Tuesday, April 9, 2019

The waxing crescent Moon runs up against an unhappy Mars in Gemini this morning as the sky brightens in the East, starting the day off with random and somewhat cranky activity. You may have a hard time focusing on any one thing and instead, bounce around like an irritable pinball. Things will calm down some as the Moon pulls away from Mars by mid-morning, but with the Moon in Gemini all day, you may still be easily distracted.

The first two-thirds of April is an exciting time when we find several planets either exalted (working well in a sign they’re compatible with) or in their domicile (at home in a sign they rule.) Venus is exalted in Pisces, the Sun is exalted in Aries, Neptune is quite happy in Pisces (his rulership, in modern astrology,) Jupiter is at home in his Sagittarius rulership (and he rules Pisces too, in classical astrology,) and Saturn reigns over his homeland of Capricorn.

This week they are all in action, with much energy building now to peak tomorrow.

Venus, who adores Pisces, has donned her rose-colored glasses as she perches on Neptune’s knee. She’s feeling soft, romantic, and optimistic, willing to see the best in any suitor. You may crave love and romance, and it may well show up for you, but beware the rose-colored glasses. Not all is as it seems. Late this evening the Moon forms a difficult square to this watery love-fest, enhancing the potential for deception and over-doing. Enjoy yourself now, but re-assess any blooming romance when Venus leaves the fog for the bright light of Aries on April 20th.

The Sun, who is especially fiery and robust in Aries, is facing a severe challenge from Saturn, who in turn is in the karmic South Node of the Moon (Ketu.) Ketu is a place of endings, of release. You may find you have to let go of some cherished idea of yourself, some self-concept that no longer jibes with reality, and it may really suck.

Jupiter is happily parked at 24˚ of his Sagittarius home and turns retrograde mid-day tomorrow. He’ll retrace his steps back to 14˚ Sagittarius where he’ll station direct on August 11th. We’ll be reviewing what we’ve learned since he was last at that degree in mid-January. In what area of life that is for you depends on which house Sagittarius occupies in your chart. I’d be delighted to have a conversation with you about this and other planets in your horoscope. Contact me here.

Mercury, who is in his least favorite sign of Pisces, receives a power-up from Pluto in Capricorn. You may find that you can think about your deepest and most hidden issues in a creative and compassionate way.

Phew! Lots going on this week. It could feel like a big roller-coaster ride. Breathe deep and go easy on yourself and others you encounter.