Happy, Quirky, Surprise, Distraction

This month will end on a markedly quirky note.

Venus in Capricorn will square Uranus at 29 degrees, early Friday morning. A few hours later, she’ll ingress into Uranus-ruled Aquarius.

With a little luck (which we have, courtesy of Jupiter in Sagittarius), most of us should get a pleasant (Venus) surprise (Uranus) out of this. Get details here: March 1st – Love & Money Surprise.

As for today, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, and Neptune are all in Jupiter-ruled signs. This will provide enough “lift” that even those bearing the weight of the Venus, Saturn, Pluto conjunction in Capricorn are likely to feel hopeful.

Tomorrow, the Moon will ingress into Capricorn. Yeah it’s heavy, but we have the Venus Uranus deal to distract us. I doubt you’re bored, and that alone is saying something!

Last, heads up to all, but especially, Gemini and Virgo. Mercury will turn retrograde on March 5th. It’s going to hairy. See – Brain Flu.

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