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ElsaElsa » Shut Up With Your Fiery Intellect!

July 28th, 2016 @ 11:30 am by ElsaElsa

Mercury Confiding the Infant Bacchus to the Nymphs 1734 Francis BoucherMercury is squaring Mars in Scorpio at the moment. This triggers my natal Mercury Mars conjunction. It’s been a mixed bag.

For example, the doctor who stuck four needles in my neck yesterday did not appreciate my chattiness during the procedure. He told me to shut up, because it moves the needles around when I talk.

Well jeez, doc. Why not tell me that in advance?(…)
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ElsaElsa » Venus Return – Love Coming Back To Me

July 28th, 2016 @ 10:29 am by ElsaElsa

venus love valentineIf you’ve been around awhile, you probably remember that I was President of a Woman’s Club for some years. I had a particular friendship with two women. We used to meet for lunch and talk for hours and I mean three and four hours.

Pity the waitress, right? I did. I used to be a waitress so I always made sure we paid for our table. We email now, which nowhere near the same. It’s nothing like those lunches. Both women were deep, funny and seriously knowledgeable on a variety of interesting subjects. (…)
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janeThursday morning the Taurus Moon squares Leo Mercury and opposes Mars in Scorpio: a t-square in fixed signs.
Leo Mercury: I have this great idea for this amazing space! ::spreads out plans::
Scorpio Mars: In order to make that happen you’ll have to take out this wall, and…
Taurus Moon: But I really like that wall! That’s my favorite part of the building!(…)
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Leo by Erté,

In his book, Astrology published 1964, Louis MacNeice, not an astrologer, but a poet and scholar, gathered together much of interest from a variety of sources, ancient and modern. On zodiac sign Leo, through which the Sun now travels, he wrote the paragraphs below, quoting from a variety of professional astrologers. This extract was not copied and pasted from elsewhere, but…

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ElsaElsa » Get It Done! Mars In Hard Aspect!

July 27th, 2016 @ 12:48 pm by ElsaElsa

mars attacksThis was today’s newsletter:

We’re headed into conflict now.

Mars is closing a square to Mercury.

Mars is clashing with Venus as well.

The Sun and Moon are squared off.

Tomorrow the Moon will come up against Venus, Mercury and Mars. It’ll be like getting t-boned on the highway.

There is help out there.  But when there is this much crossfire, you’re better off to focus on getting through it unscathed.

People pick fights when the planets are clashing like this. You see, they’re all personal (inner) planets. So figure out how you’re going to handle trouble and then what? Git it done!

PS – There are only two days like this. We’ll see a shift on Friday.

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ElsaElsa » I’m Tired Of Kissing Frogs!

July 27th, 2016 @ 12:22 pm by ElsaElsa

frogDear Elsa,

I am an attractive young woman who makes male friends very easily. In fact I make female friends easily too, but I tend to have more in common with men and generally enjoy those relationships more, based on my hobbies, professional interests, and maybe the fact that I grew up with an older brother and I have a very close bond with my dad.(…)
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fate magazineMothers who are into astrology often scare themselves with their children’s charts. Matter of fact, I’ve never seen a mother look at her baby’s chart and say, “Ya know? This is a fantastic chart…” It’s just too terrifying.

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peachesWednesday morning the Taurus Moon starts out in sextile to Neptune and quincunx to Saturn as it moves into trine with Pluto. The day’s mood is a two-parter, both sweet but for different reasons. The first part of the day is imaginative and deep with a wash of satisfying, connected permanence. (…)
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Donald J Trump is a Gemini with Moon in Sagittarius and Leo Rising.

For those who know astrology none of this is surprising.  The Tweets, the mercurial temperment, the catch phrases for his opponents all speak to the Gemini Sun.   Moving quickly, perhaps rushing too fast, shallowness and little patience especially on the edge of being bored –also Gemini.   But for people who are drawn to DJT they love the constant comments and find his candor refreshing and at at times funny.   Again, Gemini.   The Moon in Sagittarius is the big opinions, paints with a big brush, big rhetoric,  telling the truth as he sees it, all Moon in Sag.    Leo Rising is all about the doing things big, like a big big beautiful wall.   Cocky and ego run amock which I think even his fans can agree is evident, …

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dougnut boxTuesday morning the late degree Aries Moon quincunxes Scorpio Mars on its way out of the sign. This comes on the heels of the Moon lighting up the Mercury-Uranus trine in fire and some outrageously good ideas. The collective mood is available to turn the crank and put them into motion. Take your shot!(…)
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