Thursday, January 10, 2019

Are you having trouble focusing on your work today? I certainly am. I have a long list of tasks to do, but I keep drifting off into la-la land and having to haul my head back into place.

You can thank the Pisces Moon for the fogginess. If you have lots of Pisces in your chart, you may feel right at home. The rest of us might be feeling a bit dreamy and wishing for a nap.

The Moon enters into a supportive angle with Saturn after lunch, which may help you finish out the work day with a bit more discipline. By late afternoon, the already-emotional Pisces Moon could go over-the-top as she encounters a challenge from expansive Jupiter. Offer a shoulder to someone who needs a good cry.

This evening is perfect for relaxing as the Moon joins with Neptune in his native ocean realm. Have a glass of wine. Take a hot bath with scented oils, watch an epic fantasy film, or compose a poem or song. Let yourself drift on creative currents and enjoy a long night’s sleep.