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 This is a busy time full of astrological events that will greatly affect our relationships with others. We are coming off an intense past week, with a new moon in Libra, Libra sun ingress, fall equinox, and Mercury’s entry into sexy Scorpio. All of these energies have set us up to want to forge new bonds in our lives and intensify or destroy the existing ones. The love energy continues to surround us as another” relationship friendly” placement in the sky shows up Monday, September 29. Venus, the jewel of the universe, and the planet most closely associated with relationships, enters her own sign of Libra. This will add to our desires to seek out others with the same tastes and goals as ourselves. This will lighten the mood for relationships that just need a little push, and will usher
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Sagittarian Mind » But My Horoscope Said…….

September 29th, 2014 @ 12:54 pm by Sagittarian Mind



I’d like to share a few of my thoughts with you all regarding the daily astrological  forecasts that you may read online, in magazines or the newspapers:

I urge everyone who may be reading this to keep in mind the following:

whatever progress and improvements we make usually come as a result of sustained dedication and are a culmination of the continuous efforts that we’ve put forth.

So, when you read: “you may be in for a promotion or advancement in the workplace today.”  Or, ” you may at last find the woman/man that you’ve been seeking.” let’s keep in mind what, if anything we’ve previously done in the direction of those endeavors.

If we’ve put absolutely no energy toward our work or relationships, I can almost promise you that your daily horoscope won’t pan out.

I’m in no

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pink ballownsMonday morning the Moon in Sagittarius conjuncts Mars, illuminating the grand trine in fire (Mars, Uranus, Jupiter). Mercury, communication and perception, is newly in Scorpio trine Neptune. It’s a mood to rise and conquer and the mind to write a sonnet about it. Give mental form to your dreams and take them on the road! If you can’t get out, get out in your mind. Free your body and your mind will follow… and vice versa. (…)
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Debbie Frank » CHAOS THEORY!

September 29th, 2014 @ 4:59 am by Debbie Frank

As we approach a more chaotic cosmic pattern we are entering the realm of non-linear, complex dynamics that influence the atmosphere. Perhaps when Mercury slows down and a butterly flaps its wings in New Mexico it causes a hurricane in China. This kind of thinking is reflected in the intial slo-mo of Mercury this week which means we start to see things frame-by-frame. It skews our perception of the stories in our lives – which is a good thing as we begin to question our personal reality. On Saturday October 4th, Mercury will stand still before moving retrograde and this is followed by early October’s dramatic total lunar eclipse with volatile Uranus at its centre and powerful Pluto locked into the pattern. It’s certainly a time when the science of surprises takes precedence.…

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Α glamorous marriage is taking place as I am writing this article (under the spell of the Libra Sun, which is urging people to form “unions” of all kinds) in what is probably the most romantic city of the world, Venice! Actually, the George Clooney – Amal Alamuddin marriage is one of the most spotlighted and discussed in recent years and under this point of view it ranks second only to the the Prince William – Kate Middleton royal marriage in 2010!

A hollywood superstar that used to be a die hard bachelor has fallen in love to a rather “mortal” woman and is displaying towards her the ultimate proof  of his love, by officially marrying her in magical Venice! What more? There are some fairy-tale ingredients here (too much Neptune obviously!). Certainly it’s not a coincidence that this relationship

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Overview    Venus (relationships, money, values) enters Libra on September 29th. Venus rules this sign, and her qualities of compromise, reflection and projection are at full strength. All relationships (not just romance) are emphasized. Transiting Venus attracts by being receptive. … Continue reading →

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Venus enters Libra. Venus, the planet which rules our values, love and money, changes signs on Monday September 29. Venus will remove the stuffy gray uniform that was necessary during her visit in detail-oriented Virgo, where we counted every measly penny to ‘nickel and dime’ our relationships, professional partnerships and romantic interests. With Venus in […]…

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ElsaElsa » Uranus Square Pluto – Death By Beheading

September 28th, 2014 @ 2:58 pm by ElsaElsa

death-of-ellenai-1883.jpg!BlogWhen beheadings become everyday news, it’s hard to ignore the evidence of the violent, shocking, depraved transformation of what most of feel represents a normal society.

Did you know that Aries rules the head…and knives?

Pluto rules death and Capricorn makes it real.

Read the rest of Uranus Square Pluto – Death By Beheading (309 words)


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ElsaElsa » Good Men, Crazy Women

September 28th, 2014 @ 6:49 am by ElsaElsa

heart attackI’ve been fortunate to cross paths with many good men in my life. One thing these men have in common is that their expectations of women are reasonable.

They don’t (over) react to women, or if they do, it’s very rare. They don’t punish them for their hormonal-driven emotions and drama. Along the way, they were taught or able to learn, that if you want hips and breasts in your life, along with the ability to have a child, you have to accept and embrace women in their entirety.

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freddie roach

Arguably, in this day and age, we have access to more information than ever before regarding spirituality, holistic health practices, and various tools for evolution and self development such as astrology, tarot, feng shui, meditation techniques, dream work and astral projection.

Because we’re faced with such a wide variety of options, it’s of paramount importance to employ our powers of critical analysis and discrimination wisely.

We would be selling ourselves and our brains short if we hopped on every bandwagon which proclaims “peace, love and light”, or followed every trail of incense smoke, complete with shea butter rubdowns and wheat grass shots.

It’s absolutely essential that we trust our inner voices when confronted with bundles of rhetoric which do not encourage any behavioral changes, yet are cosmetically and aesthetically pleasing.

I quote from the esteemed ancestor Dr. Amos Wilson:



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