Weekly Forecast: September 2-6, 2019 – The Virgo Five, Venus And Mercury Blaze The Trail

Weekly Forecast: September 2-6, 2019 – The Virgo Five, Venus And Mercury Blaze The Trail

This week we have a Virgo stellium of five: Juno, Mars, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus. All five make exact aspects with placements in others signs. Mercury moves into conjunction and over Mars and the Sun within Virgo. Mercury rules … Read More…

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Weekly Astrology Forecast September 2 – 8, 2019

ALL WEEK – Triple conjunction- Sun, Mercury, Mars
Assert your ideas. Avoid using words as weapons
Unite heart and mind to bring clarity.  Walk your talk.

02-Sep-19 Sun conjunct Mars. Venus square Jupiter
Honour your inner warrior. Go for your goals.
Live your joy but beware over-indulgence.

03-Sep-19 Mercury conjunct Mars
Sharp thinking. Barbed conversation. Confident voice.

04-Sep-19 Sun conjunct Mercury. Venus opposite Neptune
Inspiration and illumination. Romance. Beware idealisation.

05-Sep-19 Mercury trine Saturn
Mental stability. Serious thinking.

06-Sep-19 Mercury square Jupiter, First Quarter
Moon in Sagittarius, Sun trine Saturn
Mental overwhelm. Over-thinking.
Complete the job then enjoy an adventure.
Take yourself seriously

07-Sep-19 Venus trine Pluto, Mercury opposite Neptune
Thinking is confused. Your heart knows the truth.

08-Sep-19 Sun square Jupiter
Guard against overcompensating. Be you!

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Painting – ‘Returning from the Work’ by Konstantin Yuon

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Pisces September 2019

Chihuly Pisces
Chihuly Art – Kew Gardens

Your ruling planet, Jupiter, was in fine form last month as it turned direct in Sagittarius, the star sign at the peak of your horoscope.

Now’s the time to put more energy into your career and vocation, while Jupiter makes its last transit through this sector of your horoscope, until early December 2019.

Follow Your Dreams

This month, however, there’s another big event taking place, also involving Jupiter. This is the third and final Jupiter-Neptune square aspect of 2019, which takes place on the 21st. It first took place in January, then again in June and this is the last hoorah.

This is a huge deal for you because Jupiter and Neptune are co-rulers of your star sign, Pisces. They are both currently in their signs of rulership and therefore strong. Plus, they are lighting up not only your career and success sector but your personal sector too.

At its best, this combination is encouraging you to follow your dreams, to make the most of your potential and play big in life. Jupiter represents global connections, it rules the law, publishing and the media. Neptune has an artistic and creative vibe and is the planet most closely linked to compassion and charitable goals.

Put all this together and you could be in for an outstanding month when you get yourself noticed and then some. Both Jupiter and Neptune are extremely active in the first two weeks of September, from the 2nd until the 14th, the day of the Full Moon in your star sign, Pisces. If ever there was a time to believe anything’s possible, it’s now.

Partnership Goals

Jupiter and Neptune team up with the inner planets moving through Virgo in the first fortnight. Therefore, on the one hand, this suggests that your success comes either via other people or in partnership with other people. Certainly, you tend not to have the leading role when your opposite star sign, Virgo, dominates.

This could mean that your partner’s career or vocation is developing at a fast rate of knots. Or perhaps, you’re making a romantic move that brings with it more than love and connection. It could be a marriage – or business partnership – which improves your status and reputation. The peak of this activity comes during the emotional Full Moon on the 14th, which could bring your turn in the spotlight.

Stay Grounded

With all the slower-moving planets, you need to be aware of their flip side. For you, this means not taking on too much or promising more than you can deliver. Jupiter and Neptune together can be about overwhelm, being wildly optimistic but losing sight of reality.

This is something that as a Pisces you are susceptible to. If you’re true to your star sign, you have deep trust and faith in life and you pin your hopes on your dreams and wishes. What you need and sometimes lack is an ability to turn those dreams into reality, to put in the work to ensure they happen.

This is provided by your opposite star sign, Virgo, and we all have the ability to benefit from the positive traits of our opposite sign. Keep your feet on the ground, be realistic and pay attention to the details.

Adopt a hard-work ethic if you are busy and look after your mind, body and soul to support you in getting things done. Or, hand everything over to another person, a Virgo type, who can do this for you.

On the whole, September’s astrology looks uplifting and exhilarating, if you step beyond the hype and avoid being fooled or seduced. Keep the momentum going while you have Jupiter strong in Sagittarius.

Balance & Flow

Mid-month, there’s a shift in planetary energy as the social planets, Mercury and Venus, change star sign. They leave behind Virgo and move into air sign, Libra. This feels more balanced for you and helps restore harmony.

When it comes to your personal and professional relationships, pay attention to the practicalities, deal with money matters and use your people skills to charm and persuade others.

The Sun joins the inner planets in Libra on the 23rd, the day of the Equinox. Plus, five days later, on the 28th, there’s a New Moon in Libra, a symbol of new beginnings. There’s a flow of energy here with regard to money, joint finances and shared resources. Get your accounts in order and be open to gifts and cash flow coming in.

