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I woke up this morning thinking about I could better
organize my dresser drawers and which software I should use this upcoming year
for business purposes; this is not my normal thought process – there is no
doubt that the Sun has entered the earth sign of Capricorn.   Capricorn
is all about systems, organizations, structure- whatever keeps everything all
together – governing bodies, authority, even the bones in our body that give us
form. This time of year we look for what we can improve upon and reach for the
heights of what we want to achieve- hence the mountain goat as Capricorn’s
symbol, struggling up the mountain while keeping balanced and graceful.
Regardless of our sun sign we are all affected by the transiting planets
current placements. At this time of year people make their “resolutions”, lists
of things they want to accomplish and achieve (Capricorn) and issues and habits
that we wish to relinquish (Scorpio). This year it will be somewhat easier to
get rid of bad habits as we may not have a choice thanks to Pluto, the planet
of endings, currently transiting Capricorn and Saturn, Capricorn’s ruling
planet transiting Pluto’s ruling sign, Scorpio. We may not even have to try to alter
our lives because the nature of the current astrology in the sky is predisposed
to radical change and the energy of the Universe may force change upon us,
whether we want to or not.
We have already seen
the effects that Saturn has had in Scorpio- dire consequences stemming from a
lack of structure in government, finance(fiscal cliff) , and parental authority(Capricorn
rules the 10th house of the zodiac which represents the parent in
our lives with the most public profile) all of which are Capricorn themes. That
combined with Scorpionic issues of law enforcement, life and death matters and
weapons- especially explosives and firearms, has led to the mess that our
society is currently entrenched. We have not been paying attention to our
actions and the consequences are coming back at us in full force. The best way
to deal with these energies is to be flexible, which is no easy task under the
current transits. Yoga and meditation are the best ways to combat the rigidness
of these times, but if you are not exactly a new age type person, the
alternative is to try to remain physically and intellectually active and focus
on improving yourself and keeping out of the crossfire.
This year we will be beginning a period of readjustment to a
new age, as indicated by the change in the Mayan calendar long count. Things
have to get worse for our society before they get better; we humans are
stubborn and resist change until something comes along to force us to go along
with instead of against the energies of our universe. The good news is that now
we are awake and aware that things are not the same and we can begin working to
heal our collective wounds and come up with solutions to prevent new ones. This
is the time to follow the axiom “lead, follow, or get out of the way” made
famous by the patriot Thomas Payne. It will be interesting to see what the astrological
energies of this New Year will bring and how we will respond to them. This is a
great time to figure out who we currently are as individuals and as a society,
and if we are not satisfied, we have the opportunity to decide who and what we
like to we would like to become and act accordingly.
Happy Solstice!

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