This Week.


This Astrological Week 


The weekend is fiery with the Moon in Aries putting the emphasis on go, go, going.  Crescent lunar phases has us learning and receiving information that speaks to our independence.  On Sunday, Mercury enters Pisces slowing down mental energy from exciting quick ideas to reflective and meditative ponderings.     On the 12th  Mars will conjunct Uranus in super late Aries.    A burst of independence combined with willfulness and perhaps anger will be around us, in us and in the news.  What we do with this energy is up to us.  On the 14thangry warrior Mars moves into creature comfort loving Taurus –Happy Valentines Day.  


Crescent Moon Phase


Feb 8, 2019 7:26pm EST 


Focus on: What information are you learning about your need for independence?  What are you learning about breaking out and self motivation? What are you learning about your fiery nature? 


Special Focus


2/10: Mercury enter Pisces 


First Quarter Moon 


February 12 5:26 pm  EST 


Focus on: What actions can you take that build something up? What actions can you take that strengthen your money and possessions?  What actions can you take that support your property?  What actions can you take that are super duper practical?  


Special Focus:


2/12: Mars conjunct Uranus. Bumpiness.  Rough rides. The earth quakes.   Fighting for the sake of fighting.  


2/14: Mars enters Taurus