Spring Equinox 2019

Mother Nature wonders if humans will begin to love her better – photo of the Atlanta Botanical Earth Goddess

Spring Equinox 201 arrives on March 20th at 5:58 PM EDT, 2:58p PDT and 21:58 UT

This year Spring Equinox – Autumn in the Southern hemisphere – arrives on 3/20/18. Perhaps you’ve noticed in past years it arrives on 3/21 or even 3/19. If you have ever wondered why,  here is an explanation from Space.com    EarthSky always has good Equinox info too.   Here is an article which describes some traditions around the Spring Equinox: Date, Definition, Celebrations, Traditions, and Rituals  The Full Moon falls on the Equinox this year too Full Moon on the Equinox which only happens three times a century!

The March Equinox is the moment each year when the Sun splashes out of watery Pisces to enter fiery Aries which marks the return to the beginning of the Zodiac wheel each year, and is also International Astrology Day.  The chart for the Equinox reveals trends for the upcoming season which this year arrives on a very powerful day!

As always the Sun is at 0* Aries and this year Wounded Healer Chiron is traveling conjunct  the Sun. Venus is in the change-agent sign of Aquarius and Uranus the Change-Agent planet has newly arrived at Taurus. Mars, planet of Action is in Taurus too forming a trine with Pluto and the South Node and also reaches out to the Moon in Virgo to form a Grand Earth Trine and at the same time also forms a tight squareto Venus. Neptune and Mercury retrograde are conjunct and Jupiter in Sagittarius squares the Moon but also forms a nice sextile to Venus.  Soon after the Equinox, the Moon moves into Libra entering her Full Phase forming an opposition tothe Sun and Chiron. This is a lot of cosmic action in one day!

Here is a translation from astrologese so you can understand what all this means. Every year the Spring Equinox finds the Sun at 0* Aries. This is when Sun leaves dreamy Pisces and wakes up in fiery Aries, a sign the Sun loves.  This year for the first time in 50 years, Chiron is right next to the Sun. Chiron in Aries is urging us to turn a key into more engagement with the Vitality of Life itself. Chiron in Aries says turn away from the past, leave dusty old paradigms behind and embrace new ways! Chiron’s connection with the Sun puts a double emphasis on this, helping people wake up and embrace the new, like the youth marches across the world on 3/15/19 which were intended to wake up adults about the effects of climate change.

The downside of Aries, ruled by Mars, is also war-like and filled with too much testosterone like a charging ram -the Aries symbol.  Will we turn Chiron’s key to a positive new world, or revert back into war and hate? Apparently we still have a way to go, because on the very same day as the youth marches, the mass killings in New Zealand  by an avowed white nationalist manifested the downside.

Mars, the ruler of Aries, is in earth sign Taurus at the Equinox which helps bring more level headed energy into the equation. Aiding this further is the fact that Mars forms a close, harmonious aspect (trine) to transformer Pluto and the karmic South Node in Capricorn with a third ray beaming out to the Moon in Virgo creating a productive Grand Earth Trine. Saturn is also involved, marking this new season with more energy to find positive, productive solutions, to world situations and in your own personal life too. In other words those changes you’ve been struggling to make will be easier this spring!

Venus is in crystal clear air sign Aquarius at the Equinox which gives a nice uplift to the Aries energy. Venus equals women so look to women of all ages to help uplift dialog to a better level.  Unfortunately, she may have a difficult time with this since Mars (men) forms a tense and challenging square to Venus. Will men and women ever truly understand each other and work together as one? This challenge may rear its head in the Equinox chart, but it’s as old as Adam and Eve. When individuals finally learn to find balance within themselves between their feminine and masculine natures, only then will society as a whole begin to reflect this. Point being, it won’t be productive for you to wag fingers at the politicians, world figures etc. for their inability to work together until you have figured out how to do this in your own family and work place. To resolve this conflict Venus/Aquarius says, “Rise up to a wider vantage point to see outside your limited viewpoint.” And when you realize what needs to be done Mars/Taurus syas, “I’ll help you manifest this in real and productive ways.

