New Moon in Aries Onward and Upward!


Every New Moon gives us the chance to press the reset button and begin again. This last month has been one of the most challenging time periods that we have been in for some time (and that’s saying a LOT)  There’s been a feeling of intense internal pressure – causing both anxiety and discomfort – as old hurts and vulnerabilities rose to the surface.  What we are facing- and hopefully healing- are the unresolved emotional issues that have been affecting us on a deep soul level.  Although part of us knows this is something we must face in order to heal – the urge to avoid or escape has been tremendous. 


Today’s turbo charged New Moon in the fiery sign of Aries may be just the catalyst we need to finally shift out of whatever quagmire we’ve been stuck in. Thankfully- one of the worst Mercury retrogrades that I can remember in a long time – turns direct on Monday. Hurray and good riddance! 
A shift in attitude is about to become possible.  New information may come to light that helps us see things from a new angle.
Sometimes it’s only when we let go of a problem and move to a new vantage point,  that we can see the solution. 



“All the greatest and most important problems are fundamentally unsolvable. They can never be solved, but only outgrown. This out growing proves on further investigation to be a new level of consciousness. Some higher or wider interest appears on the horizon, and the unsolvable problem loses its urgency, fades out when confronted with a new and stronger life urge.” Carl Jung


Enter  Uranus-  Pluto –  Eris  – the shit disturbers of the 21stcentury! 
Its shake-up  and wake-up time again folks.



This New Moon is about breaking up stagnation. If you feel stuck in your  job, relationships, family- or have let yourself become hog tied by feelings of fear, guilt, regret –   this blast of energy can all of us forward in a big way. With Saturn  involved,  it  may mean growing up a little and taking responsibility for something that you’ve been avoiding. If you have been resisting change – it’s coming  anyway. May as well hop on board!
Those uncomfortable emotions have been coming up over the last few weeks offer a  significant hint as to what it is you can now begin to release. And if you are noticing that there seem to be a lot of these fork in the road moments lately – that’s because there are! This is a time of profound upheaval and change, where everything is in a constant state of flux. The only certainty at the moment is uncertainty! Better get used to it lol!
Saturn has been quite hard on us lately, stirring up our self- doubt and fear.  Some of us may have suffered  a crisis of faith (Chiron Pisces) , the deep confusion triggering a soul challenge of the highest order. It’s possible now to  find the courage to shift  from fear to trust – as we learn when to push and when to let go.  Perhaps, as we undergo this stripping down  process,  we will finally discover who we really are underneath  the layers of disguise and conditioning.



And therein lies the healing. 
Wherever 26 degrees Aries falls in your chart (see houses tab at top of webpage) will indicate where radical change is about to enter in your life. Some sort of deep healing or new beginning is coming your way. If you have personal planets at 26 degrees – you are even more likely to experience these effects.


With Uranus (shock, change, awakening)  putting tremendous pressure on  my Sun (sense of self) I can vouch for that!! I am hanging onto the hope of a new beginning  –  after several years of challenging chronic pain and health issues I have sometimes felt like I cant take it anymore. And that is usually when something begins to shift.


If you have a birthday from the 15th to 21st of any month- and particularly Aries Libra Cancer Capricorn- you may know exactly what I mean.
 But there is hope! A beautiful aspect between Neptune Jupiter and Venus brings blessings of love, beauty and joy. Venus in Taurus brings us self love and nurturing. Neptune in Pisces adds compassion and empathy, forgiveness and redemption. Jupiter in Scorpio brings the ability to transform the self.
 When the two lights – Sun and Moon – join in a sign – they merge  in what is called the Sacred Marriage. With the alchemy of this merger so powerful at this time – we must set our intentions wisely. There’s an impatience and reactivity in the air (Uranus, Mars, Eris) that could potentially  trip us up.  Sometimes we can be our own worst enemies.  Try to remain focused and clear on the road ahead.


 A man and woman who were given three wishes. He was hungry – so he impulsively wished for a sausage. His wife got so mad at his waste of a wish – she wished it was hanging from the end of his nose. He had no choice but to use the last wish to remove the sausage from his nose – and they went back to their normal life having gained nothing.



Don’t do that.