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Mars (action, initiative) in Capricorn inconjuncts Jupiter (expansion, optimism) at 22 degrees Leo today (exact this evening). There’s potential to aim too high (Jupiter) or take action that ends up undercutting your confidence. The inconjunct demands adjustment, so the remedy … Continue reading →

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This Week
Last week’s New Moon is still with us at least for Monday.   If there are any seeds you need to plant that expand your horizon, give you a new perspective or help you mix it up—you still have time.    How are you exposing yourself to something ‘foreign’?    How can you build a bridge to another world?     What can you do that puts focus on your target?   Where are you aiming your arrow?   Plant some seeds today before Crescent Moon on Tuesday November 25 at 7:12pm EST.     Also, look at the seeds you have planted since November 22 (4:32 am EST)?  Are you cool with them?  If not do something now to counter those seeds.
Special Focus:
11/25: Mercury/Saturn.  A yearly aspect. The mind is quiet or ponders serious thoughts.   Productivity and strategy are highlighted.   Not a warm and …
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Astrologers in Action: Ebola Benefit Amsterdam
The recent BBC documentary  ‘On the Frontline’, gave an ‘up close’  view of the work of Dr. Javid Abdelmoneim (of Artsen Zonder Grenzen) in Kailahun in Sierra Leone. The hand held camera gave a shocking, intimate perspective on the way the virus Ebola goes about doing its deadly work: the suddenness with which life is snatched away from young and old alike; the lonely death devoid of human contact. Yet the program also showed the amazing resilience and positive attitude of the people of Sierra Leone – whereby avoiding depicting them as victims rather as a strong people worthy of respect.

Astrologers in Action: Ebola Benefit Amsterdam
On Sunday 14 december, Faye Cossar, Zelda Hall, Dorien de Vries, Elizabeth Hathway, are organizing a benefit for ‘Artsen Zonder Grenzen;.
Liz, Faye en …

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capricorn denicolaHi Elsa,

I am Capricorn sun (Pisces rising), so ruled by Saturn. I was wondering how Saturn ruled people handle their Saturn returns … is it easier for them, as they are already going through life under a Saturn influence? Or perhaps harder, because it is like a double dose of Saturn?

Warm regards,

Hi, K.

Theoretically, it makes sense that a Capricorn would have an easier time with their Saturn return. But in reality, you can’t make a blanket statement like that. It depends on the Capricorn and a number of other variables.
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been there, done thatMonday morning the Moon is void of course at the end of Sagittarius. I don’t consider that much cause for concern. It’s a nice mood to bump around and putter. Sometimes a person needs a good putter. Find funky things on your own, enrich yourself. The Sun squares Neptune. Drift or fire up the outboard motor. It helps if you’re open in regard to the destination. (…)
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Debbie Frank » Complicated Cosmos

November 24th, 2014 @ 6:04 am by Debbie Frank

It’s sometimes known as being conflicted. Certainly the cosmos is creating two entirely different experiences or pulling us in two ways. Firstly, Mercury’s final connection with Saturn is all about having ‘the conversation’ which is our bottom line scenario. But we also feel a lot more open, fragile and sensitive than our words convey. Neptune’s energy means nothing is cut and dried. That we find ourselves floating in a realm of uncertainty. With this in mind, regard everything as tentative this week.…

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Overview Chiron (Wounded Healer) stations direct in Pisces on November 23rd, increasing the acceptance of doubts/pain, and the healing that follows. This is not a cure-all, but it is a move towards working with (rather than denying) what hurts. From … Continue reading →

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Yesterday it was New Moon in Sagittarius. This week (on Thursday) the Sun will be square Neptune.

The New Moon in Sagittarius is conjunct the Sun of Nicolas Maduro, President of Venezuela. This promises hope for a new start. The solar return of Yulia Timosjenko however has an exact Sun square Neptune, showing delusion. The Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Sun wants us to always look on the…

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Starcana » Say What? Mercury enters Sagittarius

November 24th, 2014 @ 6:04 am by Starcana

Life is constantly moving, and we’re reminded of this as new winds disrupt our journey this week. We’ll come across a variety of incoming information which can include unprocessed messages, fresh advice, unexpected news and new people. As new signs appear, our path can change directions in the blink of an eye.  And what we […]…

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stellium in aquariusElsa,

I have a large stellium in Aquarius. I always experience some serious life issues when an outer planet like Saturn hits my chart. I am just starting to breathe again after this last Saturn transit in Scorpio.

I have six planets in Aquarius with all of them in the 3rd house. It feels like I get bulldozed each time by an outer planet either squaring, conjuncting or opposing my stellium. How does a person with a stellium prepare for these transits ?


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