Monday, January 21, 2019

The Leo full moon/lunar eclipse happened last night just after midnight EST. Did you see it? I was sound asleep at totality, but before I went to bed, the snow-clouds cleared enough that I saw the gorgeous big moon. All the fresh powder (18”+ here!) glowed lunar-blue in the bright moonlight.

That light was dimmed by Earth’s shadow but then emerged again to re-illuminate the landscape, and some part of your birth chart as well. Something stands revealed in a corresponding area of your life. Pay attention over the next couple of days to anything that shows up for you, something that was there all along but now you see it in a new light.

Early this morning, make-it-happen Mars faced a challenge from slow-it-down Saturn. You may encounter frustrating delays in your headlong forward motion today. Mars can be pretty rash and impulsive. Saturn brings a measure of restraint, which is not always the worst thing. Slow down and breathe deep. Use the time to reflect on the wisdom of that action you were about to take, then proceed with caution.

Venus is moving into conjunction with Jupiter, exact early Tuesday at 7:26 AM EST. Astrologers consider this meeting to be one of the most fortuitous of all astrological configurations, but because Jupiter is in his home sign of Sagittarius, the expansive and hopeful qualities are enhanced.

During the evening, the Leo Moon will form a fleeting Fire Grand Trine with Mars and Venus/Jupiter. However, Saturn places a restraining hand on Mars while a challenge from confusing Neptune has Venus and Jupiter a bit befuddled. This mashup could translate into BIG passion, romance, and commitment. Or it could result in cold feet and deception. Or some combination thereof. Be aware that not all is as it seems.