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satori on ElsaElsa » Weekend Love Forecast

October 18th, 2014 @ 5:34 am by satori on ElsaElsa

Roy and TriggerFriday the Moon conjuncts Jupiter in Leo for a bit of jolly inflation. Well, it can be jolly, but it’s definitely inflation. Jupiter makes everything bigger, including the gregarious Leo mood. Delicate flowers may not enjoy this as much as some, so bear that in mind. “You’re… standing… in… my… KUMQUATS!” But most find this a merry mood. (…)
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(*Excerpt from the upcoming “Book of Scorpio”)

Modus Operandi: The depth explorer, the dark magician, the taboo finder, the passionate powerhouse, the wellspring of intesity, the private eye, the gateway to emotional honesty.

Where you can find her: In her dimly lit bedroom immersed in hours of self-reflection and deep introspection. Curled up for some “light reading” on Jungian Psychology. Experimenting with various healing modalities. Studying the Tarot or the Orishas. At a horror movie. Checking out the seedy portions of the internet. On the phone, having a “breakdown/breaktrough” conversation.

She doesn’t really have to say a word, yet her presence is unmistakable. Magnetism seems to want to be her friend as it oozes out of her being. However, very few can see into the unfathomable depths of which the Scorpio Woman is comprised.

Most attempts to box her in …

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shed-snake-skin2The solar eclipse in Scorpio takes place at 0 degrees, in the evening of October 23rd. Venus will be conjunct the Sun and Moon, so love, money and values will be the focus.

Scorpio deals with death, and transformation, procreation, birth and healing.  New Moons mark new beginnings so get ready for a giant flush in your life.

Got clutter? Now is the time for a giant dump. My Libra apologizes for the grossness of that, though it is intention.

For best result, consider the house where the Sun, Moon and Venus will land, when setting your intention.

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Maximilian Pirner, born February 13, 1853, Schüttenhofen, Bohemia (Czech: Sušice). Died April 2, 1924, Prague. A Czech painter, member of the Vienna Secession and associated with the Czech Secession art movements. Pirner’s usual themes were classical mythology, for example: Medusa (1891), Hekate (1901); also the macabre: Sleepwalker (1878), Daemon Love (1893), and Allegory of Death (1895). He…

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Astropost » Strange ideas about astrology

October 17th, 2014 @ 5:41 am by Astropost

What astrology is not…

Guercino: Personification of astrology (ca. 1650)

There are lots of misconceptions about astrology.  Those ideas stand in the way of seeing astrology as it is: the spiritual study of the correspondence between the astrological (!) picture of symbols in the sky and earth’s (nature’s) reality (!weighing the influence of circumstances, genes, gender, culture and age).…

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Continuing the topic of yesterday’s post, The Armenian Genocide, today concentrating on those of the leaders who had a major part in organising the genocide, for whom basic birth data is available.

Who was responsible for the Armenian Genocide?

The decision to carry out a genocide against the Armenian people was made by the political party in power in the Ottoman Empire. This was the…

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Venus will enter Scorpio with some fanfare on October 23rd, as she is ushered in by the New Moon eclipse. This is quite an introduction for a planet that is technically “in its fall” in this sign. Venus can’t play … Continue reading →

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Lion SmileThursday morning the Moon moves from Cancer to Leo… with a ROAR. It moves over Juno, but other than that it makes no major aspects for the rest of the day. This is a bit unusual. It’s a sunny, generous, and creative mood, relatively untouched. The Juno influence may infuse it with a bit of sensuality or single-mindedness. It’s a good atmosphere to create… or play!(…)
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DisappointmentI want to add to yesterday’s post on Adjusting Expectations Post Uranus Square Pluto.  I was talking about people who have not yet accepted the massive changes in our society. These idealistic and unrealistic expectations exist in regards to the world at large, but they also have them in the realm of personal relationships.

I was prompted to write yesterday’s post, because I had to tell someone, in plain, apologetic language, that I could no longer do what I had done in the past. I can’t help this!  It’s not 2008, or 2010 or even 2012.  I’m older, I’m sicker and while this may disappoint people, there is no earthly thing that can be done about it.

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saturn gir2lIf you’ve followed my blog for long, you know I’m super-sensitive to Saturn. I’m Saturn-ruled, I guess that’s why. In whatever case, I see what’s coming, way ahead. Coming for you, but coming for me as well. It’s not like I have immunity!

What I’m seeing is that a lot of people are simply going to have to adjust their expectations.  What was possible, five years ago, may still be possible, but it is not at all, probable.  Everything, everywhere is being cut back.

You can be mad as hell about this, if you like. You can rage against the machine.  You can attempt to elevate yourself over others via whatever machinations you think might work. You may even be successful, but I doubt it.

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