Winter soltice – Full Moon

The Winter Solstice is occurring RIGHT NOW –  Friday Dec 21st at  5:23 p.m. EST – 10:23 UT.

The Moon is loquacious air sign Gemini –  sign of the mind – communication –   and a multiplicity of views. The Sun is now slipping from Sagittarius into earthy Capricorn – sign of the father/authority/govt’s etc – and symbolized by the  rugged mountain goat that seeks to climb the highest mountain.

Interesting that Capricorn symbol has a fishy tail- hinting that behind its stoic appearance,  it is a deeply emotional sign.

Tomorrow there will be a Full Moon in the Sign of Cancer – the more outwardly emotional water sign representing the mother –  our family roots – and emotional nurturing environment of the Moons natural abode.  Cancer and Capricorn represent the mother /father archetypes – and point to our family patterns and ancestral lineages.

The Winter Solstice is a time to pause and retreat – as we look back over the year just passed. It is time to connect to our roots – as we patiently wait for the light to return – and prepare for the year to come.

On this longest night /shortest day of the year – the Sun appears to hover at it lowest point in the sky for four days – then by Dec 25th- the daylight will begin to imperceptible  increase day by day. Hurray for the Return of the Light!

Sun in Capricorn represents a time for harnessing our resources and focusing on your attention on that which furthers your personal goals. Tomorrow’s Full Moon in Cancer emphasizes our need for emotional nurturing and the importance of our close sense of kinship with others. 

So find your tribe – get  connected to your roots – and focus your attention on the light on the horizon. It is calling you forward toward your next adventure.

Inward – onward and upward we go! Hey Ho! 

I’m off to meditate on this Solstice Moment.

(I will return to say a bit more about this years  Winter Solstice and Cancer Full Moon.  Stay tuned to a blog near you!)