Why are Scorpios the way they are

Hello there!

Scorpios are said to be dark, secretive, very intuitive or even psychic, tormented, intense and they are in the Guinness Book of Records for being the champions of resentment. I am not going to tell you more about “how” Scorpios are, there are enough good videos or textbooks out there. I am going to talk about Scorpios by telling you why we are the way we are…..

But before I start, I want to mention that there are always exceptions to what is written in the textbooks. Every now and then, we come across someone who says: I am not like my sign at all!

The first reason is that what we call our sign is actually our Sun sign, and there are other influences: the Moon, the Rising sign and often one or several other dominant planets. Your Sun sign is like the colour of your shirt. If there is only one colour, it’s simple, there will be no confusion, but if you’re wearing a multicoloured shirt, your Sun sign, as important as it may be, will be only one colour amongst many…

Another reason why not everyone fits the typical standard description of their Sun sign, in my opinion, is that these descriptions are only the most usual ways to express certain energies. A sign is not a mold. Being Scorpio may give a tendency to be resentful for instance, but it’s not an absolute obligation, it’s possible to forgive, even for a Scorpio. Further than that, I believe there is a certain amount of freedom and creativity in the way we express the planetary energies. There mus be more than just a vertical axis of lower versus higher expression of a sign…

So why are Scorpio the way they are?

First of all, Scorpio is a Water sign. People with their Sun sign in element Water are more specifically attuned to the world of feelings and emotions. People who have no Water in their charts have feelings and emotions, we are all humans, but they won’t have them at main focus of consciousness. Air sign pay more attention to thoughts and social interactions, Earth signs will be more practically oriented and focus on what needs doing and how to do it, and on their sensations. Fire signs focus more on their self expression. The feelings of Fire signs can be strong however they are more likely to be feelings that start within themselves with the purpose to be projected from inside out, whereas Water signs focus primarily on how the external world impress them – they take it from outside in…

When Water signs are creative, it’s the result of having been somehow fecundated by something coming from the world, then carrying this impression within themselves for some time until giving birth. Water is a feminine element, say Yin if you prefer. Fire is naturally on the other side of this polarity, they go about fecundating, like the Sun, which gives warmth and light from inside out.

If someone was pure Fire – which is of course impossible let’s just imagine – this person would be blind and deaf. Nothing would reach to them. They could only receive attention. They would only project their own energy.

So Water is the most sensitive element and Scorpio is not only a Water sign, but also a Fixed sign, along with Taurus, Leo and Aquarius. Fixed signs specialised in standing their ground and not moving no matter what.

Taurus is the most fixed of the fixed signs, because Taurus is Earth and Earth is the most fixed of the four elements. Scorpio is Taurus polar opposite. Equal in strength, Scorpio holds its sensitive Water inside and whatever the world makes it feel, it will feel it. The other Water elements protect themselves more if they can.

Cancer is Cardinal, Cardinal signs are signs of beginnings, Water is life, therefore Cancer is the sign of the beginning of life. Cancer feels called to give birth literally, to have babies, or to build a house to shelter a family. Cancer will seek security and protection for the vulnerability of children, mothers and also their own vulnerability whatever their gender.

Pisces is mutable Water, mutable signs specialise in change and adaptation. Pisces way to adjust its feeling nature can be escapism or surrender. Pisces knows suffering in a more passive way…

Scorpio does not want to surrender and renounce to its ego. Not yet! Scorpio, like Taurus, wants to live in this world! Its ego will die, be born again, die again and again…

Scorpio, as a modality of consciousness, means feeling to the full whatever life gives to feel to mortal beings and maintain consciousness.

Scorpio is on the way to rediscover that the centre of identity is the immortal soul – but at the beginning of the process, its sense of identity, like Taurus, is fully identified with the body, with its instincts and desires. Taurus turns towards life and Scorpio towards death.

With its feeling nature, Scorpio faces the fact that no civilised manners can protect us from the savagery of our inner demons.

Scorpios knows that we are able of the worst: of genocides, of torture and all crimes.

Scorpio feels the instinct of survival – survival of the individual, like a wild animal, predator or prey, and survival of the species. The way to immortality is sexuality.

Scorpio feels that when their Water nature is fecundated with pain, it can give birth to twins. The first one is an evil monster. Let this one be still born. The other one is a mutant.