Cut Carefully, To Heal & Thrive

ImageWelcome to February!
Mars in Aries is squaring Pluto in Capricorn today. I think of a sharp knife, cutting off that which is not essential.
This sounds bad, probably because each of us is nonessential to somebody or something.  It conjures up fear and pain.  But I wouldn’t think of this conflict in that way.
These planets function well in their own signs.  A chef will trim the fat from a piece of meat before he or she cooks it. Do you not trim the crust when you bake a pie?
You can also compare this to pruning a tree. I wrote about that here – Coping With Saturn Square Mars.

I’ll use that post to illustrate this phenomenon.
I didn’t blather in that post. It was all important, but the essential piece was contained in the last paragraph. This:  We are designed to heal!
The truth of that statement is easily seen if you think about being cut. Blood congeals and forms a scab, etc. But a person can help or hinder their healing.
Let’s say you’re overburdened. Should you strap on another pack?  That doesn’t make sense.
How about carrying your load but cutting the ball and chain you’re dragging along with you?
Keep in mind, a ball and chain can take many forms. For example, unwanted guilt is a terrible thing to bear.
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