So yes, there is a lot of earthy energy in the Equinox chart helping Mars/Taurus out, but at the same time satellite dish Neptune is in misty Pisces while Mercury, the messenger, moves retrograde right next to Neptune.  This means we are just as likely to tune into unicorn and rainbow cosmic radio stations as research practical solutions. Mercury retro reconnects exactly with Neptune on 3/24 and after moving forward again makes another Neptune pass on 4/2. Hang tight to that purple unicorn mane or you just might drift away on rainbows forever! Of course Neptune in Pisces might say that’s a perfectly good idea.

Mighty Jupiter plays his part in the Equinox chart too. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and is functioning strongly in his own sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter forms a favorable sextile aspect to Venus in Aquarius which helps the best qualities of each sign manifest easier. Sagittarius, like Aquarius is a sign which can easily rise to higher understanding which bodes well for the new season. At the same time Jupiter forms a square to the Equinox Moon in fussy Virgo. Moon in Virgo is excellent for honing in on the practical solutions which her trine with Mars and Pluto suggest, but not very tolerant of Jupiter/Sagittarius’ enthusiasm and tendency to over inflate ideas. Virgo Moon, says show me the proof Mr. Preachy Jupiter! All these energies combine into an interesting blend of Equinox energies!

One last Equinox note, and I believe the most important, is about Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is the planet of Revolution and Change. On one side Uranus encourages enlightened thought process with better connection to higher, intuitive mental abilities.  On the other side when enlightened choices are rebuffed, Uranus becomes the Lord of Chaos with tornados filled with lightening destructive power! Here is his symbol which looks like a cell tower to modern eyes:

Which polarity will we tune into?

Uranus just recently entered Taurus where he was a few months last year, but on 3/6 he re-entered Taurus to stay for the next 7 years.  For more about this important shift see March’s issue. In the Equinox chart Uranus stands alone at 0* Taurus (meaning it is not aspected to the other planets) as if to say, “I’m here, so you’d better pay attention to me before I move forward into a more active position!” Taurus is the sign most closely connected to Earth our planet and Mother Nature herself. Uranus in Taurus on the positive polarity wants to help us tune in more strongly to ways in which we can work harmoniously with nature verses the raping and pillaging that has been going on for centuries, ever since the early European explorers descimated indigenous peoples which created climate change too! The high school kids who marched on 3/15 get it “There is no Planet B”, but will the adult policy makers get it too?

High School kids march to help mother earth. Photo by Michael Sohn

Here are some more Photos of Kids Protesting Climate Change All Over the World Will Give You Hope for the Future

If policy makers at all levels including corporate and government don’t get on board and make significant changes and continue to tune into the negative Uranus polarity, then we can expect his Lord of Chaos side to manifest to force us to make more enlightened choices. Like the school kids are doing, it is important to make your voice heard, but to restate what I said above it won’t be productive for you to wag fingers at the politicians, world figures etc. thinking they alone are the problem.  Uranus in Taurus urges you personally to become more aware of how you relate to nature. Do you recycle, drive less, walk and bike more, have a garden, eat locally produced foods, and treat all living things with care and respect, and support your local community in doing the same? If you answer yes to these then you are helping the planet and everyone collectively tune into the Uranus in Taurus positive polarity. Keep up the good work!

As Fred “Mr Rogers” born on march 20, 1928 just a few hours before the Spring Equinox that year, said, “We live in a world in which we need to share responsibility. It’s easy to say “It’s not my child, not my community, not my world, not my problem.” Then there are those who see the need and respond. I consider those people my heroes.

I hope you tune in easily to the positive polarity of Uranus in Taurus and tap all the positive energy potential this Equinox and for always! Sing a song with Mother Nature and she’ll sing back!

Swallows singing with cherry blossoms