Summer Solstice 2019

Mermaid Basking in the Sun by Heni Sandoval

IMAGE NOTE: This beautiful mermaid painting is a wonderful image for the Sun moving into the waters of Cancer. It is by my sister and amazing artist Heni Sandoval. You can find more of her creative and colorful work at Heni’s Happy Paintings  and at Heni’s Gifts.

The Summer Solstice arrives on June 21 at 15:54 UT, 11:54 a.m. ET and 8:54 a.m. PT.

It is Winter Solstice for those in the Southern Hemisphere which is on June 22 at 1:54 a.m. AEST

The June Solstice is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and is when the Sun enters the sign of Cancer each year. EarthSky has “All you need to know about the Solstice”  and The Farmer’s Almanac has interesting info on how ancient sites like Machu Picchu aligned with the Solstice.  It is Winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere when New Zealand celebrates the Maori new year Matariki, and in Hobart, Tasmania they have a celebration called Dark Mofo.

Here is the Solstice chart cast for New York City.

The Solstice chart is the birth chart for this new season and indicates trends to expect. The Sun is always at 0* Cancer at the Solstice and this year Mars and Mercury are also in Cancer.  Cancer is a healing, loving water sign filled with emotion. Mars represents action and Mercury rules communication and these planets are close togehter at the Solstice and continue this connection through 6/25. Cancer abhors confrontation and will do anything to avoid conflict. Mercury in Cancer filters communication through emotions, while Mars in Cancer is very creative and prefers to relax and keep everyone happy, but will dramatically over-react when emotions are triggered.  Mars in Cancer is known for both passive-aggressive behavior along with taking everything too personally.  When Mars is paired with Mercury in Cancer expect this behavior to spill out at both the macro level as well as in your personal life, especially when dealing with your family since Cancer is the sign which rules family, especially mothers and children.

Mars entered Cancer on 5/16 and began to trigger this type of over-reaction. Case in point happened on 5/27 when police in Phoenix, AZ violently confronted a family whose 4 year old daughter took a Barbie doll from a dollar store.  You can read about it here –  Police Officer Threatens To Shoot Pregnant Woman After Her Child Took Barbie From Family Dollar Store. The event did not receive wide spread attention until  6/17 when the Phoenix Mayor and Police Chief apologized, which was also the very day of the exact conjunction of Mars/Mercury.

One reason this type of emotional overload is more pronounced now is because of an opposition to Mars/Mercury from Pluto and Saturn transiting closely together in hard core Capricorn. Capricorn rules patriarchal institutions and  bureaucracies in general. This opposition contrasts old paradigms against more humane ways to deal with confrontation while also provoking rigid ideology to overreact to perceived challenges.

The Sun in Cancer also faces a challenge from a tense square from Chiron in Aries.  Aries is ruled by Mars and is an aggressive and war like sign. On the Solstice Chiron forms a square to the Sun in effect until the end of June which is exact on 6/27.  This challenge is already evident in the war-like rhetoric being lobbed around between the US and Iran over oil tanker attacks in the Gulf of Oman. The last time Chiron entered Aries and formed similar squares to the Cancer Sun was from 1968-69 which was when the Viet Nam war escalated. Chiron in Aries is begging us to turn a key into new ways of action. Let us hope we have learned that war, death and destruction never achieve a lasting positive solution. Cancer at its highest vibration is unconditional love. The challenge for now is cultivating ability to act from this beautiful vibration, versus knee-jerk reactions from old limiting belief structures.

