New Moon – Partial Lunar Eclipse in Leo: New Moment. New Choice!

I haven’t posted in a while.  Between kidney stones and summer visits and extreme heat – I haven’t been quite up to the task. But with today being the last of three important eclipses, I felt the need to get on here and say a little about the current astrology.

Early today –  the Sun and Moon join at 18 degrees  Leo – for the sacred marriage – conjunctio – a New Moon that is also a partial solar eclipse. This is a seed time as well as a majour shift. What we put out now will have  long term effects.  If you have felt extra tension or anxiety over the last few days – it may be due to the energy building up toward this final eclipse of the year. More change is afoot!
“The eclipse kicks off at 5:46 a.m. E.T., and will be visible in Greenland before expanding toward Iceland, northern Europe, most of northern Russia and part of northern China, according to NASA. If the weather is good in the morning, when the eclipse starts (around 4:02 a.m. E.T.), then it may become the most viewed solar eclipse of the year. The wide path across parts of the Northern Hemisphere means much more people will be able to catch it than the July 13 partial solar eclipse. Even though it will be visible to a wider swath of the world, the August 11 eclipse still won’t be visible in North America .”
In astrology – eclipses are seen as portals  – representing changes or  shifts in energy  that can trigger endings – and   transition us into new ways of being. The area in your chart that the eclipse occurs in can show where some kind of pressure has been building – leading to a break from old patterns of behaviour. (go to to get a free chart. See tab at top for ‘Houses’ which show the meanings for the area of the chart that the eclipse falls in
These shifts/endings/prunings occur on a yearly basis. Yet each one is unique, and can be understood by  looking at the planets and signs involved.
New Moons (Sun Moon conjunction) are also considered points of change – each month we move into a different frequency. A New Moon eclipse can  be seen as a turning point  – and as this is the last of  the eclipse season – it brings to a peak the energy that has been pouring in since the beginning of July.
I’ve seen my share of both solar and lunar eclipses – and  find them both beautiful and  compelling.  What we each feel energetically will depend where the Sun/Moon conjunction/eclipse at (18 Leo) –  falls in your chart – and what personal planets it activates.   Whatever has been coming up for you in the past weeks will give an indication of what issues are bubbling up for healing/release.



The Sun/Moon combo  in Leo puts the focus on our sense of personal sovereignty and our creative self-expression.  Leo is about finding and expressing our best self – our true magnificence. The North Node – Destiny Point is also currently in Leo – indicating that it is our destiny at this time to find our true worth – so we can shine our light into the world. 


The Aquarius point opposite (last eclipse) is about what we have to contribute to the greater good; and how can we relate to  and share our gifts (Leo) with others (Aquarius). 


In the background – there’s been a disturbance in the force. Mars – the warrior planet –  has been moving back and forth through Aquarius. This has created some agitation- you may feel you have to fight for your spot in the limelight, or are feeling a build up of  anger around social justice, groups and the internet. As Mars in Aquarius activates our more radical side, many will feel the the urge to stand up for  a cause.  It might be hard right now to do so  without picking fights.  Some battles are meant be fought. Some are not. Discernment is key. 
If you find yourself being more worked up around issues than usual – remember- there are  a lot of keyboard warriors out there. And everybody is sure they are in the right. Take a deep breath. Mars and Mercury retrograde want us to turn our focus inward, and  step away from the fray. This is  a good time to  reflect on your relationship to  the internet – to groups – to  family – and to society as whole –   as you figure out how much influence you want them to have in your life – or how much influence you can have on them.




The July eclipse (Cancer/Capricorn) showed us that  difficulties in relating to others are often rooted in our family patterns.  Do you have unresolved anger issues with your family? Do you find yourself rebelling in a knee jerk fashion because of them? (Mars Aq.)  Our  resentments from the past  limit our effectiveness in the present. Its time to gently face and heal those wounds –  and then –  let that shit go!   The world needs us!     If you’re  done examining the roots of your discontent, there’s work to be done. The ship is going under and we’ve got to bail like crazy.
Ironically- until Mars goes direct at the end of august, many projects will stay  stuck in the planning stages. Patience required.



 Actually, every since Jupiter turned direct in early July I have found things have sped up for me personally(especially after a rather challenging winter). Jupiter in my first house feels like the wind at my back.  Which just shows that it  all depends on where the planets are moving in your own chart.
I have also become more  aware of  time spent on the  Internet (Aquarius) and potential of addiction to social media and to being online – partly due to being without access to my computer or  to WIFI.  Now that I am back home – I’m noticing a strong  the urge to  break away from its hold on me.    Mars in Aquarius wants  freedom – it must  go its own way – and the North Node in Leo wants to  focus on  individual self – expression. The internet can be a tool in that process – as long as the tool does not become the master. I find social media a wonderful means of connection as well as disconnection, especially with all this anger (Mars) floating about. I’ve had a bit of  digital rage directed at me recently and it was not fun. Leo takes things rather personally (they are the center of the universe after all) while Aquarius is more detached. Watch out for ego reactions!



Aquarius  also contains a funny conundrum,  in that it is about the group and society , while at the same time  being about our uniqueness and our individuality. Aquarians can also have a rigid, fixed quality  that is contrary to their more radical impulses. Leave it to quirky Aquarius to be both eccentric and conservative at the same time.


Both Aquarius and Leo are making us think about where we fit in and what we have to offer. Leo wants us to shine forth in our own unique way. It’s time to stand up and be counted.


 You know you want to!









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