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Mercury is in Gemini

from May 15 – May 31, 2013

After spending several weeks in the cautious, pragmatic and contemplative sign of Taurus, Mercury  returns to Gemini and the comfort of his own home.

While his wings weren’t exactly clipped during his passage in Taurus, he was certainly forced to slow down as his restless spirit was restrained by the slow and steady nature of the bull. Although Mercury assumes strong powers of discrimination when he wears the practical hat of Virgo, he much prefers to feel his hair being tousled by the winds of change.

Mercury is the natural ruler of the third house and while in the airy and inquisitive sign of Gemini, he reminds us that we need to grow on an intellectual level. Whereas the second house focuses on physical assets, the third house focuses on our intellectual ones. Here, we expand our mind through reading, education, travel, research and intelligent conversations with other people.

Although Mercury is frequently distracted by competing interests and is often guilty of spreading himself too thin, there is no one better at multi-tasking than the winged messenger.

That’s why the pace quickens when Mercury is in Gemini. No longer are content to pursue our interests a la carte; rather, we want to partake in an intellectual banquet where we can engage both sides of our brains and be assured that we can keeping going back for “seconds.”

Make no mistake about it:  Mercury in Gemini is the original “inquiring mind,” and while he’s here, he encourages us to make the most of ours.

One Response to “Mercury Enters Gemini”

Adriana says:

Good overview of Mercury entering Gemini. I think that to say that Mercury spreads itself too thin, will be an understatement during this transit. Jupiter in Gemini creates an open space to want to explore anything and everything, more so when the mutual reception between Saturn and Pluto is forcing us to be serious and search for depth. Somehow Mercury in Gemini may push us to look for that bit of fun we haven’t had in a long time.

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