New Moon in Gemini ~ We are Stardust


Get ready  to re-imagine the future. It’s time to break out of old ways of thinking. Change is afoot.


Time to put your best foot forward ! (hehe)
 Today’s New Moon is particularly potent, filling us with both curiousity and caution. A New Moon initiates fresh waves of energy, influencing and setting the flavour for the upcoming month. This is a good time to set new goals, start new projects, or revision existing ones. 
“Gemini is the sign of the twins, duality, and multiple personalities. It is also known as the ‘trickster’, partially due to these qualities. Gemini is the master of language and grammar, serving as both a transmitter and receiver of information and knowledge. It is the ultimate student and curiosity fuels its drive to learn.” (Collective Evolution)
A Sun Moon – New Moon conjunction in Gemini brings a multiplicity of options. Sky’s the limit!  


There’s a sense now that we can do anything, a welcome reprieve after the struggle and strife of the past few months.   Curiosity  is Gemini’s second name – which  is – after all –  the the mother of all invention. Many options can open up for you now. Socially,  this is a very positive, fun New Moon – Geminis know everybody!
 Just be aware of the difference between wishful thinking and  conscious manifestation.  Neptune’s influence can confuse and obfuscate and  lead us down a path to nowhere.   Both Gemini and Neptune/Pisces are known to be excellent story tellers (also well known as liars). If you combine Geminis’ tendency to change its mind (often) and Neptune’s ability to bend the truth – you get – Donald Trump (literally –  this aspect is in his birth chart).
Need I say more?

With Neptune at odds with the New Moon – we may not be able to see the road ahead clearly. A blurring of facts and boundaries  can get us tangled up in  confusion, doubt and worry – or even downright deception.

To escape the tension,  we may grab at the first offer that comes our way.  Don’t be taken in by smooth talkers. If you find yourself in a situation where you must  choose  between what is real or not,  possible or  impossible, discernment is the key. Honesty is also a must (with self and others). Don’t be fooled by empty promises or a  shiny veneer. 

And don’t make promises you can’t keep.

When under stress- Neptune/Pisces is an escape artist – master of avoidance and denial.  Addictions become a way to avoid our pain; they work (somewhat) in the short term –  but aren’t so great for long term growth.  


The positive side is how Neptune activates the ability to visualize – by lifting our imagination to a higher frequency, and unlocking our creative expression in ways we may have never imagined.  Mediation and dreams are deep and rich. 
So that’s the dichotomy of this New Moon; It is full of possibility and promise – as well as steeped in fakery, fantasy  and illusion. We will need clarity – not confusion – as we set our intentions for the coming month.  Saturn insists on it. 
What to do?
Use your imagination!  
This New Moon reminds us that we are all creative. We are all artists. We are co- creators of our own life.  Find a  creative outlet for your thoughts and feelings.      
  (check out ArtNSoulCollage at top tab)
 Listen. Feel. Ground yourself. Walk barefoot every day. We need the yin, negative charge of mother earth to balance all this highly charged mental energy. Meditate. Breath. Use your body as a meter. If your stomach  clenches when you make a decision- its either fear –  or your deepest gut instinct.
This New Moon will challenge you to discover the difference.
Free yourself from your mental cage. 
 Gemini is about the mind- it likes to think –  think –  think. And what  we think about gets run through the filter of our unconscious mind – which is a repository of all the things we have seen and heard and felt. And been taught. To be truly awake and aware and conscious is the challenge – not only at this New Moon – but especially  during  these crazy times. In the era of fake news  and extreme polarization – we are being pushed to develop our own internal code of ethics and instincts. 
Some will prefer to stay comfortable,  hiding behind  ‘group think’, gaining temporary safety in numbers. Mars in Aquarius wont let us do that for much longer. It  is already pushing  us to break free of consensus thinking,  step away from the crowd, walk our own talk. Over the next couple of months  Mars will bring out the  maverick is us that wants to go our own way. Stop following ‘society’. Be yourself.


The danger of Mars here is a huge  chip on the shoulder  re rules and authority. Better to avoid   that kind of  adolescent, knee jerk rebellion – it merely creates conflict  without resolution.  Another lesson of Gemini  is there is always more than one  way to look at things. While going your own way- we can still hold space for other points of view.
The last thing (I promise) being affected by this New Moon is  our relationships. As choices are being made – and lines as being drawn –  sometimes we still can’t decide which side of the fence we want to land on. 
Venus- planet of love and relating (and money) and marker for the ‘feminine’ – will soon be  sitting opposite Mars – which represents our more outer drives for action and self actualization including our sexual desires.  
This is a highly polarized yin/yang stand off between the masculine and feminine approach. Mars –  marker for the ‘masculine’ – brings high reactivity in the coming months. Venus is at the last degree of  Cancer – where it wants nurturing and reassurance. It seeks to connect in an intimate way to secure a sense of connection. In Leo- where  the rest of the opposition will occur- Venus demands respect and needs to be treated well. She wont put up with poor behaviour. 
Mars in Aquarius is all about freedom and space and will resist any demands or efforts to contain and control. This ‘battle of the sexes’ could  insert some juiciness as well as potential strain into our relationship dynamics.  We all know opposites attract. The  need for clear communication is very strong under a Gemini New Moon – and is the message to move forward with. No lying – no cheating – no avoiding. Honesty  will get you to the truth (or a truth).
With both Mars and Venus  in tension with Uranus (the Awakener) – events have the possibility to be very triggering; as sudden incidents  change our direction unexpectedly.
  Remember to STOP (Stop Think Observe Proceed)
Feel down into your body. Try to access your true emotions rather than knee jerk reactions. Ultimately, it is about staying  present in the midst of  uncertainty  and  confusion- knowing that we are the creators of our own reality. As you think- so you are!
 Remember who you are.
You know you want to.
We are stardust.
We are golden.
And we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.

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