Jupiter is also active during this period in a good way. It teams up with Mercury on the 24th and Venus on the 8th, the day of the New Moon. A partnership could pay off big time during this period. Any contract or alliance that begins in the last week of the month is likely to do well.

Moving On

Finally, one of the slower-moving planets, Saturn, switches direction this month on the 18th. This is an important planetary shift. This is because Saturn turned retrograde on April 30th. Ever since, Saturn has been in retreat next to the karmic South Node.

This has all been happening in Capricorn and your group sector. You may have been moving away from a set of friends during this period or cut ties with a group you were previously involved in. Notice what happens on or around the 18th and again on the 28th when Saturn finally parts company from the South Node.

This could signify an important turning point in a friendship or your role within a group. You might be ready to move out of your comfort zone and step in to a position of leadership. Or perhaps, you’re ready to release and let go an association that hasn’t served you well. It will be personal to you. Know that the time is right to put one foot in front of the other and move on determinedly.

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Aquarius September 2019

Chihuly Aquarius
Chihuly Art – Kew Gardens

As September begins, the inner planets are lined up in the earth sign, Virgo. Virgo represents one of the trickier sectors of your horoscope.

On the one hand, this is about financial transactions and shared resources. On the other hand, it represents all that’s hidden, including fears and taboo subjects.

Shift Your Mindset

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of the mind, so take care that you don’t allow your mind to control you, especially in the first two weeks of September. If you are going through a challenging time, take charge and do what you can to restore order.

Writing things down or journalling could be helpful. Or, make a list of the things that need to be done if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Money fears are never easy to deal with. Do what you can to move away from an attitude of scarcity towards hope and faith and belief that things will turn out well in the end. It might help to be diligent about taking on good practices or rituals, including prayer, gratitude and exercises that help to shift your mindset.

Money Moves

Yet, always with astrology, the symbolism doesn’t play out the same way for everyone. For some of you, the plethora of planets in Virgo could coincide with good money moves. You might be selling a property, for example, that creates more cash flow. Or, join forces with family to make your resources go further.

As Virgo is one of the earth signs, this could include harvesting food from an allotment or similar. Certainly, it’s a good time to be resourceful and look at what you can create or produce that benefits you or that you can sell on.

Two other key planets are involved in the lively activity in the first fortnight. They are Jupiter, God of the sky, and Neptune, God of the sea. These two boundless planets make their third and final square aspect of the year on the 21st. They first came together in January and again in June.

Jupiter in Sagittarius rules your friends and group activities; it’s about your social, political or humanitarian alliances and represents your hopes and wishes for the future.

Neptune in Pisces rules your personal money, your possessions, your values and self-worth. Put the two together and you might be involved in a charity or fundraising event. Or, you may be looking at ways to raise money for a group challenge or big adventure.

Plus, in the first two weeks of September, Jupiter and Neptune combine with the planets in Virgo from the 2nd to the 14th, the day of the Full Moon. At its best, this combination enables you to believe anything’s possible and that miracles can happen. You could even receive a gift during this period and the timing feels like a miracle.

It is important, however, to keep your feet on the ground and pay attention to the small print, especially if you’re in the process of signing or sealing a deal or contract. The same goes if you’re involved in a legal case or financial deal. Double check the facts and figures, get an accountant involved or the right kind of expert.

The danger with Neptune is that what seems real could prove illusory. The flip side of Neptune is a scam or untrustworthy individuals. Get any promises in writing and don’t loan your money without a guarantee that it will be returned with interest. The light of the full Moon on the 14th will shine a light on who you can and can’t trust, which deals to pursue and which to forego.

The Bigger Picture

Life feels a whole lot easier for you after the 14th. This is the day when both social Mercury and love planet Venus move into Libra, a fellow air sign. Finally, you’re back in the realm of logic and rationality when you can work things out strategically, rather than have to rely on intuition.

Libra rules travel and study in your horoscope, the bigger picture of life. You may be you madly raising funds to go away, to have a big adventure. The second half of the month is ideal for expanding your horizons and increasing your knowledge. Stimulate your curiosity in life and step out of your routine. Actively engage with people and events that are different and inspiring.

The Sun enters Libra on the 23rd, the day of the Equinox. And, five days later, there’s a New Moon in Libra, a symbol of new beginnings. This New Moon is ideal for setting off on a trip or signing up to a course.

In true Aquarius style, you won’t want to do everything on your own. On the 24th and 28th, Jupiter is back in action and this time in flowing, easy planetary aspects. Get your friends together or join in with a group of people and you’ll have a whale of a time.

Do whatever takes your fancy; do your bit for society and the world or go and experience distant horizons. Love too could be part of the picture and the reason why you’re ready to spread your wings.

Letting Go

Finally, this month, your traditional ruling planet, Saturn, changes direction on the 18th. Saturn turned retrograde at the end of April. Since then, Saturn has been in retreat alongside the karmic South Node.

