Take A Stab At It!

The moon is in Gemini today with Venus in Aquarius. These placements are sociable. You probably feel like getting out there and mixing it up.

The Venus Mars square that I mention on Monday is also closing (getting tighter), as we head towards the full moon in Libra, next Wednesday. Mars prods.

I have natal Mars in Libra which is a similar energy. It’s not the easiest thing to work with. You want to push people, or people push you. With the square being in Fixed signs, I doubt people flow with this.

It makes me think of people who push me. “I want my ad on your site!” They rarely take the first, “no”, for an answer.

Compare and interaction like this to one where there is easy agreement. It will make you appreciate the latter!

You can expect these social clashes over the next week but I don’t think they’ll be bad enough to prevent people from getting out there.

Mars square Venus! Drive to socialize, desire to partner, etc.

The phrase for the next week is, “Take a stab at it!”