Keeping the Dream Alive!

Mars in Pisces : The Power of Soulful Self Transformation 


Mars has just entered the last degree of Pisces, a point that marks the last degree of the zodiac- the final phase of the 360 steps (degrees) of transformation. 


“This is the Omega point, the end of the end of the old year where we prepare for the beginning of the new, as symbolized by the first degree of Aries”


Mars represents passion and action arising from our will and ego drives. Pisces represents our dreams, our soul creativity  and our imagination. 


Mars at this last degree of Pisces therefore represents the manifestation of our dreams and ideals – based on our “alignment to eternal reality.” (Robert Wilkinson)


Key words: Focus- Self Integrity – Imagination- Discernment – Compassion


“This is the energetic principle around and permeating affirmations, meditation, chanting various mantras, the power of “positive thinking,” and every principle offered in the movie on the not-so-secret “Secret.” (Willkenson) 


If you build it they will come!


Happy New Year! 🎈