This takes place in Capricorn and the most hidden sector of your horoscope. Therefore, events this month could signify a turning point, letting go of a bad habit or something that no longer serves you. It might be a decision to stop fear holding you back or to release a personal situation that belongs in the past.

Whatever it means for you, now’s the time to put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forwards. By 2020, you’re going to be in a very different place and it’s the preparations you make now that will create all the difference.

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Capricorn Horoscope September 2019

Chihuly Capricorn
Chihuly Art – Kew Gardens

Earth signs dominate this month which is great news for you as your star sign, Capricorn, is one of them. You’re in your element when you’re taking steady steps towards your long-term goals.

Your zodiac symbol, the mountain goat, is a great ambassador for your sign of Capricorn. Resilient and determined, it leaps its way from rock to rock until it conquers the mountain.

Long Term Goals

It’s not a bad idea to have a similar mentality to the sturdy mountain goat this month because long-term goals are definitely foreground for you. This is because of the plethora of planets in Virgo and the sector of your horoscope which rules travel, study and the bigger picture.

This combination is full on for the first two weeks of September. If you’re travelling or studying during this period, you’re in tune with your stars. It’s also a good time to be looking ahead to next year’s holiday or a trip away. If you’re a typical Capricorn, you like to know what’s happening when, sometimes more than one year in advance.

The inner planets and the Sun also team up with your ruling planet, Saturn, during the first two weeks. The key dates to note are the 1st, 5th, 6th and 9th. This is great for finalising plans and bringing your best self to your projects, plans and ideas. You can make the right decisions or take on a leading role. This might mean you’re planning a big trip for a group of friends or leading a course of study.

Pushing Back Boundaries

There’s real excitement and buzz during this period, thanks to the slower-moving planets, Jupiter and Neptune. On the 21st, these two planets make their third and final encounter during 2019. They first came together in January, then again in June and this is their last hoorah.

Jupiter is in Sagittarius and the most inner sector of your horoscope. For some of you Capricorns, this could be about your spiritual path, your beliefs or your religion. Whereas, Neptune is in Pisces and the sector of your horoscope which rules communication, your community, your ideas.

Put the two together and this is a questioning combination for you. You’re willing to explore new dimensions, to go beyond the everyday and push back the boundaries of reality. Plus, in the first two weeks of the month, Jupiter and Neptune team up with all the planets in Virgo.

This is a heady combination that’s encouraging you to take a big leap, follow your dreams or find your calling. This might be linked to publishing, the media or the Law. It’s the time to have hope and faith in what you’re involved in, whether this is to do with your work and career or a project that helps your community in some way.

The key to your success is to be true to your earth sign roots. Don’t take on too much, don’t get overly carried away and keep your feet on the ground. Deal with the practicalities at the same time as nurturing your dreams. Ensure you can deliver what you promise.

This planetary activity peaks at the Full Moon on the 14th, which does feel emotional this month. You may be worn out and ready for a rest. You might be keen to leave behind the everyday and run off and escape somewhere different, to the sea or countryside. Either way, it’s a time to release and let go and shift gear. Moving forwards, you need a different pace.

One word of caution is to double check the facts of what you’re dealing with this month. Read the small print, ensure you have insurance or that your visa is going to arrive on time. Neptune is a seductive, elusive influence. Don’t let things slip and use your earthy intuition to decide who you can and can’t trust.

Career Moves

The 14th is the turning point because on this day, the social planets, Mercury and Venus, change star sign and enter Libra. Libra is one of the air signs, so logic and rationality return. It’s less about feeling your way forwards and more about working things out strategically.

Libra is your career and vocation sector, ruling your status and reputation. If you’re away on holiday the first two weeks of September, you’re wise to ensure you’re back at your desk or available from the 14th onwards.

Work your connections in the second half of the month as this is where you can make progress or get ahead of the rest of the pack. Then, when the Sun enters Libra on the 23rd, the day of the Equinox, you’ll be more than ready to maximise your chances.

Plus, five days later, there’s a New Moon in Libra on the 28th, an ideal date to send off a job application or ask for a promotion. New beginnings abound during the New Moon period.

Jupiter is also involved during the last week of September and this feels lucky for you, on the 24th and 28th, the day of the New Moon. You might hear good news via a third party; you may be celebrating a win for your partner or perhaps a gift comes your way.


The most important turning point of the month, however, involves your planet Saturn. Saturn has been retrograde since April 30th and on the 18th of this month, Saturn turns direct. Saturn has been in retreat moving alongside the karmic South Node, not always easy.

You may have been struggling during this period, especially if your birthday falls between January 4th to 11th. Or perhaps, you’ve been working through a challenging personal situation. You can be stuck in your comfort zone when you’re in South Node territory or find you revert to a bad habit or something it’s hard to let go of.

By the 28th, Saturn takes its leaves of the South Node and moves determinedly onwards. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve shaken off the fear you’ve been feeling but it does mean you know you’re ready to prove your commitment, your self-discipline, your resilient mountain goat nature. You can see the top of the mountain once again – onwards!

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