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Continuing on with the Sun conjunct Jupiter in Leo theme, the New Moon in Leo (on July 26th) will be powered up by its conjunction to Jupiter. The New Moon will be at 3 degrees and Jupiter will be at … Continue reading →

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crazy woman-with-knifeLooking ahead, Mars will finally hit Scorpio on the 25th.  He’s going to immediately clash with the Sun and Jupiter in the early degrees of Leo.

Mercury will enter Leo on July 31st. The Mars square will peak on August 1st, as he squares Jupiter, exactly, within orb of the Sun and Mercury.

This looks like an attack to me. But it’s not that simple.  Attacks come in many guises.

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SallyWednesday morning the Moon in Gemini applies into trine with Mars at the end of Libra. Saturn is direct and we are in the last bit of Mars’ Libra transit. This is a great day to finish up or solidify any relationship work you’ve been doing over the last few months. (…)
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Tracys Astro Salon » This Week

July 23rd, 2014 @ 5:04 am by Tracys Astro Salon

Today the moon moves into Balsamic phase signaling a time when we begin to wrap up the Cancerian energy.    Additionally today the Sun moves into Leo.
Also Mercury is opposed to Pluto (exact in early morning EDT).   Thinking MUST have an evolution. There must be a thought that dies and a rebirth will follow.  If you begin to mull any issue take your thoughts to a deeper level.   For example if you are fighting with someone (again) ask yourself what is this thing in me that brings me back to this fight again?   Or if there is some other issue that has got your brain on overdrive, go deep on it.   Where is your limited thinking getting in your way?   How can you have a thought die so a rebirth can occur?
Balsamic Moon Phase
July 22
5:32 pm EDT…
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Video representation of Saturn square Neptune in Pisces. Are you ready for this?
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Dream big, but do it from the ground. That’s the message for the next, few days. The Sun enters Leo today, and will conjunct Jupiter (at 1 degree Leo) from July 22nd to July 24th. That’s a massive hit of … Continue reading →

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ElsaElsa » Giving Up On The News, Entirely

July 22nd, 2014 @ 9:44 am by ElsaElsa

newaWith Mercury opposing Pluto, we’ve been talking about *not* watching the news (News Blackout).

My husband summed it up, like this:

“Once you know the plane is going down, there’s no need to listen to 1000, 900, 800…”

I’m repeating this because it seems helpful if you’re like me.  I want less news, but not no news.

For example, the home prices in my area are at record highs. This is good to know. I’m going to be selling my home next year. It makes sense to try to discern and track the factors that have created this situation so I can predict the market in the near-term.

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Lion SmileTuesday morning the Moon in Gemini makes a quincunx to Pluto as Mercury opposes Pluto. Mercury makes a wide t-square with Uranus. People are going to feel like communicating, but they may be inclined to bite off more than they can chew in regard to the depth of the information shared. Just keep that in mind. It will help. Play a little mental chess. What, where is this likely to end up? (…)
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Gaza_childrenNo field of dreams

The tears streamed down Jim’s face in the white-hot, Central, Texas Sun in small rivers, not rivulets. It was a flash flood, reminiscent of the torrential downpours in these parts. Texas is a Capricorn state with a Capricorn Moon. When it rains (Cancer) it pours, both within and without.

Mixed with sweat, it was a co-mingling of the essential, emotional fluids that run through everything, from Cacti and geckos to frustrated athletes. He’s a stoic-type, a Taurus, and not given to even mild displays of emotion.

Jim is just ten.

This happened on Saturday.

His saline flush was caused by the fact that he had dropped not one, but three balls in the span of one inning during a game. He was benched, but there was something deeper going on, something disturbing his field and he …

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Mercury in Cancer opposes Pluto Rx at 11 degrees Capricorn today (July 21st) although this aspect is not exact until tomorrow. You may feel this if you have natal or progressed planets/angles/Nodes from 10-12 degrees of the Cardinal signs. Mercury … Continue reading →

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