The Pieces You Lack

The next two days should be great if you like the idea of things being balanced or whole. I say this because all the elements are well represented.

Sun and Mercury in air
Moon and Neptune in water
Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter in earth
Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus in fire

This means there is something for everyone.

I wonder how many people might complain about a situation like this. The idea is that there’s enough good and bad to go around!

If you can feel this (water) or understand it (air), you can act (fire) in practical (earth) ways that are positive.

I’m sure this energy can be perverted, but I can’t see wasting time with that. I believe that what you do comes back to you eventually. Life is challenging enough without racking up more debt of a negative kind!

This would be a good period to appreciate how the people around you have pieces you lack and vice-versa. Everyday life is miraculous in so many ways, if only you care to notice.