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Debbie Frank » Brexit and the mid-life crisis

June 27th, 2016 @ 4:44 am by Debbie Frank

Whatever the fall-out from this tumultuous referendum, the astrology reflects that moment of announcing a divorce. The chart for joining the EEC as it was called in 1973 is now in its mid-life crisis and the UK is acting out like it’s having an affair and wants freedom but with no specific idea of how it’s all going to work. The urge to do something new must be heard. The England chart for 1066 (the crowning of William the Conqueror) is experiencing Uranus, Ceres and Eris on the Ascendant – a rare, ground-breaking explosion of energy that signifies unprecedented revolution. There is something that is coming to consciousness here, there is meaning in these events even if it causes destruction and mayhem. It takes a while to settle down: this a massive period of change and the reverberations will be …

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VenusI’m trying to focus on developing my Venus function and getting more control over Mars. I should say I am trying overtly to be a little bit more Venusian. Very necessary for me right now since my progressed Sun moved into Libra recently and my progressed Venus has been in a steady direct-after-a-lifetime of retrograde movement.

Synchronistically, the goddess showed up in my life through a friend who spontaneously guided me about color and makeup. It doesn’t sound like a biggie but it is for me. Because if there is one god I have downplayed in her overt expression in my person, it is Venus. I’m guilty of not honoring her enough. So now I’m making amends in little things I do.

I’ve been meaning to write about honoring the gods for years now. Because I understand that to have …

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Bernard Hermann, American composer and conductor best known for his work in composing for motion pictures was born this week, on 29 June in 1911.

A look at his natal chart, to discover whether it was a good fit. On first glance, the presence of Neptune (film) in the same sign as his natal Cancer Sun though not close enough to be considered conjunct, is a good signature. Pluto lay just over the…

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saturnRecently, Saturn was observed to show an anomaly with one of its rings as a NASA photo captures a break in the outer portion of the ring. Ufologists have been wetting their pants over the prospect that it’s a saucer breaking free from the bands of a gravitational field surrounding Saturn. But I see it from a slightly different perspective.

Saturn, from an astrological perspective represents hierarchies, governments, the world at large. It is the Lord of Karma, reality, four-squared. During this time of year grads don the black Saturn cube. The moving of the tassel from one side to the other is a form of consent that you now belong to Saturn and the black-squared ways of the world. It also signifies leaving the 9th House of the higher mind and university for the 10th House. Time to don …

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Elsa panizzonVery intense week ahead. Historical…as we can see in the news!

  • New Moon In Cancer – Potent & Positive
  • I Spell Danger, L-O-V-E-L-Y, To People-Please
  • Mars Direct – Surprising Reversals

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New moon stellium in Cancer july 4 2016The New Moon in takes place, just shy of thirteen degrees, Cancer, in the early morning on July 4th, 2016. That’s Independence Day in America. It’s particularly significant to Americans seeing as Cancer rules your home and roots.

New Moons mark new beginnings. This chart gives me hope.  Love for the home and family. It looks like there is some level of consensus or agreement. Wouldn’t that be nice?(…)
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Astrology Think-tank: Brexit, Farage, and the 1999 Grand Cross Eclipse
The deal it seems is done and I for one am in shock. Brexit hangover. It hurts. A time to look back and reflect. The first person I want to pick up on is Nigel Farage. Farage actually entered the political arena in June 1999 through a seat in the European Parliament. This is a link to his maiden speech in which he clearly states his political aim is to take Britain out of the EU.  Many astrologers will remember the August 1999 grand cross eclipse, it was the first eclipse visible in the UK since the nineteen twenties. At the time, I published an article in the Journal of the Astrological Association of Great Britain, ‘The fixed signs are related to values, so this grand cross might be related

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ElsaElsa » My Progressed Moon Is Changing Signs

June 25th, 2016 @ 11:24 am by ElsaElsa

cancer-moon-2My progressed moon will change signs in about two weeks. I’m thrilled about it.

It’s not that I don’t see the use of each of the twelve zodiac signs and the feeling states they denote when we’re talking about the progressed moon.  I get a lot from each of these periods.  I just like the graduate. I want to exhaust a subject and move on to the next.(…)
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venus-transit-cartoonDear Elsa,

I recently had a solar return done. I would be very interested, if you could comment on the difference in use of: the progressive horoscope, transits and a solar return?


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mars god of warThis is from my newsletter. It’s important enough, I want to post it here as well…

Early heads up  – Mars goes direct on Wednesday at 23 degrees, Scorpio. I’ve not spoken with even one person who has enjoyed this retrograde period. If you’ve been stuck and frustrated and not known why, they’ll be a turning point next week.(…)
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