How to understand Black Moon Lilith

  First of all there is the Moon. The Moon rules over our most sensitive life. When the Moon shines, we are likely to be smuggling in a bed, cuddling or making love, sleeping, dreaming, enjoying the comfort of our home, eating our bread…. When the Sun shines, we are more likely to be outdoors, seen by others, properly dressed up….
The Moon is the closest of all planet energies. Her orbit wraps up our earthy life. She symbolises mother, so let’s feel vulnerable and emotional like children……

The Moon goes through phases and various cycles… She is sometimes closer to the earth, and sometimes further away, like a mother. Look at a one year old when their Mum goes into the next room leaving them there for a moment…. They call and cry, in despair. Some are more insecure than others, most are very sticky. But mother has to move away every now and then… and this is one of the great lessons we have to learn. She goes away, she comes back and again…..


Sometimes we feel a terrible anguish, a terrible fear and need of her as she moves away. Psychologists know we hate our mother when she does that to us, intensely. We wish her death. Then we feel scared and guilty of our destructive tendencies – we need her so much, that bitch who is not there! We love hate need fear crave… This is Black Moon Lilith.

The feeling can be like cutting with razor blades in our most sensitive parts. We can lose consciousness, reject what we most want, become cynical or guilty, ashamed and hateful, longing and craving…. Of course we will wrapped her with psychological defence mechanisms. She has gifts for us though. She gives a great initiation. We won’t stay Moon’s prisoners forever.

If the Moon’s trajectory was a circle, there would be only one centre, the earth. But her orbit is an ellipse. There are two focal points. One is the Earth, the place where we have incarnated. The other is Black Moon Lilith. She is a void, like an Earth that is not there, the place of all that’s missing to the flesh…

Take black moon’s Lilith placement in your chart, and associate this kind of feelings with the meaning of the sign she is in….   …Some bell ringing?

 Jean-Marc Pierson (click on my name!)