News…And Various Other Sundries

curious georgeMercury is in play now, chatting up Jupiter and Neptune as we head towards Monday’s new moon in Gemini. You can expect to have interesting conversations and various other sundries in the form of information tidbits that come your way. Case in point – here are Midara’s June ‘Scopes!

The emphasis will be on variety, not just in the things you say or hear but in the way the information is delivered. It may blurted, published, or leaked. It may come in a dream or via your imagination. It may be whispered or shouted. You or the other person may be succinct, or you may blather on.

Some of what you hear will be truth, but some information may be deceptive or misleading, even if that’s not intentional.

It’s under a sky like this a person is inclined to say “just one more thing” and that one more thing is what sees them slip on a banana peel and find their foot in their mouth, but hey! I don’t think you’ll be bored, and for many people this is enough.

Recently, I worked with a double Gemini. He was new to astrology, but after we talked he decided to look into it.

I suggested he start with the fast moving transits, because they don’t go on and on.

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