The Astrology Of Love, Money and Satisfaction

currency.JPGVenus rules love and money. Venus in your chart show how you feel about these things, as well your experiences in these realms.

I made some videos on the concept of what I call “currency” when it comes to love. All people do not love the same things… by a shot. What you do love can be considered your currency. Just imagine someone showing up to court you and win your love. Their success depends on what currency they have to offer.

Some people are looking for money so if you have some, they will consider loving you. Others (like me) are looking for a thrill. If you can provide one, I will consider loving you. Others want safety so if you come offering loyalty, they will consider loving you… and so on, you get the idea.

People get in trouble when they assume that others value what they value. This is exactly what most people do. They offer what they like to other people. They become confused or even distraught when it’s not valued.

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