Gemini should like this. Nutty, fun, variety

When you go to a party or some type of gathering, there is usually some commonality among the people attending. It might be the neighborhood or some level of status, a shared interest, the fact they all drink or whatever.

The weekend (which is already underway) serves up something more akin to a metaphysical 3-ring circus. We’re all under the same sky but engaged, or giving our attention to different activities.

You may align with the stellium in Pisces that includes the sun, Mercury and Neptune. You may be comfortable to drift and avoid entanglements.

You may (willingly or otherwise) get caught up in the opposition between the moon in Cancer and the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. This would manifest as power struggles in families, control, dependency and the like.

Instead, you may choose to align with Mars in Taurus trining the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. In this scenario, you’ll push through a serious block of some type, via sheer discipline and focus of your will.

Things shift just after midnight when the moon leaves Cancer for Leo, squaring Uranus in the process. Don’t be surprised if feelings or a person’s mood, changes (Uranus), dramatically (Leo).

How fun! Or not…