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On Monday, December 15, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn will form an exact square (90° angle) for the sixth time. Given how slowly these outer planets move, their influence can be felt for more than a month before, as well as after, the angle becomes exact.

During the past few month, here in the USA we’ve witnessed nationwide protests, peaceful as well as violent, against the lack of indictments for police officers in Ferguson, Missouri and Staten Island, New York in connection with their role in the deaths of unarmed black men.

Rewind the clock back to that first clash between Uranus and Pluto on June 24, 2012. Just four months earlier on February 26, Trayvon Martin lost his life to a bullet fired by neighborhood watch volunteer, George Zimmerman.

On July 13, 2013, just two months after …

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scorpio vintage plaqueThis is in regards to this post – Scorpio Amputation – Why You Can’t Figure It Out

I was talking about this post with a gal. She thought that most of the people who commented on that post (including me) felt that the fact a Scorpio is unforgiving was some kind of asset. It was a great comment.

I told her that I didn’t think it was an asset, I thought it was a problem.  “We should all be forgiving, but it comes easier to some then it does to others…”

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christmas ornamentFriday evening the Moon in Virgo opposes Neptune and applies into a wide trine with Pluto. I think people forget how sexy Virgo can be, but it’s earthy, connected to the body and getting things juuuust right. Do you have a plan? Have a plan and edit as you go!(…)
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PROGRESSED-USAReeling through the years.

In order to get a better idea as to what is happening with our current crisis in the USA, especially under the heat of the latest Uranus/Pluto square, it might be helpful for us to get a different perspective from the progressed chart of the USA. For those of you that are not familiar with the progressed chart, here is how it essentially beaks down. The personal planets; Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars, progress through their sign from the natal inception at roughly one degree per year. So if you were born a Gemini at fifteen degrees and you are now twenty-five. you would now be a Cancer at roughly 10 degrees. The outer planets move at a glacial pace and are likely in the same sign that they were at the time of the …

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Leo angel vintage statueHi Elsa!

When Jupiter entered Leo in July, many people were talking about how great this was going to be, and how it would be in Leo until I think this coming August. I was recently thinking about Saturn moving into Sagittarius soon, and then it made me wonder…

Since Saturn is entering Sagittarius, is that going to damper some of the affects of Jupiter in Leo?

Just Curious

Hi, Curious!

Will Saturn dampen the the effects of Jupiter? It depends on your perspective!

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sagittarius centaur capI am beginning to see a wave of high-flying people, landing hard.

I see so many of them already, it makes me think we’re going to see a tsunami. And it looks to me, like the vast majority will never recover the status they had.

Not everyone is Betty White.

It’s not just Saturn in Sagittarius. We’re also losing the mutual reception between Saturn and Pluto.

Do you see this as well?


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zodiac vintage posterHi Elsa,

I know Saturn is leaving Scorpio in a couple of weeks but what if Saturn will still be in the same house (12th) when it goes into Sagittarius? When Saturn or any other planet changes signs does the lesson continue?

I keep hearing the good news it is leaving Scorpio but is it good news if it is still in the same house?

Thanks from Long Island, New York

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Debra Anne Clemant » Mercury Enters Capricorn

December 12th, 2014 @ 5:18 am by Debra Anne Clemant

While visiting the restless and freedom-living sign of Sagittarius, Mercury took advantage of every opportunity to expand his knowledge, broaden his horizons and push some boundaries. Though he enjoyed every moment exploring the wonders of this expansive  sign, the fleet-footed messenger soon realized that he was spreading himself a bit too thin.  In need of clear priorities, better organization and a definite goal plan, Mercury bid farewell to the Archer and went in search of assistance from sign that knows what it takes to succeed:  Capricorn.

Capricorn SeagoatMercury’s first lesson in the sign of the Seagoat is to drop the bad habits that he picked up in Sagittarius, such as interrupting others and speaking his mind without a filter are considered bad manners.

As he learns to wait his turn, he realizes that listening can be quite interesting; and as he …

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Two female artists today, both with natal Sun in Sagittarius, both born in the second half of the 19th century when women had to really strive to achieve recognition for their talents.


Born 13 December 1871 in Victoria, British Columbia. Her style developed from post-impressionism, via Fauve and cubism to expressionism with focus on the scenes and traditions of the Canadian…

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sagittarius coinSaturn transits make people nervous. They think they’ll be crushed.

Saturn in Cancer is a rough transit. Nobody enjoys depression. Saturn in Sagittarius is much easier to deal with.

“He who travels slowly, travels far and gets there safely.”

I believe this is a Jewish proverb, though I can’t find the exact reference.

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