Solar Eclipse Capricorn: Commit Or Quit?

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Solar Eclipse [15 Capricorn 25]

– January 6 2019 (01:43 GMT)

We are on the verge of the first Solar Eclipse of 2019. It takes place on January 6th and is only the second eclipse in the Cancer/Capricorn eclipse cycle, which began last July 2018. Here’s a reminder of the sequence:

  • Solar Eclipse [20 Cancer 41] – July 13 2018
  • Solar Eclipse [15 Capricorn 25] – January 6 2019
  • Solar Eclipse [10 Cancer 38] – July 2 2019
  • Lunar Eclipse [24 Capricorn 04] – July 16 2019
  • Solar Eclipse [4 Capricorn 07] – December 26 2019
  • Lunar Eclipse [20 Cancer 00] – January 10 2020 
  • Solar Eclipse [0 Cancer 21] – June 21 2020
  • Lunar Eclipse [13 Capricorn 38] – July 5 2020

This is a partial rather than a total Solar Eclipse. Therefore, not as spectacular in the sky. Yet, it is a powerful eclipse because the Sun and Moon are sandwiched between Saturn and Pluto (you can see the eclipse chart below). Pluto, the planet linked to power, loss & transformation entered Capricorn in 2008 and Saturn, the planet linked to responsibility, time & hard work entered Capricorn late 2017.

Theoretically, Saturn is coming up behind Pluto to clear up its mess. Saturn in Capricorn is in its sign of rulership but is still a formidable ruler, stern and diligent, a stickler for the rules.

Also, these two planets are working together. This is tough leadership that has little room for compassion or heart-felt encounters. It can play out as an obsession with power and this combination can be drawn towards brutality and corruption.

Commit or Quit?

What we can expect from this eclipse? Eclipses are about endings and beginnings; they show you the door or open a new gateway, one that often means letting go of the past. For some of you, this eclipse is a reminder that you can’t give up even when the going gets tough. Real change requires discipline and commitment and the bravery to step past fear and doubt. If you’re currently under the cosh of Saturn or Pluto, dig in deep for another two weeks.

For others, this eclipse will be the end of the road, the final nail in the coffin. ‘Enough already, I’m not putting up with this situation a moment longer’. Slam the door shut and don’t look back as you move on.

An eclipse tragedy

There’s been a heartbreaking story in the news today about a father who was murdered on a train in broad daylight. It followed a short altercation, the man was stabbed and subsequently died. The station where the two men boarded the train is just round the corner from where I live. As you can imagine, I’ve been drawn into this tragic event, trying to comprehend how everyone caught up in it must be feeling.

Also, today would have been the victim’s birthday. A senseless tragedy and what a brutal showing for the Solar Eclipse falling on the anniversary of the day a father was born and whose life was cut short.

Now, I’m not wanting to suggest that this is going to be the outcome for everyone during this eclipse. Of course it’s not and yet, I was struck by the extreme symbolism, a decisive action that was both final and cruel. The wrong kind of action.

Step Up or Step Down?

Solar Eclipses do give you an opportunity to take action, to choose what you’ll stand up against, to be firm or back down. This is the first New Moon of 2019 so set your intentions for the coming year. Refuse to let the difficult side of life dictate how you’re going to live and be a beacon of light against dark forces.

Challenges lie ahead this year both in our world and, no doubt, on a personal level. A life without challenge is rare. Use this portal, this opportunity to get real about the events that are unfolding. Play your part in a small way or a big way, whichever you choose.

The question is how will you respond and what decisions will you make on the back of this powerful Solar Eclipse. Is it time to commit or quit? Are you ready to step up to a new role or responsibility or is time for you to back down?

Here are the areas of your life highlighted by this weekend’s Solar Eclipse. Read both your Sun sign and Ascendant sign:

  • Capricorn: Self, image, name, your identity
  • Aquarius: Retreat, quiet time, seclusion, service to others, introspection 
  • Pisces: Friends, groups, social networks, political agendas, hopes & wishes
  • Aries: Career, vocation, status, your role in the public eye
  • Taurus: Travel, education, learning, your philosophy on life
  • Gemini: Joint finances, sex, life’s mysteries
  • Cancer: Relationships, your 1-to-1’s, both personal & professional
  • Leo: Health, work, your everyday lifestyle & routine
  • Virgo: Children, creativity, entertainment, love affairs, luck
  • Libra: Home, family, your past, where you come from
  • Scorpio: Communication, siblings, neighbours, your local community
  • Sagittarius: Money, resources, your personal values

Remember eclipses have a shadowy theme and they often bring what’s hidden to light. Therefore, it’s wise to wait a few days after the eclipse before taking action or making a final decision.

Solar Eclipse Capricorn

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