New Moon – New Moment – New Choice

New Moon in Scorpio



Keywords for Scorpio: Intimacy, Sex, Secrecy, Power, Intensity, Obsession. 
Keywords for Moon with Uranus: Upheaval. Surprises.. Radical Change.
On Wed Nov 7th, the Sun and Moon will join together for a New Moon ‘conjunctio’ (sacred marriage)  in the sultry, sexy sign of Scorpio.  Scorpio is an intense fixed water sign, with a laser beam focus that can take us deep beneath the surface of our emotions. This highly sexual sign  of power and regeneration is where we risk our autonomy to merge with others – for better or worse.
 The New Moon begins with a focus on the process of life/death/regeneration as we sit at the exact half way point between the Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice. The cross- quarter celebrations of Halloween, Samaine, and Day of the Dead all celebrate life and death; as we honour our ancestors, placate hungry ghosts and light lanterns to fend off the coming dark . We are deep in the  shadowy realm of Scorpio.


 In the background- Venus – the planet of love – is activating our romantic and idealistic feelings  in Libra – while Uranus (The Awakener)  sitting opposite the Sun and Moon,  is triggering radical change.




New Moons equal New Beginnings –   a chance to press the reset button. The  lightning rod presence of Uranus can bring powerful shifts in direction-  triggering  aha moments, sudden changes and unexpected events. These disruptions are there to wake us up and help us move out of stuck places. Ignore them at your peril!



‘Tower’  (Tarot)  Collage by RavenArt



Relationships and money issues are the  key targets of  this current upheaval.  The New Moon occurs just a few degrees from where Venus began her retrograde journey October 5 – tying the planet of love and money  into the New Moon theme of unexpected events. It looks like we are in for something unusual – including a “changing of the guard” or “an upending of the ‘old’ order.” Hurrah!
 (I am not a political writer – but it will be interesting to see if the  American midterms live up to this sense of a radical shift in direction. Or-  they could end up reinforcing the current crazy gang in charge . This is trickster energy so anything is possible)


If these energies are lining up with your own chart, you may experience  sudden changes or endings in your personal relationships, with the benefit of making room for new encounters or new visions of what is possible in your  love life. 
On a more global scale – women (and lovers of women) all over the world are  rising up to confront the abuses and injustices that patriarchy (power over) has inflicted on all of us. This radical and confrontational atmosphere has a tendency to set us at odds with each other – while Venus in Libra seeks harmony and justice for all. Let’s hope Venus wins!
The ultimate purpose  of all this upheaval is to cleanse/heal the roots of our division (personal or political) and  bring us the  harmony and peace that Venus (and our own hearts) seek. I know that’s a tall order- and it is not going to happen overnight. Yet this is an important moment – part of the  profound revolution going on here on planet earth  necessary for  our personal and global survival.  
“We have got to get ourselves back to the garden”

Healing the Damage” SoulCollage© Card by RavenArt”


As the Venus retrograde (until Nov 17th) prompts us to reflect on who and how we have loved, we may find ourself  in a reverie, meandering through old memories and daydreams.  Unexpected thoughts /dreams/encounters with people from our past can trigger unresolved feelings around those we have had to let go of; it might feel like you are going backward when old friends or lovers  suddenly take over your psyche.  Yet – if handled consciously- this is not about going backward. We can’t – even if we want to. This is about healing and clearing  the past,  so we that we can move forward more wholly and fully.  
‘The Lovers’ Soul Collage © card by RavenArt
Venus is  a measure of our receptivity to love, as well as our intrinsic  self worth.  As we reflect and review,  we get to see how far we have come – or not.
The Scorpio  realm is  also filled with secrets and hidden taboo  feelings –  sexual transgressions –  deaths – losses – trauma.  Anger and resentment around these unhealed issues may  be surfacing,  as we seek  healing and  resolution with the past. The reactive fury of Mars can get us  ‘up in arms’  (ready to fight) – requiring conscious negotiation between opposing parties (or parts of our self). This is tricky territory which we must enter with our eyes open if we are to emerge unscathed.


Scorpio  is the  life force energy  of our root chakra.  Sexuality can be a tool for transformation, or for dominance and control.   As we enter this domain – we may feel we must claim our power or  risking losing our separate identity.   Our desires and drives, our ‘urge to merge’  – may meet with resistance to losing our autonomy. If the Scorpio fear of loss makes us possessive/obsessive, we might try to manipulate those we love.  This New Moon will shake us loose from control dramas. We will get to choose the high road or the low road
Breathe into it. Feel it. Lean into the tension  and  activate the alchemical process of healing available to us now. This kind of deep inner work takes presence (and perhaps some help/guidance)  to help integrate the polarities  and find middle ground. Self care required.
Self Healing SoulCollage © card by RavenArt
As we access the positive, dynamic thrust of Mars warrior energy (in  Aquarius) it can galvanize personal responsibility and social activism, bringing the urge to change situations that are no longer working for us. Our anger can be a catalyst to help us break free of inner or outer oppression – or it can be the thing that keeps us chained to our pain and to the past. The Sun and Moon in Scorpio today will push us deep under the surface to get at root causes. This  is our inner work – we must face our personal shadow – so that we don’t project our unresolved issues onto those we love. Radical honesty (with self) required.




This  shadow  refers to the hidden, denied, unloved aspects of ourselves that have been too painful, scary, or uncomfortable to face (Chiron). We have been in this process for a while – of  cleaning up our dysfunctional patterns so we can bring in a new, higher frequency of  energy. Now the higher frequency   (Uranus)  is  proclaiming its presence in our energy fields – making us restless and uncomfortable as it brings up  old stuff to be healed/cleared. We are moving into a new paradigm – based on the higher mind (Uranus) – and higher love (Sun Venus) .
Bring me a higher love oh yeah! 
Redemption is at hand (Neptune Sun Moon) It’s so corny to say – but it really IS all about love. Venus/Sun (conjunct last week) is about SELF LOVE. Venus now in Libra says ‘Love is all there is’. Sun Venus says ‘You ARE love’. Uranus  brings in ‘New Love’ – ‘Higher Love’- ‘Unusual Love’ – ‘Surprising Love’. ‘Free love!’


“True love must be free
It’s spirit cannot be
tied to anything 
like a bird it must have wings. 
To the source of love it goes 
and in going, the love grows 
and grows, and grows”
I have had  several wonderful dream visits recently  from dear friends who have passed on; it’s so nice to know they are still with me in spirit.   
This New Moon  marks a turning point – a healing point – a new beginning.  What we focus on grows. Set your intention – and expect the unexpected! .


‘Star’ Tarot – SoulCollage© card by RavenArt


You know you want to 🙂