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When we think about Neptunian energy, something that is not immediately graspable comes to mind. It’s elusive, nebulous and boundless. Equally, it’s ethereal and enchanting.

Upon meeting another individual, the Ascendant, a.k.a., the rising sign is usually what we’ll encounter as being their “representative”. While the Ascendant isn’t our inner essence, it makes a statement about our orientation to the world and symbolizes the “vehicle” most aptly equipped to help us navigate our life terrain.

What do we make of it when one person’s Neptune contacts another’s Ascendant (or vice versa) via synastry?

The answers to this question can range from awe inspiring and soul stirring to unbelievably delusional and deceptive. With Neptune in the picture, idealism is at the forefront of the entire interaction.

Automatically, there’s an inclination to view each other in a state of how we would …

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Sometimes horoscopes seem to mirror exactly what happens on earth. Watch the chart of Jackie Chan today, now that his son Jaycee is in jail.

Click for a better view

We see:
1. Transit Uranus conjunct natal Sun
The amazing transits of Uranus are sometimes shocking
2. Transit Saturn square Midheaven
Transits of Saturn really force you to face nasty facts…This transit isn’t good for your…

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Astroair » Jupiter in Leo – The Iraq Connection

August 19th, 2014 @ 5:22 am by Astroair

Jupiter in Leo is an important trigger, a crucial point in the Jupiter cycle for the modern history of Iraq and a transit to watch closely. 

Iraq is awash with Lion symbolism. The Desert Lion (Shakir Wahiyib, the public face of Islamic State); The Lion of Babylon (Iraqi tank used during the 1991 War); the other Lion of Babylon (representing the King of Babylon and depicted at the Ishtar Gate to the ancient city, now part of Iraq) and of course, the live lions Saddam Hussein kept at his palace.

Also, it seems that Jupiter’s transit of Leo is incredibly relevant to modern day Iraq. This is an expansion of my post of early July written just as Jupiter was moving into Leo, with further insights to offer, more dots to connect.

When in Leo, once every 12 years,

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I am smartMonday morning the Moon in Gemini sextiles the Venus Jupiter conjunction in Leo. That is pleasant, big love, and breezy with fervor! The Moon squares Mercury in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces. Expect lots of smiles and interesting banter, but don’t buy “a pig in a poke”. Ask for the proof, ask for credentials. It’s a day for cavalier tales. Some are benign and meant to please; some are noxious.(…)
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Overview    The Sun enters Virgo on August 23rd, adding its energy to Mercury (communication and information) in the same sign. As we head into Virgo season, it’s time to narrow your gaze. Virgo’s perfectionist reputation comes from attention … Continue reading →

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August 25th brings us a New Moon at 2 degrees Virgo. Befitting detail-oriented Virgo, this Moon will feature a demandingly complex mix of influences. As noted in yesterday’s post, the Mars/Saturn conjunction in Scorpio will be part of this New … Continue reading →

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What we seek begins to shed light toward manifestation as delightful Venus tags lucky Jupiter on Monday 8.18. (You can visit earthsky.org for more information on how to to see this event from your backyard). Sweet Venus rules values, money, and love, which supports our own hungers, but is also shared to add beauty and kindness to our surroundings. As Venus ‘hooks up’ with […]…

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ElsaElsa » Astrology News For Next Week

August 17th, 2014 @ 12:30 pm by ElsaElsa

I send out a newsletter several times a week. Here’s what’s coming up next week:

  • Faith & Intelligence
  • Edit Your Ego, Settle Your Mind
  • The Next Big (Astrology) Thing

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ElsaElsa » New Moon In Virgo: August 25, 2014

August 17th, 2014 @ 7:14 am by ElsaElsa

new moon in Virgo 2014The new moon in Virgo takes place in the morning (US) on August 25th.  She opposes Neptune, but what interests me more is the tight conjunction of Mars and Saturn that takes place, simultaneously.

Virgo’s ruler, Mercury is looking good in his home sign.  When I pull this all together, this will be a great time to actually get something (major) done.

I am not talking about washing the dishes. I am talking about preserving and solving a puzzle or some kind of intractable problem in your life.

Here are some ideas:

Read the rest of New Moon In Virgo: August 25, 2014 – Effects By House (190 words)


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705px-Sousse_neptunePoseidon is coming to town

It’s been at least, three, maybe four years now, since we’ve all been feeling like the other shoe is about to drop. What’s that all about? Why have many of us been living our lives in some form of suspended animation? Why do most of us couch our hopes, dreams and wishes in some sort of calculated version of a very uncertain future? Oh sure, the ascensionists don’t have any qualms about the future at all, that is until their denial cannot hold up the fortress walls of their delayed expectations any longer. When that happens, all the darkness rushes in like icy black rivers pouring over the sandbags of their dream like encampments, unaware of their shadowy, emotional tides. When that happens all Hell breaks loose. Well, it occurred to me the other day …

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