Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The Moon is moving unaspected through eccentric Aquarius for the rest of the day, which is fun because we’re free to be as uninhibited and quirky as we care to be.

Venus entered happy-go-lucky Sagittarius yesterday where she will hang with jolly Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, for the rest of January. Our sense of what we find beautiful takes on an adventurous tone, jiving with today’s Aquarius Moon. You may feel like expanding your horizons a bit this month.

BUT — kind of a big but — Mercury in sobersided Capricorn is squabbling with Mars in impulsive Aries today. Mars is casting a particularly impatient vibe, while Mercury is uncharacteristically severe. So while you may want to sit down and get some focused work done, you feel like you have ants in your pants. It may be best to do some physical labor today or at least use the stairs a few times. Try not to bite off anyone’s head in the meantime.