The Ascendant: the path to the path

The Ascendant is somehow the path to the path. The path is the Sun sign. The Sun is always in a process of becoming, everyone is the hero of their own life, we are becoming who we really are or always seeking the highest expression of ourselves…..

The Sun means that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and this experience consists of trying to express our spiritual core within the limitations of the material world…. So the Sun is always on a path, symbolised by the sign it’s in along with various aspects, but when we were born, the sign that was rising on the Eastern horizon, (along with planets energies connected with it through aspects) showed how we got started from the very beginning, and how we will keep approaching life on a moment to moment basis.

If you take the character of Frodo in Lord of the Rings, you could say that his heroic quest, symbolised by the Sun, could be Scorpio – as he has to travel to the core of the dark land, and his Rising sign would be meant by his basic personality as a somehow adventurous and friendly hobbit before the whole saga began.

As Howard Sasportas puts it: “The Ascendant flowers into the Sun”
And the Moon? … Yes, I’ll talk about the Moon and the Sun in the mini webinar this Saturday…