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Caitlin » Exaltation, Detriment, Fall: The Moon

April 20th, 2017 @ 3:32 pm by Caitlin

Exaltation, Detriment, Fall: The Moon

The waxing and waning cycle that we touched on in our discussion of the Sun’s exaltation, detriment, and fall finds analogy in the cycles of the Moon. When the Sun is exalted (lifted up), it is essentially at the beginning … Read More…

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Mercury Direct: May 3, 2017 – Unusual Time – Virgo & Gemini

Typically, I’m champing on the bit when Mercury is retrograde. I want to get the show on the road! Not so, this time. This is because Mercury will be so well aspected over the next three weeks.   The planet will be in Aries, … Read More…

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If it was up to the Aquarius Moon alone, today would be great! The only aspect she makes is a sweet trine to jovial Jupiter in Libra, perfect for seeing both sides from a nicely objective point of view. With everything else happening in the sky today, we’re very lucky to have the dispassionate Aquarius Moon to help us process the incoming information. 🌠☾♒🌠

Two other events happen today that may make our lives interesting. One is Pluto stationing retrograde at 19° 24′ Capricorn and the other is Mercury moving back into Aries. Pluto stations are subterranean in their effects, often dredging up information we aren’t too comfortable with having on display. Probably the least desirable way to handle these revelations is to attempt to shove them back under cover because that will only draw more attention to them. Simple …

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Pluto Retrograde: April 20, 2017 – Cruelty

Pluto is currently stationing at 19 degrees Capricorn. The planet will turn retrograde, tomorrow.  Pluto stations are intense. You’re probably trying to contain yourself. I know I am!  The pressure is out of this world. One after another, I see a person’s shadow … Read More…

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Cosmic Tuesdays » My First YouTube Lecture

April 20th, 2017 @ 4:31 am by Cosmic Tuesdays

Last week I did an astrology lecture at the request of “EA Zoom Meetings by Evolutionary Astrology,” discussing the basics of understanding Saturn, and called “Saturn Is Not The Problem.”

Well, they video-recorded it via Zoom and popped it up on YouTube, so, here I am:
Saturn Is Not The Problem

I hope you enjoy it. I hope to do another one in a couple of weeks, discussing the very basic foundations of astrology. When I do, I will post it here, too.

Feedback is welcome, if you decide to watch.

And, I still have my ongoing internet radio program, interviewing all kinds of interesting people: astrologers, psychics, mediums, acupuncturists, palmists, NDE survivors, hypnotherapists, reiki masters, medical herbalists, past life therapists, energy healers and so much more… Join us every Monday evening from 9:30pm to 11pm Eastern Time for CosmicTuesdays

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Features and Benefits: You both speak the same language when it comes to intimacy, and it doesn’t have to be conveyed in the form of a 200 page thesis- it just “IS”. Even if there’s a misunderstanding, it’s felt immediately and the giving nature of the union gives way to soothing the issue a.s.a.p., so the warmth, peace and security you both seek can be restored pronto.

Wow… that sounds great, but we all know it’s not the entire picture.

Where there are pools of emotion, sometimes things can tend to get a little clouded. So, we must remember that our personal reactions to things may give us INFORMATION, but not necessarily the whole story.

You both understand the language which I mentioned earlier due to your innate sensitivity to emotional undercurrents. Because you both aspire to creating safety, you …

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We get a taste of Taurus cautiousness on this New Moon at 06° 27′ Taurus on 26 April 2017, 05:17 AM PDT. Taurus is known for preferring the tried and true ways of doing things and that side comes to the forefront now. Questions we need to ask on this New Moon revolve around practicalities. Is this cost effective? How long will it take before there is a viable product? What do you expect from this relationship? All have to do with the bottom line and now is the time to do our homework to ensure we have all the necessary facts.

The luminaries only have Mars in Gemini aspecting them via a semi-sextile which is a source of minor irritation. That’s because Mars in Gemini is the ultimate multitasker who loves to jump from project to project without completing …

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ElsaElsa » High Maintenance People

April 19th, 2017 @ 12:44 pm by ElsaElsa

High Maintenance People

Saturn went into Libra, about five years ago. I wrote about high maintenance people at that time.  People used to boast about being “high maintenance”. I figured this transit would end that for sure and it did. Saturn is concerned … Read More…

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Should You Apologize, Many Years After Burning A Bridge?

Is it a good idea to apologize to someone for some betrayal or hurt inflicted that you inflicted, many years prior? If someone had really done me wrong, I would appreciate an apology, ten, twenty, thirty or more after the fact, provided it … Read More…

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Can A Planet In A Chart Be Stronger Than The Sun Sign?

Hi, Elsa. Can another natal planet sign overwhelm your sun sign? Double Virgo with Venus in Scorpio. We all know how powerful Scorpios are. My sister and brother are Virgo but do not have the Venus in Scorpio. Needless to … Read More…

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