Full BloodMoon Eclipse Prt 2. Let me hear you Roar!


The Moon has slipped into  Leo – and the Full Moon Lunar eclipse  has begun! It will  peak at 12:30 am EST – 5:30 am UT. To watch it live  click here https://youtu.be/6E7pqfOHhy8
A Blood Moon is when the Moon lines up with the earth ‘just so’ and  turns reddish at the fullest eclipse point. I’ve seen this before – it is magnificent to witness. 

Here’s hoping the skies will be clear.

There’s a lot of hype around this being a ‘Super ‘ Moon and a Blood Moon etc. Throw in Wolf Moon for dramatic effect! (I did!)  What Super Moon means is that it’s slightly closer to the earth – so we might feel it’s effects more strongly. I wonder if tides will be stronger?
 The emotional tides are certainly swelling. Have you been feeling more teary or reactive than usual in the build up towards the eclipse?  I sure have! The Moon is a very emotional being –  symbolizing the mother, our childhood, our emotional patterns, the past. It has been  moving through the also very emotional sign of Cancer, which it rules,  remaining there right up till the last minute (as in now). When the Sun and Moon are opposite each other –  it amplifies and polarizes our emotions – and during an eclipse – even more so.


Full Moons bring to fruition whatever seeds of intention we planted at the previous New Moon. Something from the past (Moon) is being released now,  so that we can move forward unencumbered by old emotional baggage.  The New Moon eclipse on Jan 5th  coincided with the setting of New Year’s intentions, and was heavily influenced by both a need for practicality and maturity (Saturn) and a call to higher planes of creative intuitive visualization (Uranus, Neptune). 
Both eclipses are about  manifesting our dreams in alignment with our true soul purpose, while  removing any blocks to doing so. Leo represents the heart – perhaps our hearts can open just a little bit more to let in new possibilities. 

Robert Wilkinson from Aquarian Papers talks about ‘heart fire’ coming from the ‘soul realm’. 
What is your hearts deepest wish? Is anything blocking you from loving deeply and celebrating all that is? Now is a good time to let that shit go!

This Eclipse has the potential to bring powerful developments, unusual insights and big energy shifts.  There is also a strong need  to stay focused and grounded through organization, discipline, and taking responsibility for our own life. It suggests we  utilize a more left brained approach (logic) to actualize the more right brained visions, truths, and  understanding that may occur. In other words, we are being asked to ground our dreams and visions into concrete form.

That will require an integration of our masculine /feminine – yin/yang –  left and right brain. Looking around at how polarized everything is, I’ll admit that’s a bit of a daunting task.  At the same time,  this is about honouring the creative element in everyone. Where would the world be without her artistic souls? And in fact – the soul in all of us is an artist. We all contain a spark of creativity.


This new wave of energy will ripple outward for months; we are at the beginning of something new, and only time will tell exactly what that is.   This Full Moon is lined up very closely to my own personal chart.  I’m  down with flu, which is providing me up ample time to sit with what’s coming up. Insights and emotions are flowing, as well as plenty of weird dreams and non-linear energy.  I’m doing what I can to go with the flow (which at this moment essentially means doing nothing!)


Over the last two years the eclipses have been in Leo/Aquarius (this is the last of that cycle) – it all began with the Great American eclipse in 2017. That first one was exactly on DT’s  Ascendant (about how we go out into the world) at 29 degrees  Leo. That degree of Leo is marked by fixed Star Regulus –  Heart of the Lion – and apparently indicates the potential for a sudden rise to glory- followed by a precipitous fall. I’m very curious if this last eclipse in Leo indicates something about the next chapter  in that ongoing political saga. We can only wait and see. 

For the rest of us mere mortals – Leo (Moon) connects us to our glorious, radiant self-hood – and  Aquarius (Sun) links us to the wider collective of friends,groups, society. Aquarius is linked to social justice. Leo to leadership. If an eclipse means something is being released… maybe its that old part of us that doesn’t think we have anything to offer.  This is a time to step up and be counted; claim your power – and offer it in service to the greater good. We have to awaken from our slumber and come forward; Mother earth needs us now as never before.
The message  of this eclipse is once again urging us to seek a greater vision (Uranus) of how we can contribute to the future of humanity (Aquarius) in our unique way (Leo) by joining with others in some sort of concrete effort (Saturn).  
Things are going to accelerate rapidly over the next few months,  with Uranus (the Awakener)  and  all the other planets  in direct motion until March, and Uranus connected  to the Nodes of the Moon (Destiny Points) for most of this year. 
This eclipse is presenting us  a link between ‘being’  and ‘doing’  – and between ‘oneself and the greater whole’. Ask  yourself where you have been sleep, unaware, energetically unconscious. Whatever it is that you want to change in your life, use this moment of potentiality  to link yourself to conscious  manifestation. You know you want to!

As I said in my last post, if you think things are dark, maybe it’s your light that’s missing.
When it’s over, I don’t want to wonder
if I have made of my life something particular, and real.
I don’t want to find myself sighing and frightened,
or full of argument.
I don’t want to end up having simply visited the world.
Mary Oliver


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