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dry dockWednesday morning the Moon in Cancer squares Venus in Libra, each energy in its own sign. So while the square creates tension and challenge between wants and needs, it also brings all the right stuff to get started on mastering that challenge. Venus is moving into sextile with Mars, and Mars sextiles the Sun. The action energy is upbeat and motivated. This is a great time to act.

As the day goes on, the Moon squares the Sun then Mercury in Libra. While again there’s emotional tension, this tension can springboard you into a new direction and a renewed perspective. Feel the feelings and keep moving, keep assimilating. That’s the job.

With Cancer square Libra, it is tough to feel the feels and keep things breezy and pleasant. With the wealth of Libra on board, it’s important to keep things …

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O Lightning » Cardinal Cross, Libra Convention

October 15th, 2014 @ 6:27 am by O Lightning



Mercury, Sun, North Node, Venus

More fair? More Beautiful?
More Balanced?

Work it smarter?

Crab Moon for the family dynamics,
fire trine hurries us along…


Emotional crossroads with kids and sentiment involved.
Home, health, hearth, harmony,
what do you need?
You were here anyway, so it’s no surprise to have these convos.

Boundaries are key.
Putting it together while staying nearly professional in your grace and composure.


Cardinal Grand Cross just passing through.

Remember to place yourself in the light you would like to be seen in.
A carefully curated honesty?

More simply,
as you turn to focus on each aspect they spring to life.
Your attention is a gift.

With so much Libra, other people’s opinions impact our own.
We ARE seeking alliances here, even if, or,
as we move through other epic disconnections.
Be aware …

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About 4 years ago I wrote a blog post called “Mercury Is Going Retrograde and I Don’t Care.” (http://wp.me/pJ9hq-6w)

Personally I feel the concepts of Mercury retrograde are used like an easy out… and kind of make a joke of the whole concept. Recently a fellow astrologer posted a comment in a professional astrologers’ forum, and he added statistical evidence that, to me, justifies my dismissal of the “OH NO HERE COMES Mercury retrograde” scare. (While he was at it, he also kicked around the “void of course moon” concept… and found it wanting.

So here follows a very lightly edited, re-posted guest blog by Alphee Lavoie:
“This is a very crazy time for astrologers; Mercury is retrograde. WOW!! Everybody will have communication problems: don’t travel, don’t do anything, because it’s going to turn out wrong.

Nothing like that will …

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October 23rd brings us a New Moon eclipse at 0 degrees Scorpio. The Sun will enter Scorpio on this day, followed by Venus (love, money, self-esteem). They’ll be joined by the Moon, which will trigger the eclipse. 0 degrees seems … Continue reading →

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capricorn mountain_goat_2I read through a client’s email this morning. She mentioned her “climb to the top” and it made me smile.

A lot of people have become so disillusioned, they no longer feel it’s possible to get to the top. They’re trying to survive and that’s it.

Others (and I would include myself in this group), have opted to aim lower, because successful people are punished, without mercy.  After awhile, you realize, if you’re number two or three or four, number one will take all the heat. You can still make a living and have a better quality of life.

Read the rest of Saturn in Sagittarius – Ambition Returns? (48 words)


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AliceTuesday morning the Moon in its own sign of Cancer pulls through a trine with Neptune and into pole position in a loose, cardinal square. I say loose because they’re not in close aspect at any one time, but the energy is on point just the same. It’s a bit of a review, really. How do we feel? How have we come through? Where am I? (…)
Read the rest of Astrology Today: Tuesday, October 14 – Alice In Emotionland (431 words)

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1903 zombie jamboreeIf there was ever a year to throw or go to a party on Halloween, this is it! The Sun in Scorpio conjuncts (social) Venus in sign.

Kiss of death, okay? Zombie party! I think it’s fantastic.

The Moon will be in Aquarius, which will keep things light.

She’s supported by Mercury in Libra. Even the socially awkward should be able to have good time!

Read the rest of Halloween, October 31, 2014 – An Exceptional Party- Zombie Jamboree (44 words)


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martooniMonday morning the Moon in Gemini trines sign ruler Mercury, retrograde in Libra. It’s a nice breath of almost-fresh (hello, retrograde) air and a sociable mood. This is a great morning to check in on your own reflections from the full moon eclipse. It’s not the time to come to any immovable conclusions, but the mood is ripe to assimilate new perspective. (…)
Read the rest of Astrology Today: Monday, October 13, 2014 – Adventure and Magic (221 words)

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For the past few weeks we’ve been discussing the turmoil and volatility likely to be on display during this period.

I warned that the Grand Trine between Mars, Jupiter and Uranus in Fire signs would break boundaries. That is the true nature of a trine.

We also talked about how the symbolism of the Fire trine would be further exacerbated by the Sun and Venus rocking the Libran scales.

And how last week’s lunar eclipse Full Moon had the power to bring it all to a spectacular climax.

Mercury is Retrograde for most of October, so there is a chance it’s all a head fake. However, we still have the solar ecipse New Moon to come … on the 23rd.

Western-allied markets are in turmoil. Not so much so for a lot of the Asian indices.

We now need …

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We all know Libra is the sign of relating and relationship. Yet even Librans themselves sometimes find the human puzzle of interaction a dangerous game to play. Now the North Node is in the mix with the Libra Sun and Venus we need to look at the art of gracefulness. How to be with someone even when they press our buttons, how to co-exist with others in our karma with them. How you do it counts, even how you end it matters ………

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