New Moon Taurus: Breaking Free of our Moorings


I’m still dealing with  chronic pain – so my brain is not completely trustworthy. Read at your own risk lol.
 Another New Moon is upon us! New Moment- New Choice!



Today’s fertile Moon in earthy Taurus is joined by the wake up shake up energy of Uranus. A New Moon is a seed time – the beginning of a new monthly cycle. It gives us a chance to press the reset button in some area of our life. Taurus is a very fertile sign where our seeds of intention can flourish if we plant them well. Look and see where 24 degrees Taurus is in your chart to see where something could be stirred up and shaken by the New Moon.


 Uranus-  the Awakener – charges into Taurus at the exact same time as the New Moon –  bringing potential surprises and unexpected change. There’s a certain volatility in the air (Mercury Mars Pluto) – particularly on the verbal level. I wouldn’t go opening your big mouth or messing around in situations you are unsure of. Too easy to get into misunderstandings or arguments.
Luckily, Taurus (the bull) is a slow burner, fixed, stubborn, and very focused on the here and now. This  earth energy can help ground and stabilize the maverick energy of Uranus – which in turn, is going to put some spark into Taurus’s step. I’m just not sure we want to be in the vicinity of a stirred up bull.



Interesting –  when I googled ‘charging bull’ image I got this Wall Street Bull. Perfect synchronicity – as Taurus rules money and  finances.  Uranus may be bringing shifts and upsets to  money market  at some point, or heralding a whole new monetary system (which some say is long overdue). This is a seven year cycle so it wont all happen overnight. 
At the same time- when an outer planet moves into a new sign,  there is often some sort of signature event. Watch this space….
Taurus links us to our bodies,  via our need for security, for connection to the earth, our need to belong.   This is also about our stuff – what we call ‘ours’ – our money, art, possessions, qualities if life that we value; what matters to us (with the emphasis on matter). With Uranus shaking things up we may end up asking – does this stuff really matter?



On an archetypal level – Taurus is the great earth mother that nurtures and sustains us. It is she who we depend on for our survival.



Uranus is restless, changeable and visionary and is coming to wake us up about our relationship to mother earth.  What do we do in our life to honour mother earth? Are we taking her for granted?   This energy can activate and accelerate our growth via sudden events and unusual experiences. It is the lightning bolt out of the blue- the intuitive spark that brings new insights and flashes of genius.
Uranus is the very uncertainty that Taurus avoids.


With such opposite energies  meeting together, something about our relationship to the planet, to our bodies, or to the things we love and value (including our money) is going to be adjusted, shaken, or renewed.



It’s impossible to guess how that might look. And of course it will be different for each of us.



The current volcanic activity in Hawaii shows how our dependence on mother earth can be disrupted at any time.  In the Hawaiian religion, Pele the Fire Goddess, is the goddess of fire, lightning, wind and volcanoes and the creator of the Hawaiian Islands.  
When you move onto this Island – you move into her house” 
We are all living in ‘her house’.  It may be time for some housekeeping.

How can we work with her rather than against her?
What does that mean in terms of those things that up to now have given us a sense of security? 


 I have never really had that kind of security – with Uranus sitting close to my own Sun- my whole life has been full of upheaval and change. The good things about that is I am highly adapted to change (famous last words ?) There is freedom in these winds that blow. We must use our intuition to find the way.
Although some of this will play out on the world stage – most transits don’t affect us personally unless they are close to the same degree as other planets in our birth chart. If you have anything near 24 degrees Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius  (birthdays from around the 15th to the 21st of month)  you may already be feeling the rumblings.



Taurus at its core is about self worth. It teaches us how to nurture our self and others.  If we don’t know our true value – we will not see the value in others. The core values that we have built up in Taurus – those that bring a sense of security and continuity – are about to be shaken a little(or a lot). As always- this can make room for something even better. And it will help us define who we are and what are our core values.
This process will teach us to rely on something deep in our core.  I heard someone say that in this time- whatever is not nailed to the table will get shaken off.  If we try to lean on anything that is  less than stable – we will  lose our balance and fall over.  One solution is to stabilize ourselves from within – while the winds of change continue to buffet us on the outside. 
Find out what nurtures you. Plant your seed of intention. Feed it. Grow it. Love it. 


You know you want to .


New Moon exercise:
Sink into your body. Feel your feet on mother earth. Breath deep into your root energy – pulling it up into your belly –
Feel the life force coursing through your whole body. Then clench your perineum muscles and pull the root energy up to your third eye. Openyour inner eye – feel the pulse of life’s rhythm inside of you. Its time to see beyond the limits you have placed on yourself.



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