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Continuing the discussion re the Blue Moon, I wanted to add a few things, plus correct a mistake I made. I am not at my home computer and cannot edit from my ipad, so this will have to do,

The sky tonight was awesome. The Moon is already looking very Full.  It’s  the second Full Moon in July this year hence a  ‘Blue Moon’.

Ok re correction: I said Mercury was close to the Moon, but it is in fact beside the Sun in Leo and sitting opposite the Moon. Thats about as far away from it as it could be. This will cause some tension between our logical rational mind and our emotional self.

That polarity  is always a part of any Full Moon, as the Sun represents the rational side of us, the Logos, while the Moon symbolizes …

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saturn recordI’m going to a new hair salon today. I gave the last gal three chances to make my hair at least “tolerable”.  It’s been atrocious. So bad, I expect it take several months to begin to recover.  This, if I get lucky.(…)
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scorpio razza vintage jewelryThis is it! Saturn turns direct in Scorpio, right around midnight on August 1st.  It will wrap up in Scorpio and ingress back into Sagittarius on September 18th.(…)
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Aurum Astrology » Blue Moon in July

July 29th, 2015 @ 7:06 pm by Aurum Astrology

It’s that time again: another Full Moon is heading our way!
I’ve been off duty for most of July so please bear with me as I get back up to speed.
The last Full Moon was pretty dramatic, sitting opposite Mars in the sign of Cancer, stirring up family tensions and triggering emotional stand offs. If you have been caught in edgy arguments and/or power struggles, you ain’t the only one!!!
The volatility then went up a notch with the New Moon, Sun, and Mars all opposite Pluto (control issues, crisis, change).  Needless to say it’s been an emotional mine field for many of us.
Now we get a second chance with a second (Blue) Full Moon in July, this time in the freedom seeking sign of Aquarius. This Moon is saying ‘ Chill out man.  Give everyone a little …
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zodiac compact vintageI was talking to a man, he feels that people are so trained in what they are supposed to say and not supposed to say; what they are supposed to believe and not supposed to believe, they have no idea who they are anymore.

I agreed and added, “I think a lot of people say whatever it is they think will make them seem the most interesting or attractive.”(…)
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handbagWednesday morning the Moon in Capricorn starts out in sextile to Pisces Neptune. The dream world of early morning sleep should be amazing. Pay attention to the waking mood and if it is not to your liking? Close your eyes and waking-dream it into how you wish it to be. Try it; over time it can become something you can do whenever you wish. (…)
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ElsaElsa » Visiting Nursing Homes

July 28th, 2015 @ 3:59 pm by ElsaElsa

saint raphaelMost know that I used to bring Holy Communion to hospital patients in Denver. I am settled enough to get back to work for my new parish. I’ve missed this!

There are very few Catholics here so it’s a bit different. We have three people on nursing homes…and one man who visits them. I’m going to go with him next week so he can introduce me. I will fill in for him a few weeks later, when he goes on vacation. After that, I don’t know.  (…)
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Quiet descends this week in part due to Saturn in Scorpio at a virtual standstill preparing to station direct this weekend. We need fewer distractions in order to absorb the lessons Saturn has been attempting to teach us in Scorpio over the past couple of years. Once Saturn is direct and begins to gain speed going forward, we will begin to reap the rewards of our efforts. For those who spent as much as possible ignoring Saturn, those may not be pleasant . . . Saturn hates to be ignored you know. Diligent, responsible folks stand to see positive […]

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zodiac lighter vintageAstrologer, David Roell died last year. I contacted him, ten years ago with what I thought was a favor. He replied to explain I was impossibly stupid and not at all to his liking.

Later, he linked my site from his. I was surprised and grateful!

Astrologer and gifted writer Frederick Woodruff has written a wonderful, in depth, personal tribute to the talented and controversial, David Roell.

Please pop over and read about this authentically interesting man – David Roell: Mercury’s Maven and Maverick


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Information at the following link will not be new to most astrologically-literate people in the USA. As the 2016 presidential electoral go-around will still leave my general election experience here in single figures, I’m not familiar with data presented – or if I have read it in the past, I’ve promptly forgotten all about it.

Zodiac Sign Found Most Among U.S. Presidents, by Corrine Lane.…

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