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In the Northern Hemisphere, nature is sleeping. The leaves have fallen and the ground is frost-hard. Here at England’s navel, dusk is at 4pm. The dark is rising outside my window.

Today the Sun moved into the sign of the strange goatfish, Capricorn, ruled by cold Saturn. Capricorn is the lady of stone and mountain, cemeteries and foundation: steely ambition, harsh discipline, solid structure.

But when the world is dark and cold outside, our homes are ablaze with fire and light. Families and friends gather together inside to celebrate, play and quarrel. The warmth must come from within.

This is, of course, what the Christmas story is about. Even in this, the year’s darkest hour, new life and light is born. Another appellation for Jesus is “Light of the World“.

For Roman astrologers, Capricorn had a tutelary deity, that is a helper, advisor, friend, as well as a ruler. This was Vesta, the goddess of the hearth, the domestic goddess, who was worshipped in every household across the empire. Imagine then, that Capricorns may be ruled by cool, worldly Saturn, but they are aided by this goddess of warmth, nurturing and of the home. This idea gives the sign a beautiful balance.

We know this in our lives: if darkness gathers around us – war, hunger, depression – we look inward for warmth and light. It’s always there, even if the flame has dulled to an ember.

Happy winter solstice!

Christmas Eve by Karl Larsson
Go Vesta….

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