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ElsaElsa » Sin Eaters

August 26th, 2016 @ 12:30 pm by ElsaElsa

Sin eating is a custom that dates to the Middle Ages. It was practiced parts of England and Scotland and survived into the late 1800’s or early 1900’s in Wales…and also in Appalachia, USA.

Sin eaters were poor people who were paid to take on the sins of the of the dead. It was believed this freed the deceased from walking the earth after death.  The sin eater would be served a meal on top the corpse at a wake. Often they were hungry. This is why they took the job.

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Off courseThere is such a thing as losing a ten year chunk of your of life. This is more common than people realize. It can manifest in a number of ways.

You may marry poorly or take the wrong job. You can get drunk for ten years or just plain go through a time that is so out of character for you it can be equated to something akin to temporary insanity.

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We’ve recently watched, courtesy of Netflix, the 1965 movie The Agony and the Ecstasy, the story, partly based on Irving Stone’s biographical novel of the same name, deals with the conflicts of Michelangelo and Pope Julius II during the painting of the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling. It’s a reasonable depiction of likely events, I guess. The film was made in the then current style used for epic stories…

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stallion landscapeAll weekend, Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury move together in the last three degrees of Virgo. Desire is inflated and broadcast through the senses and communications. Mercury ruled Virgo brings the urge to get it right. (…)
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elsa-necklace compressedLooking for an advantage in life? I publish a free astrology-themed newsletter, several times a week. It’s full of tips and hints that will actually make a difference in your life.

Here’s some of what’s coming up:

    • More Help To Make Bank With The Solar Eclipse In Virgo
    • Man, Strummin’ A Guitar
    • Think Big Thoughts
    • The Brilliant Period Before Mercury Turns Retrograde

To subscribe to Heads up From Elsa P – see the sidebar.…

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picket fenceThursday morning looks pretty stressful with the Gemini Moon and Virgo Sun in hard aspect to Mars-Saturn and Neptune. However it’s not terribly exact, with the Sun in earlier degrees than the rest, and it could just as easily amount to a tempest in a teapot. (…)
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ElsaElsa » Grace At The Neck Fry Thing Today

August 24th, 2016 @ 5:37 pm by ElsaElsa

cervicI know you’re curious how my neck-fry went today after Monday’s debacle: Neck Thing – Unfathomable. I’m pretty sure it went fantastically.  I was out late last night for that gig. But when I pulled up to the doctor, I felt really good. I texted my husband, “I’m going in. Feeling good, happy and rested.”(…)
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ElsaElsa » Will Things Lighten Up In 2017?

August 24th, 2016 @ 5:37 pm by ElsaElsa

light as a featherSomeone asked me when things might lighten up. It’s a great question. I promised to try to answer it. This is not an easy thing to do.

I intended to flip through charts and look for some kind of easing. The Uranus Pluto square is separating. The Saturn Neptune square, dogging people to no end right now, won’t last forever. Once it breaks up, are we clear?(…)
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ElsaElsa » Always Miserable, Never Satisfied

August 24th, 2016 @ 2:35 pm by ElsaElsa

miseryTwo disclaimers with this:

  1. This is not my idea. It was, Jilly, who brought my attention to this phenomena.
  2. This is not directed at anyone on this blog, though I am going to mention some of you. This emerged in conversations about my personal, offline life.

There’s been a rash of people around here lately; everything they write is nasty. It’s mean, it’s hateful, it’s angry, it’s accusing, it’s bitter, it’s whatever.  I can’t help but notice and I’m sure I’m not the only one who has.(…)
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sagittarius vintage cupI’m sure most have noticed, I’ve been going into my archives and pulling up old posts. Some of these posts are ten years old.

I’m doing this because things have changed. It used to be a fine idea to upload a giant picture for your posts. People are mobile now. This is no longer practical! I’ve got to scale the pictures to current standards or it’s a matter of time before google de-indexes the posts.(…)
Read the rest of Saturn in Sagittarius – Real Knowledge, Mature Philosophy (325 words)


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