Gaslighting, Infection & Virgo & Distortion

Your average Virgo will be beside themselves, trying to cope with this stellium in Pisces over the next two and a half days. It’s akin to being faced off with a distorted image in a fun house mirror. Just exactly how is one to deal with that?

But you can’t really look away.You’re transfixed by a blob! By vapor!

Gaslighting is rampant under a sky like this but if you find yourself confused and disabled in some way, it may very well be an inside job. It’s called “self-undoing”.

If you don’t have a problem like this over the next two days, you’re probably be in a position to help someone who is.

The whole situation makes me think of a virus in that a virus is invisible. It strikes some and leaves other unscathed. By the end of the day, you’ll probably know which group you’re in.

Mercury-ruled Gemini may also be hard hit. I’ve just been working with a lot of (infected) Virgos this week and witnessed the infectious self-undoing, firsthand.

You may find yourself able to make a choice. Help the impaired with compassion or be impaired and need the help yourself. I know this is odd, but if you look around over the next two day, I bet you see situations like this, pop up.


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