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Aurum Astrology » Are we having fun yet?

June 25th, 2016 @ 4:50 am by Aurum Astrology

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Meanwhile, back on planet earth… things are shaking up big time.  Change is afoot as strange and unexpected upsets and upheavals continue to rock our world!

Are we having fun yet?

Uranus (the Awakener) and Eris (goddess of dischord)  are now sitting exactly together  in the fiery sign of Aries (god of war) continuing the massive Wake-up Call that began with the Pluto and Uranus square. Chaos and discord can open up possibilities and create space for  many changes, both positive and negative. Time will tell, though  what look like some tough lessons seem to heading our way (Saturn) .

Remember, nothing is what it seems (Neptune).  There is still that portal (Mutable Grand Cross) open containing many possible outcomes. Unfortunately, it is also an opening for …

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ElsaElsa » Share Your Thoughts On Cruelty

June 24th, 2016 @ 10:16 am by ElsaElsa

ElsaElsa ask the collectiveWhat about cruelty? Do you think it’s more common in your arena of life, or have you seen a decrease of cruel behavior over time? Has there been no change?(…)
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jan cook mack winesapAfter a square to deeply retrograde Scorpio Mars, the Aquarius Moon is on its own through the end of the sign on Friday night. It’s kind of a Keanu shiver-shake of “Well that felt weird,” then on to the next thing unhindered. Par-tay. (…)
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Princess Madeleine of Sweden married businessman Christopher O’Neill on June 8, 2013. When they announced the engagement, transit Juno was on her Progressed Ascendant. At the time of the wedding one of the most interesting aspects in her chart was Progressed Venus conjunct natal Sun. It looks as if she found the love of her life, after an earlier long time engagement ending in a goodbye. You can read all about that on my blog Astropost, using the link. What I didn’t mention there is that her Sun in Gemini is now opposition transit Pholus in Sagittarius. This symbolizes a turning point in life.

This post is about the interaction between the charts of Madeleine and her husband Christopher.

Here is her natal chart. The ‘transits’ are for the day of birth of Christopher O’Neill.…

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dragonflyThursday morning the Aquarius Moon sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius. This is emotionally bracing. It takes some of the disturbing, dull fuzz out of the Saturn Neptune square and converts it into ZING. It electrifies the mood and shines a light into that reality singularity presented by the square. We’ve got a line in, and it’s a safety line back to Saturn. Swing away! (…)
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Britain, today, will be in the grip of referendum fever. The people must decide whether to place their “X” in the “Remain” box or or “Leave” box. This problematic referendum has been referred to generally as “Brexit” : to stay a member of the European Union or exit it?

I have some purely selfish interest in the result, because of the vagaries of currency exchange, to which my two pensions from…

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ElsaElsa » Can Divorce Be Predicted?

June 22nd, 2016 @ 2:11 pm by ElsaElsa

zodiac fortune board vintageJohn Gottman who is a psychologist who wrote, The Mathematics of Marriage: Dynamic Nonlinear Models. He studied relationship in an effort to be able to predict who would divorce with very limited data. He came up with a super effective formula.

He claims he can can listen to a couple talk about anything, for one hour, then predict with 95% accuracy if they will be married or divorced within 15 years. If he listens for just 15 minutes, he can still predict this with 90% accuracy! He got so good at this, he found he could eavesdrop on a couple eating dinner in a restaurant and have a pretty good idea where they were headed. (…)
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Pluto pendant silverThis post came up from a couple years ago.  It seems appropriate for Saturn in Sagittarius. It deals with cultures, religion and an old man and his life philosophy. Enjoy!

I like to socialize. I was in a small group of adults the other day, meeting for our common interest. There were about a dozen of us. I had my Woman’s Club until it folded last year, after roughly 85 years. I still meet with a couple of the women monthly, but I miss the larger group so I was happy to have this opportunity to meet new people.

We each introduced ourselves and talked briefly about why we were there. This was challenging. There were two men in the group who did not speak English.(…)
Read the rest of A 50 Year Old Man’s Divorce And Regrets (581 words)…

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Vintage Scorpio Necklace

“History repeats the old conceits
The glib replies the same defeats
Keep your finger on important issues With crocodile tears and a pocketful of tissues…”

– Elvis Costello

Recently someone mentioned a Scorpio I dated. He’d seen every woman who was important in his life, go on to marry “the one” once they wrapped up with him.  This happened in my case as well.(…)
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garden from neighborsThis is mostly a personal note…

It you get my newsletter, you’re aware we’re dealing with a mutable cross through Thursday.  Most everyone is juggling a lot of tasks, trips and information. This is particularly true for people with planets at the mid-degrees of the Mutable signs (aka me).(…)
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