Nervous Energy, Angry Outbursts, Verbal Confrontations

Expect a lot of cross talk today as the Moon in Virgo squares Mars in Gemini. Use of “cross talk” is deliberate. These are mutable signs and the communication clashes will take many forms.Essentially, one person is talking and the other person interrupts. Except the other person might be you. You want to think clearly, but you’re angry. Thoughts intrude.

This may also manifest as road rage, but some people will just get a lot done. Point is, there is a lot of nervous energy out there. You can call someone up and bitch them out, send a nasty email or text; but you can also be motivated to help.

I’ve spent a lot of time on this fleeting aspect today, because the things you say can really hurt people. You may have meant it in the moment. You move along, but the other person remembers what you said for a long time.

Also, Mercury will enter Aries on Wednesday. This is another Mercury Mars exchange.

Communicate in a direct fashion
Verbal attack
Pushy, cutting to the front of line
Impatient with the speed at which other people move or speak
Quick thinking

I’m going to challenge myself mentally during this three-week period, hoping to avoid… rage. If you have a Mercury Mars mashup in your natal chart like I do, I’m sure you can relate.