You could be keen to go back to school, to teach or study. You might be seeking deeper meaning and purpose in the world, away from material matters. You could be called down a spiritual path or find religion comforting or consoling.

New Love

Love too is part of the picture. In fact, this is one reason why you may be keen to travel, to catch up with a loved one. Venus and Mars, the lovers of the heavens, unite in Virgo on the 24th. This is the only time this year that these two planets come together.

Uranus in Taurus teams up with Venus on the 26th, Mars on the 28th and the Sun on the 30th. Taurus rules romance and new love in your horoscope, as well as other areas of life. This whole combination feels exciting for relationships. Perhaps, after the choppy waters of July, you’re more than ready to turn a new page and start over.

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