Karma, Severe & Deeply Painful

Today is the new moon in Gemini so here’s something to think about…We still have five planets in their own sign. This will change tomorrow when Mercury leaves Gemini for Cancer. Sunday, Venus leaves home sign Taurus for Gemini. This scenario is coming apart.

Astrology is like life, or maybe it’s the other way around. Something happens, it lasts for a while, and then it resolves. You’re mad – you’re mad as hell – maybe you’re not so mad after all.

In this case, the grace of the five planets in their own signs fades out as this potentially (probably) vicious Mercury-Mars-Saturn-Pluto opposition forms.

If you have planets in the mid to late degrees of the cardinal signs and you’ve been riding high, it’s at this point it makes sense to pivot and focus your attention on a goal.

The “goal” in this case is likely to be quite heavy. Some people just want to survive. Safety and security will be the theme. A person’s business might be threatened, or they may be tasked with trying to keep their family together when it’s wanting to come apart.

I apologize for the serious tone of this, but the people impacted know exactly what I mean.

If you care to be kind in June of 2019, try not to burden or harm other people. I’m talking about kicking someone when they’re down. Because Saturn in Capricorn is part of this mess and karma when it comes is likely to be severe… and deeply painful (Pluto in Capricorn). Details on the cardinal opposition here – Seriously Stressful.