Solar Eclipse 21st August 2017 – Alignment and Union


“…to love another person is to see the face of God” – from Les Miserables
So here we are on the great solar eclipse day of 21stAugust 2017. It happens during the new moon in the sign of Leo, the sign of heart and soul (the solar eclipse is always during the new moon, and lunar eclipse is always during the full moon). It’s happening at 19.24 UK time, though there’s not much to see this side of the pond, it’s all happening in the United States.
Eclipses are part of the natural, awesome, clockwork-style cycle of our solar system, and so they have a positive message built in to them, even if we can’t always see the full picture at first. This one, happening during the new moon, indicates significant new ‘Leo-themed’ beginnings are underway, with long-term impact and significance, for weeks, months, maybe even years to come.
Matters of the heart, fun, joy, entertainment, creativity, recognition, the spotlight, true self and sovereignty are all Leo themes.We might already have an idea what this means for us, if events are already heading in that direction; or this might be the time in which we make some new choices and decisions about the future, with some or all these themes in mind.
I interpret eclipses as expressions of ALIGNMENT and UNION. It’s about the lining up of things by the universe, in the most perfect, mysterious, complex, and very visible way. Astrology is about ‘as above so below’, so what’s happening ‘up there’ is happening within us too. This is a time for us to get our ducks in a row, and align more precisely and effectively with our heart’s desire.
More so than other eclipses, because Leo is about creativity, the heart, and sovereignty, this eclipse speaks directly to the idea that we CREATE OUR OWN REALITY. We are the Kings and Queens of our destiny, the Gods and Goddesses of our own free will, through our open-hearted focus, perceptions, and judgments, of ourselves and others, we shape an idea of reality that the universe literally responds to and supports us by manifesting.
‘ENERGY FLOWS WHERE ATTENTION GOES’ was the very first metaphysical lesson I learnt many years ago; the same message that Law of Attraction has for us today. If you want to create what you do want, focus on what you do want. If you want to create what you don’t want, focus on what you don’t want. Simple in theory, yet challenging to do in a world that pulls our attention in so many ways to so many things that are not actually in our best interests to focus on deeply. We often end up focused on what we don’t want, while expecting the universe to respond to what we do want.
So this is what the message of the Leo eclipse is about. Align with what you want, to create the world you want. Be the sovereign of your own reality. Own your power to align with your true self, within yourself. You can know you are doing this by the natural heartfelt appreciation for self and others that radiates through an open heart and mind.
This eclipse time is a good time to ponder where we are out of alignment with all that,
for example:
Leo is the heart: Is yours open or closed?
Leo is sovereignty: Are you feeling empowered or dis-empowered as the leader of your life?
Leo is creativity: What makes your heart sing? What interests you and calls you forward?
Leo is the spotlight: Where do you want more recognition and visibility?
Set the eclipse intention to experience more alignment with the Leo themes in your life. Treat eclipse time as a reboot, a reset and reconnection; with yourself and your hearts desires. Meditation and visualisation are powerful tools for alignment, but nothing is as powerful as enjoying and loving the process…. we experience the satisfying sound of situations clicking into place by loving them into place, enjoying them into place, appreciating them into place. It’s the Leo way.
Article on the Heart Chakra and opening the heart energy here
Youtube link to 528Hz frequency meditation music (528hz is the frequency of the heart) here
Happy eclipse to you 🙂

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