Healing the Sacred Wound

Tension today between the Sun (vitality) and Chiron (Wounded Healer) shines a light on our  tender and vulnerable places. There’s a possibility now of renewal and deep healing through acknowledgment of concealed trauma.

Chiron aspects make us more aware of the healing potential that comes through facing our wounds and working through them. The planets are reminding us that it is possible to transform the painful past  into a positive future.

positive link between Moon (emotions) and Venus (love) will aid us in our healing – by reminding us of the beauty and love that lie deep within us. Yet we must keep in mind that Moon in Pisces can be both escapist as well as transcendent. Be careful of a tendency for spiritual bypass – which means to “bypass the reality of their suffering in favour of a spiritualized explanation”

  “The order of the signs runs Cancer–>Scorpio–>Pisces.  That is to say, being in the emotional body first (Moon/Cancer), then entering and confronting suffering deeply (Mars-Pluto/Scorpio), and then – acceptance and recognition of a larger context (Jupiter-Neptune/Pisces).  




“So frequently there’s a desire to go the other direction (Cancer–>Pisces) and prematurely transcend — which seems to come from a deep psychic fear that if I let myself feel how awful that was then once again no one will be there to help me with it.


That child who suffered needs someone to say “that looks like it was fucking awful and I hear you and that was not okay.” (Jason Holley/ Astrolger/Psychotherapist)


 There was a New Moon last week (Dec6th)  – signifying the new beginnings that come with a fresh lunar cycle. Jupiter’s expansive nature continues to add a sense of possibility – even as we tiptoe through minefields.

There’s been some very odd energy recently –  sometimes it feels as if Mercury is still retrograde ( even though it is now direct – it is still making up lost ground).  Maybe that’s it/ plus a Neptune influence has been  creating confusion and obfuscation.

Be gentle (Moon/Pisces) yet  honest with yourself  (Sun/Sagittarius) –  keep tuning into your inner wisdom (Jupiter /Sag) and remember – it’s all a theatre and we the players.

The winter solstice is just around the corner – we will soon be celebrating the return of the light!