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Blue LakeWithin the process of life development, Saturn’s passage prompts the idealistic, fiery spirit of youth to descend into the watery realm of feelings (where heavier emotions such as grief and compassion are felt), or into the earthly realm of duty and responsibility.

We all feel the weight of maturation process as we age, regardless of differences within our individual horoscopes.  However, Saturn’s natal placement in an individual’s horoscope might signify a direction within the process of maturation, a necessary challenge to achieve victory in a certain area.

Saturn placed within a sign or a house could suggest a need for restraint in order to curb excess in a certain area, or a necessary effort demanded within that particular sphere of life.

Saturn in 12 signs

With these thoughts in mind, let’s take a brief look at Saturn’s placement within the 12 signs:

Saturn in Aries: Necessary effort toward independence and self-motivated action.  Need to temper excessive aggression and impulsiveness.

Saturn in Taurus: Necessary effort toward achieving stability and long lasting security.  Need to let go of excessive rigidity and the fear of change.

Saturn in Gemini: Necessary effort toward communication and study.  Need to let go of excessive reasoning and confusion.

Saturn in Cancer: Necessary effort toward emotional expression, nurturing the self & others.  Need to temper excessive moodiness.

Saturn in Leo: Necessary effort toward creative, joyful self-expression.  Need to temper excessive self-absorption.

Saturn in Virgo: Necessary effort toward precision and perfection.  Need to temper excessive tendency for (self) criticism.

Saturn in Libra: Necessary effort toward harmonious social expression.  Need to balance excessive need for others’ approval.

Saturn in Scorpio: Necessary effort toward discipline and (self) mastery.  Need to release repressed negative emotions.

Saturn in Sagittarius: Necessary effort toward mental expansion.  Need to let go of know-it-all attitudes.

Saturn in Capricorn: Necessary effort toward goal achievement.  Need to let go of excessive control.

Saturn in Aquarius: Necessary effort toward humanitarian activity.  Need to release excessive distrust of authority.

Saturn in Pisces: Necessary effort toward feeling the ineffable.  Need to temper excessive escapism.

Conclusion: Saturn’s Gift

Call it maturation, wisdom, greater self-control and confidence…In short, successfully meeting Saturn’s challenges result in personal growth.

Through such process, we learn to wisely direct the fiery, joyous spirit of creativity into many beneficial expressions within our work and relationships.

Although we’ve just touched on the sign placement of Saturn in this article, you can interpret Saturn’s natal house and aspect placement in a similar manner within your horoscope.  Please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences regarding your Saturn placement, via email or comments below.

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