Accommodation, Survival, Whining & Success

“If you want to bring anything to a successful conclusion, you must accommodate yourself to the task, not the task to yourself.”
– St. Ignatius of Loyola 

Mars in Cancer is opposing Saturn in Capricorn, a situation that will be sustained for two weeks and increase in intensity. Mars pushes, Saturn blocks. It’s called coming up against a rock and a hard place.

This opposition also describes a scenario where you have to do something you don’t want to do. You resist it.

The remark by St. Ignatius tells a way to overcome the impediment. In real life it makes me think of the technical work that has to be done to keep my site online and functioning. It’s not something I want anything to do with. I am a child who wants to be creative (Leo) so I appealed to everyone I could think of and tried every trick in the book to
get someone to do this for me. I was blocked on every front!

The problem was resolved when I decided to become someone who could wrestle WordPress and my forum behind the scenes.

I’d still like to whine about this, but I have to admit there’s an advantage to being a baby with some technical skills. Matter of fact, these things are necessary for my survival. That’s where Pluto comes in, which is also part for of this harsh cardinal opposition.

If you’re willing to “clutch it up”, you really don’t have to be afraid.