Truth or Lies – in the Aftermath of a Powerful and Playful Full Moon

Truth or lies?

The Full Moon on Thurs/Fri  was in Gemini – Gemini who likes to talk and know stuff. Lots of stuff. All about the details… the minutiae – the day to day.  Easily distracted- highly social- super brainiac. A bit of a trickster.

Sun / Jupiter opposite are more about the big picture. The big,   BIG picture. The TRUTH – PURPOSE and MEANING of life. Also- the Know – it – All. (ephasis on All)

Both were/are being challenged by Neptune in Pisces – the liar – the obfuscator (blurrer of reality) – the dreamer. They still are.  Mars is also in there stirring up trouble – anger- irritation. Watch out for extreme reactions.  Misunderstandings. Upsets. Although the Full Moon brought these to a head- they are still in play. This is ggreat for grand adventures – or getting a wonderful fantasy book published- or creating some stunning art or music.

Not so good for dealing solidly with day to day matters. Reality. There remains a strong possibility of  shocks / delays/surprises/confusion – missed aptts or communicstions – misunderstood agreements – downright lies and deciept. Mercury retrograde can turn things up-side-down – the Sun-Jupiter-Neptune exgerations just add to the mayhem. Surrender required.

I had a big one a few days ago with my car mechanic: misunderstood outcomes/costs resulting in   big blow-up – not fun dealing with an irrate,out of control person with huge anger issues (Mars)  – and all due to lousy communication (Merc. retro).  Pluto (power/control) moving opposite my Sun (self) while Uranus (upsets) still squares it – is bringing me lots of these encounters. Help!!

Only solution – duck!!

Hehe And always keep your sense of homour.

Today retrograde Mercury is sitting exactly on the  Sun and Jupiter connection in Sagittarius. Sun Jupiter will: exaggerate – expand – increase. There’s a strong chance today that more than one person will get caught with foot-in-mouth disease. You will overshoot – over promise- over describe. Dont do that (if you can help it)

(Bizarrely – my son- who has a ton of Sag in his chart- actually has Hand-Foot-and-Mouth Disease right now – a virus which is not fun. Not the same thing, but strangely in line with this astrology).

Sag is a great story teller. The big fish that got away. A little exaggeration never hurt anyone. But – not  so great if you are meeting with your boss and debriefing over a failed project. Or testifying in court. Or talking to your lover about important issues.

Big message?  Tell the truth!

They say Justice is blind? (Sagittarius and Jupiter are linked to justice/ matters). Ifyou are dealing with any kind of litigation- good luck with that! Seriously – just pay attention and keep your cool. its all in the details. Sun Jupiter say the truth will out in the end. (hopefully)

Fake news has become a standard in the media and in politics. Maybe it always was- only now we are hyper aware of it- thanks to DT. Interestingly-  he has a form of this aspect in his chart. Permanently! Why is that not a surprise?!   (Sun Gemini Mercury square Neptune.) His Leo rising and Moon in Sag need to BIG everything up. BIG EGO. Mercury Neptune square blurs the line between fact or fiction. A great imagination!! A distorted sense of self/ reality!

So let that be a warning to all of us:  Watch your ego. Try not to ‘over promise – under deliver’. Watch out for silly arguments where the facts are unclear. And even if you think they are clear – and that you are in the right – try and meet the other personhalfway. Try not to be all-knowing. A little humility never hurt anyone. And don’t forget to question everything. Absolutely everything!

And if the mail is late –  don’t worry- it will get there eventually (I spent hours trying to track a package sent weeks ago – emails disappeared – the package disappeared- theres a mail strike on where I live). Sigh.

The serenity prayer helps:

Please give me the SERENITY to ACCEPT 
the things I cannot change,The COURAGE to CHANGE the things I can
AND The WISDOM to KNOW the difference.



Sun in Jupiter is very playful and also brings good luck! As long as you check yourself for  overconfidence – you’ll be ok. You might even be pleasantly surprised. Expect the unexpected – drive carefully- keep your mouth shut and your hat on – and have fun!

You know you want to!