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Flood of the Seine at Vertheuil by Claude Monet.
Courtesy wikipaintings

There is an uncanny stillness at the height of a flood. The water is huge mirror of sky. It can look very, very beautiful, transforming the landscape into a glistening jewel. And there are no storms. There is no violence, no drama, but what you cannot see until afterwards is the change. Beneath the surface, foundations have been washed away, livelihoods destroyed, or in the old days, rich fertile silt has been deposited on the earth ready to nourish next year’s crop.

This July we have a powerful Grand Trine in water – Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces will be at 12O° angles to each other. This creates a smooth-flowing closed circuit of energy. It’s like a high tide. This circuit is disrupted each time other planets aspect it. For example at the New and Full Moons on the 8th and the 22nd. At the Full Moon, Mars, the action planet also gets involved.

On a mundane level, this mass of emotional, irrational energy could be quite dangerous, especially since the planet of rationality itself, Mercury, is currently retrograde and in Cancer, the most irrational sign. Brains are not functioning in the usual way. People in big crowds may not do the sensible thing.

For everyone, the usual caveats about Mercury retrograde hold especially strong this time around. That is do not sign contracts, make legal agreements, make big purchases, or buy electrical equipment. What is more do not play with electricity and water. I know you would’t do that anyway, but just saying. Cancer is the sign of the home par excellence, so your home life may be plagued by malfunctions. Communications are liable to go fuzzy, drop out, wobble. The solution is to stay relaxed about the Mercury stuff, and allow your mind to go all crabwise. That is let your imagination flower now with images and memories.

On a personal level, this Grand Trine is potentially magnifique. This is an emotional wishing well  into which we can all at least dip our fingers and toes; some of us may even be brave enough to dive right in and pick up those golden coins hidden in the deep.

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