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ElsaElsa » Marriage On The Rocks

April 22nd, 2014 @ 8:26 am by ElsaElsa

venus cigarette card - Copy - Copy - Copy - CopyHi Elsa,

I’m forming a pattern in my relationships; somehow I manage to sabotage every single one.

I was hoping my marriage would stick for… well, forever. But it’s on the rocks, and my husband says it’s all my fault (I’m not “nice” enough.) In past relationships, my boyfriends have referred to me as a “fixer-upper” or “kinda messed up”. None of my exes have ever claimed any responsibility for messing up the relationship.

Is it really me messing them all up because of my irreversible fucked-upedness? I didn’t believe it at first, but it’s now become a pretty strong pattern. Do I have an astrological predisposition to drive those I love away?

Losing Love

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walkTuesday morning the Moon in Aquarius moves past square with the Taurus Sun and toward nice aspects with the Uranus-Mars opposition. If you’ve been somewhere in between being in your head and being in your body, this helps pull it back together. It brings the urge to act but in new ways. Step out. Give it a shot. (…) Read the rest of Astrology Today: Tuesday, April 22, 2014 – Release or Spew (135 words)…

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The crucifixion has been the central theme these days within the christian communities. As we speak though a unique “Cosmic Cross” is ever more precisely formed in our skies – climaxing to the April 22nd perfect (partile) Cross configuration between the planets Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and Mars (all of them being exactly at the 13th degree of the corresponding sign. And it is interesting to know that both the USA’s natal Sun and the Russian President’s Vladimir Putin Sun stand at the 13th degree of Cancer and Libra respectively)!

There are some astrologers out there claiming that this very rare phenomenon is “no big deal”. Maybe they forget that a similar Cross configuration was formed in 1933, during the culmination of the “depression”, the ascent in power of the Nazi party in Germany and the nomination of Hitler as Germany’s

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Agustina de Aragon comic by Fernando Monzón y Eduardo MendozaAgustina de Aragon comic by Fernando Monzón y Eduardo Mendoza


April 22nd features a line up of Mercury, the South Node, and Juno, all conjunct in Aries.

Juno will be at 27 degrees, and Mercury and the South Node will be exactly conjunct at 28 degrees. I haven’t discussed transiting Juno on this blog, so here’s a quick definition: she’s known as the “marriage asteroid,” representing issues of power, commitment and infidelity in committed relationships. Where she transits your chart is where those issues may come up in your life.

Since the transiting South Node describes what we need to move on from, this triple conjunction suggests a realization or triggering conversation (Mercury) about those Juno issues, that need to be resolved. This could involve a past relationship, or your current relationship. The point is, the Aries theme of …

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Women Washing Clothes By A Stream Daniel Ridgway Knightiathina85 started a thread on the boards – People giving up – Wall-hitting epidemic. She reported, several people in her circle had attempted suicide, and she saw many suffering.

I see a lot of people suffering too. I live in a bad neighborhood, and I am a consulting astrologer. This did not stop me from brashly posting:

“Brace for more. I am sorry, but the astrology is clear, as is every other indication, you could imagine. You may as well decide (Mars in Libra) to fight your way through this, because these times are going to be sustained.”

raspbeari asked me how long it would be sustained – that’s when I realized I better speak up.

Read the rest of Yes, It’s Rough Out There, But Please Quit Gasping, This Is A Long Haul (306 words)


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eggsMonday morning the moon in Capricorn sextiles sign ruler Capricorn and moves toward a square with Aries Mercury. Mars in Libra is within a degree of the exact cardinal grand cross. The Moon’s condition reflects the general emotional tenor of the collective. The square with Mercury in Aries shows a building challenge to integrate reason and perception with emotion and the need for comfort. The sextile with Saturn holds the keys to unlocking the positive side of that challenge: effort, wisdom, control. Its position in fixed Scorpio is also a reminder that everything ends and begins again. Don’t sweat it. In the worst case scenario where things end? There is no true end when ending puts you at the beginning of a new cycle.
Read the rest of Astrology Today: Monday, April 21, 2014 – Control (166 words)


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The next few days could kill the 5-year Bull run which has lifted some major stock indices to all-time highs.

It is the week in which the extreme energy of a Cardinal Grand Cross involving Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto hits its exact orb with all four planets at 13 degrees … of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

Many stock markets roared northwards again last week, getting a lift from the lunar eclipse Full Moon in Libra into Thursday’s Venus trine with Jupiter as the Moon went into Sagittarius.

In the next few days, many things will break. You may have noticed the unusually larger number of significant earthquakes reported in the past few weeks, many of which sparked tsunami warnings from the west Pacific to the coast of South America.

This is one of the “expectations” from a …

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Cardinal Cross



The Cardinal Cross reaches peak intensity this week, with April 22nd to 23rd as the prime dates. Jupiter (expansion) in Cancer opposes Pluto Rx (intensified power) in Capricorn. Both are squared by Uranus (sudden change) in Aries. The trigger will be Mars Rx in Libra, as it moves into alignment by opposing Uranus and squaring Jupiter/Pluto. Mars Rx suggests delayed or frustrated actions/initiatives will reach a boiling point, leading to breakthroughs. Note that these breakthroughs may be abrupt, unexpected and demanding. But the overall theme of the Cardinal signs (new beginnings) indicates that the time is ripe for change. The Cross has been building since the beginning of April, so it’s possible to have already experienced the main event.


Mars Rx (your ruler) in your relationship sector squares Pluto Rx (in your career sector) and Jupiter (in …

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Starcana » Cosmic Dirt Monday April 21 

April 21st, 2014 @ 5:40 am by Starcana

2014 Starcana Cosmic Dirt AstrologyWhile tensions have been steadily intensifying, sparks are bound to fly as Uranus (awakenings, change) squares Pluto (transformation, regeneration), also triggered with the emotional waves of yesterday’s Jupiter/Pluto opposition. Various disturbances will surround areas of communications, computers, the internet, technology, travel, and mechanical machinery. Use caution now as fires can develop from electrical issues, accidents, as well as severe shifts in the weather - but on the positive side, there is a lot of activity that can involve brainstorming for creative problem-solving, while discovering authenticity and real solutions. Freedom, individualism, and truth will be extremely challenged as we come ‘face to face’ with what has been toxic and slowly deteriorating. From this point, we’ll be forced to forfeit what we’ve become and trusted - to try on a new pair of wings.

I found out that if you are

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As Taurus season begins, let’s look at the attributes of this Fixed Earth sign.

Ruled by Venus (in her subjective role) Taurus is concerned with self- preservation. This is the sign of surviving by hanging onto to what’s working. Nurture the seed that’s already planted. It’s where Taurus’ deliberate nature comes from; instinctively knowing what’s valuable (and how to nurture it) and what isn’t. The “what isn’t” is key, because no one can amputate like a Taurus (except maybe Scorpio) when it comes to a relationship or situation that isn’t working for them. That’s key as well…for them. It’s gotta work for Taurus, or else forget it. But when it is working, Taurus puts down deep, deep roots.The Shadow side to all this is stagnation. It can take Taurus a looong …

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