Quote by Soyen Shaku

The Solstice chart continues to point out challenges which need to be faced head-on in order to transmute. Jupiter is retrograde at 18* Sagittarius and forms an exact square to Neptune at 18* Pisces., also retrograde, Jupiter in Sagittarius, the sign he rules, is very positive and expands more optimism and zest for life, and Neptune in Pisces, which he rules, extends more love and ability to reach higher, more spiritual vibrations. Generally this is wonderful energy, but this tight square emphasizes over-enthusiasm along  with naive tendencies to believe in unreal fantasies, and pits these against each other. This is very obvious in the current political scene here in the US with 24 Democrat presidential candidates already announced (really!). Trevor Noah of the Daily Show calls it it World War D. When Jupiter is in Sagittarius it’s all to easy to over-inflate your chances and jump the gun at the starting gate.  Then there are the folks who are tapping into Neptunian mirages to see only what they want to see who follow President Trump blindly and rationalize his divisive rhetoric. This square is close and active through early July and repeats again in mid-September.

A bright spot at the Solstice is Venus in fun loving, flighty air sign Gemini. But she too is getting caught up in these obstacles.  From the Solstice until 6/25 Venus is opposite Jupiter and square Neptune, which creates a challenging aspect known as a T-Square. Venus in Gemini is delightful and helps us lift out of the doldrums by urging us to have more fun and pointing out the absurdities of life so we can laugh and take things less seriously. However with all the Cancerian energy around, “I will take things too seriously and you can’t talk me out of it.” Venus doesn’t have an easy job which this T-Square indicates. Luckily the Moon in fellow air sign Aquarius on the Solstice helps out by sending positive rays to Venus creating a harmonious trine to offset the T-Square.  In an event chart like the Solstice the Moon represents the public mood. Aquarius similar to Gemini is noted for it’s clever wit and also its ability to see the larger perspective. This Moon-Venus trine at the Solstice helps you get out of your own way and lifts you up above petty emotional traps. A suggestion to access this energy is to watch a lot of comedy especially those comedians who tackle divisive issues and open minds by helping us laugh at the absurdity of being human. Check out comedian Jim Jefferies who is a skilled master at this.

Uranus at 5* Taurus is standing alone on the Solstice not making any connections with other major planets, so it seems like this Lord of Chaos, structure buster planet is waiting  for his turn. When Mars enters Leo in early July he’ll begin pulling Uranus out, but for now Uranus is lurking in the shadows. The only connection to Uranus comes from Asteroid Vesta at 4* Taurus stationed next to Uranus on the Solstice. Vesta represents a pure flame always burning to light the way.  Vesta says “Lord Uranus, I am by your side and when the time is right I will carry my torch high and help you light your bonfire.”

So these are the larger themes for the Solstice. I also want to give you a heads up on a couple of things – Mercury is slowing down now in prep for his retrograde from 7/7 until 7/31 and there are 2 eclipses in July. A total solar eclipse on 7/2 and a partial lunar clipse on 7/16-17, I’ll be writing more about his in July’s issue, but if you are feeling spacey and your dreams have amped up, this is why.

Here is advice on how to use these energies positively in your own personal life. Be very aware of any tendency to take things too personally. People are always caught up in their own inner stuff and unconsciously project that to everyone else. Even if you usually are cool and collected, current energies fly into your face when you least expect, so  it’s a good time to practice self awareness – especially at those summer family gathering! (It’s your mother’s job to push your buttons. It’s your choice how to respond.) It’s also a great time to use the major Cancerian flow to create waves of love and channel the force of Mars in Cancer to approach life more creatively. Find ways to appreciate and enjoy more, then if someone steps on your toes, you can do a tap dance to amuse everyone instead.

Tap into the Venus/Moon trine to become more conscious so you can lift above to recognize petty patterns versus getting pulled into them. And to handle the Jupiter Neptune square, be aware where you may over enthusiastically gallop onto pathways which look enticing and glamorous, but are just siren songs luring you into pitfalls.

With that in mind I wan to note some irony, because Solstice 2018 chart looked so positive, yet for many it was the worst time ever.  (I could turn your hair white with stores I heard from many of my clients!) Read that post HERE. Solstice chart 2019 has many tense and challenging aspects, but if these challenges are mastered and overcome (read the advice above again) it could be one of the best times in many years! My wish for you is to capture the airy updraft and ride emotional waves with creative fun and joy!